Monday, January 31, 2011

11 Weeks

One week down and 11 to go of a little something called crazy. ;) Hehe! Just kidding. I was honestly feeling very scattered last week, like I was tackling something so opposite of what I was previously doing. I feel in the groove now, not even thinking about my meals.

I was just telling my other lifting ladies about my "Pre" work. Yesterday, we had a bunch of errands to run so I cooked all my rice for the week while making breakfast, and it was cool and ready to distribute evenly for all my meals by the time we got home. Finished prepping ALL my to go meals for the whole week (it literally takes up a whole shelf in my fridge) in the afternoon... I love the whole "grab & go" concept. I know that if my lunches aren't pre-made, if I have a very tired day where I am WORN out in the evening, there is no way I'm going to have the energy to make my lunch for the next day... So I pre-cover that dilemma. And I even pre-prepare one dinner, so if for whatever reason I'm too tired to cook at night, its done & it just needs heating. And if not, its Handsome's lunch on Friday!

Anyhoo, schedule for this week:
M-Upper body/Moderate Carbs
T-Lower body/Higher Carbs
W-Yoga/Low Carb
Th-Upper body/Moderate Carbs
F-Lower body/Higher Carbs
Sat-P90x's Ab Ripper (But mostly a rest day)/Low Carb
Sun-Rest day/Low Carb

I have planned one cheat meal this week, but I'm leaving room on my Friday night for another as I will only do them on Higher Carb days. But this is a topic of a different colored post.

Goals this week:
-Perfection. Diet and workouts. Always a goal and always accomplished.
-Buy: Rhinestones for suit, bikini bite & new workout journal
-Practice posing 5x

Keeping it simple on purpose, no self-sabotage by over committing myself. Speaking of which, this was a sacrifice I was willing to make but now, no need. My posing practice buddies have all scattered, so to speak. They both have children and they can't seem to make posing practice work with their schedules all together. So, posing practice is out. BUT, on the positive side I didn't really want to sacrifice my Sunday nights with Handsome. And now I don't need to. But on the other side, I'm going to need to practice by myself a lot more and find some way to meet with my Trainer friend who can evaluate my posing.

Tanji Johnson said something in her blog today that struck me, "Your body will commit to the 'HOW' when your heart commits to the 'WHY'." I just love her because she lives in Seattle but I can really appreciate that statement.

Inspiration for today:
Heather Mae French. She may have only come in 3rd at the Figure Olympia 2010, but I am constantly amazed at the Class A pros. She has truly mastered the proportion, symmetry and muscular development for a woman our size (hehe! *Our*)

Heather Mae French

Friday, January 28, 2011

Quick List of Reasons to Be Alive: 1/28

Having a slightly rough time today with my diet. I haven't cheated but my mind is trying to play tricks on me, So here is my list to get me through today:

My Quick List of Reasons to Be Alive: Friday, January 28th, 2011
1. I get a nice peanutbutter crepe tonight
2. I get some delicious Mighty Leaf Green Tea Tropical during the day.
3. In two hours I get to have rice (right now its just tuna & lettuce...)
4. In four hours I get to do some upper body training
5. Tomorrow is my rest day
6. I get to go home to the most wonderful Handsome man tonight
7. Sticking to my diet brings me that much closer to my goal
8. I'm building mental strength with every "no" I say to donuts
(Literally after I wrote that, I went to drink some water and my waterbottle vomited water all over my face. I'm awake now.)

"I have to pee so bad..."

"I have to pee so bad I can't even enjoy this." Drinking lots of water poses problems (it can, anyway) during anything. During a nice back massage from Handsome, I had to pee so bad I seriously couldn't even enjoy it. He's so nice to finish after I ruined the mood. lol

Wednesday was my very first extremely low carb day, and Thursday I was glad its over.

Don't worry, its stevia on top. Not sugar. lol
 This may look like just plain bland oatmeal to you. But to me, it looks like a feast! :)

Thursday's workout: (Lower body/Higher carb day)
-Assisted Dumbell Lunge: 2@ 60x12, 1@ 65x10, 1@ 70x8
Prisoner Squat: (No weight) 3x20
-Hip Abductor Machine:
Walking Lunge Twist: 2@ 10x12, 1@ 15x10, 1@ 25x8
-Bulgarian Split Squat (No weight): 3x25 on each leg
Inner Thigh Machine: 3@ 50x25
-Calf Raise: 3@ 150x25
Lunge Jump: 3x15
Machine Leg Curl: 2@ 40x12, 1@ 45x10, 1@ 50x8

Cardio complex:
Using 40 lbs barbell , 8 reps, 3 sets:
Jump Squat
Push Press
Hang Clean to Front Squat
Barbell Row

