Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Next Phase, Part 2: The Workout Schedule

Sooo... First of all... It's a GIRL! :)
Mr. Bang and I are overwhelmingly excited! We're naming her Chloe and feel relieved that we came to agree upon a name so easily! I thought we would fight and fight over the names we liked. We are 19 weeks away from meeting our little one, but let me tell you... She makes her presence KNOWN. Wakes up kicking me every day at 7:30 and she constantly turns and kicks; she certainly got her papa's energy! Seeing her move her little fingers and head in the ultrasound was absolutely surreal.
Would you look at those lips? 
Always On Track.
I've always been a firm follower of schedules and plans, they tend to make my life easier. I've read that with a baby it really can make your life so much easier when sticking to a schedule, and I really plan on continuing with that specifically so I don't neglect myself in this changing period of my life.

In working out lately, I've been on a schedule that allows me the flexibility to be knocked up. I mean, literally, my energy levels are not the same and if my body says "I'm too tired," I take a flipping day off without worrying about it or asking myself what my real excuse is. I am growing a human,so I'm giving myself the slack I never give. :)

Speaking of the slack I never give, I'm happy to report that I've been VERY kind to myself about my progress photos as well. I focus ONLY on looking at the positive about my body...
Really liking the ab dimples at the top of my baby belly.. And also REALLY proud that I'm only up 15 lbs... I feel like with how much I've been sick, and how much I know I've put in my mouth to compensate, it could have been more. Thankful for a healthy metabolism!

Back to Basics.
I love a chance to go back to basics. Of course as someone who likes to be athletic, I have a healthy competition with myself but this is a time to revel in doing everything very basic. Spend that time REALLY focusing on my core and rehabilitating my hips. So, I'm doing a 5 day split weight cycle with 2 days of yoga mixed in. This does mean that my schedule overflows into the next week, but I enjoy this cycle for now. A low stress schedule. Every weight day, except legs & back, includes a core workout, because that is ultimately what I really need to work on.

Of course, with any new workout regimen, I have to take my own body into consideration:
1. My core needs work, yes, but given that my core needs work means I shouldn't go too heavy on core during other big body part days like back or legs.
2. Also feeling like as my belly is stretching out, I need to be mindful of the core movements I choose.
3. What injuries do I still keep in mind? My back/hip injury is still nagging a bit. So, not too heavy or hip dominant movements on leg days.

But the amazing and incredible side of working out while pregnant - excess hormones. Specifically, human growth hormone. I mean, the crazy hormones really do not help my relationships AT ALL, but it does help me while working out. In fact, resistance training increases your body's production of HGH. And while it is at an all time high during pregnancy, why not put those to use? Could it be possible to continue building muscle or at the very least maintain it during pregnancy?

And let's be real here, fatigue is real.. but it's also not real. Although there are many causes for true fatigue (thyroid issues, little water, too many carbs in the diet) pregnancy fatigue seems like a facade. I've fought through intense fatigue before (hello, prep), and fighting through this fatigue has been rewarding.

I promise: if you spend the energy in your workout, you'll get more energy back from getting the endorphins you produce, the excess oxygen pumping through your system from increased heart rate as well as the excess nutrients/water you're taking in. Plus it will help ensure a sound night's sleep!

Day 1 - Core & Chest
10 min stairmill or treadmill warm up
Super Set: Barbell Bench Press - 1 Warm Up set (about 50% of what I would normally use) + 4 (sets) x 12 (reps)
w/ Incline Bench Pushup - 5x12
Super Set: Incline Dumbell Fly - 4x12
w/ 30 Sec Side Planks
Super Set:  Dumbell Floor Press - 4x12
w/ 30 Sec Planks
Super Set: Cable Fly - 4x12
w/10 Two Point Bridges
Knee pushups to Failure
30 mins cardio (elliptical or treadmill)

Day 2 - Legs
10 min stairmill warm up
Super Set: Machine Press - Neutral Stance-  1 Warm Up set + 4 (sets) x 12 (reps)
w/ Close & High Stance (Basically Partial Reps as the belly continues to grow) - 1 Warm Up set - 4x12
Super Set: Machine Leg Extension - 4x12
w/ Body Weight Lunge - 4x10
Super Set: Seated Machine Leg Curl - 4x12
w/ Ball Wall Squat with Dumbells - 4x12
Barbell Romanian (or Stiff Legged) Dead Lift - 4x12
Prisoner Squat (can put your hands in front of you for balance) - 4x12
Band Knee Abductions & Adductions - 4x12
Followed by 30 min cardio

Day 3 - Core & Arms
10 min elliptical or treadmill warm up
Super Set: Cable Biceps Curl - 1 Warm Up Set + 4 (sets) x 12 (reps)
w/ Cable triceps Pushdown - 1 WU Set + 4x12 
Super Set:  Barbell Drag Curl - 4x12
w/ Barbell Triceps Overhead Extension - 4x12
Super Set: Reverse Bench Press - 4x12
w/ 30 Sec Planks
Super Set: Incline Hammer Curl - 4x12
w/ Bent Knee Sit Downs - 4x12
Mini Crunches - 4x12
Followed by 30 min cardio

Day 4 - Core & Back
10 min stairmill warm up
Super Set: Cable Straight Arm Pulldown  - 1 Warm Up Set + 4 (sets) x 12 (reps)
w/ Cable Seated Close Row - 1 WU Set + 4x12
Super Set: Barbell Bent-Over Row - 4x12
w/Lying BB Pullover - 4x12
Super Set: Lat Pulldown - 4x12
w/Seated Reverse Fly - 4x12
Super Set: Swiss-Ball Pullover - 4x12
w/DB Bent Over Row - 4x12
Followed by 30 min cardio

Day 5 - Core & Shoulders
10 min treadmill or elliptical warm up
Super Set: Swiss Ball DB Arnold Press   - 1 Warm Up Set + 4 (sets) x 12 (reps)
w/30 sec Side Plank
Super Set: Barbell Military Press
w/Barbell Front Raise
Super Set: Rear Lateral Raise
w/Seated Incline Front Raise
Super Set: DB Lateral Raise
w/30 sec Planks
30 Mins cardio

Again, I'll skip a day whenever I want and then just fall right back into my next day rotation, mixing hot yoga in between. It's probably my favorite split in a LONG time! :)

My primary goals, again, are to maintain a healthy and strong body in order to get myself and Baby Chloe through a healthy and natural delivery. I'll be honest here, putting my body through a natural delivery freaks me right the frank out. But we, as fitness enthusiasts and competitors, know that we always feel better about tackling something huge if we do something about it. Preparation. Doing something whether it be stretching, lifting, kegels every day... Doing anything makes me feel less fearful and more excited about D-Day.

What are you doing to prepare for the next phase of your life? What is your next phase?