700: 1/2 c oatmeal, 1 c canteloupe, 1 egg white, coffee
100: 1 c broccoli, 4 oz turkey, 1 c brown rice, green tea
1300: 3 oz chicken breast, 1/2 c green beans, 5 oz sweet potato, green tea
500: 1 scp whey isolate, rice cake
600: 3 oz hamburger, 1/2 oz lf cheddar, 1 pickle, 1 c lettuce & 1/2 c cherry tomatoes (not bad for a cheat meal, eh?)
800: casein protein crepe w/1 tbsp peanut butter & 1 tbsp no sugar added raspberry jam
Total: 1560 calories, 149g protein, 152g carb, 38g fat. With 120 oz water.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

My "Oh Mother" Moment

Lady Gaga rocks Hot Yoga! No wonder she has an amazing body!

I always have a moment in yoga, during the first breathing sequence, Pranayama Breathing, where I think to myself "Oh mother (Mother is my swear word lol). I don't want to be here." And then I get over it, continue my practice, and end up with a great class.

I mentioned this in a previous post, but I really feel that finding something specifically for you during contest prep is very important. Funny that Jaime Baird, IFBB Bikini Pro, recently made a blog post about her taking on yoga breathing during her contest prep and it really helping with her stress level, and that during my very first contest prep I made a conscious decision to hold onto yoga for me. For others, it may be taking a long bath every night, reading, making iTunes playlists or blogging. But for me it is Hot Yoga.

Not only is it a "kick your ass" workout (and it is!), but the heat itself brings your mind either to a place of panic or, if you choose to let it, a place of meditation and peace. I really could go on about why I go Gaga (pun intended) for Hot Yoga. But I'm going to narrow it down to a quick list on why I think its awesome during contest prep (or any weight lifting series):
  • It will stretch your sore muscles. The heat along with the humidity will literally prevent your muscles from cramping.
  • It will bring your mind to a place of rest and peace.
  • Your skin will appear so healthy & rejuvenated for stage.
  • The intense stretching and massage will help release lactic acid from your muscles, aiding in recovery and allowing you to lift more during your next weight set.
  • Increases flow of cerebrospinal fluid, helping release of metabolic waste products. (!!!! Hello!!!)
  • Natural appetite supressant. (Side note: When I first began my weight loss and started Bikram Yoga, I would literally not be hungry all night after yoga)
  • Increased organ compression allowing for waste products to flow and be passed out of the body.
  • Aids in discovering balance, awesome for the ladies who aren't used to tall heels.
  • Crazy core workout. Serious. Your spine & abs can be so so SO sore after this.
There are so many more benefits, but when I was practicing last night... These were what really came to mind.

Oh! I did a 25 min bike HIIT in the AM then Bikram Yoga in the PM.
Eats: (Low carb day, as it is considered a rest day)
600: 1/2 scp pp
700: 1/2 c tofu, 2 egg whites, 1 whole egg, coffee
900: 2 c spinach, 3 oz tuna, 1 tbsp olive oil, green tea
1200: 4 oz chicken, 1 c broccoli, green tea
1500: 1/2 scp pp (This meal and next meal was the result of not being prepared with my pre-scheduled meal, somehow it didn't make it into my lunch bag. However, I always keep a protein shake around for that reason)
1745: 1 scp pp (post-yoga)
1830: 6 oz steak, 2 c lettuce, 1 c mushrooms (I've never been so excited for steak in my LIFE!)
2000: Casein protein crepe w/1 tbsp pb
Total: 1523 calories, 205g protein, 38g carbs, 87g fat. 216 oz water.

Surprisingly, I had the "Oh Mother" moment, where I wanted to quit thinking that my tired brain & under-carb'ed body would pass out during yoga... Nope. I was just fine. I was shakey & ready for a protein shake right after, but just fine during. As competitors, our mental fortitude is what keeps us strong, and doing something that is "just for you" can only comfort.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Again, Day 2 Sucks

Anytime I commit to, well, anything really, Day 2 is always the hardest for me. I know everyone has heard me say this. But yesterday was rough. My head just gets this anxiety feeling. Handsome even ate a piece of pumpkin pie in front of me! But somehow I battled through.

Day 2:
Workout: Supersets:
-Barbell Row: 3@ 70x12, 1@ 80x8
Chest Pushup: 3@ 10 (I know, I know... My chest is super weak and I've never quite pushed it. BUT! I did all 10 with perfect form and NOT on my knees! This is an improvement for me!
-Barbell Curl: 3@ 30x12, 1@ 35x2
Shoulder Press: 2@ 17.5x12, 1@ 17.5x9, 1@ 20x6
-Lat Pull down: 3@ 80x12, 1@ 90x6
Prone Hammer Curl: 2@ 12.5x12, 2@ 10x12
I wanted to do the assisted dip/pullup machine but peeps kept hogging it. So I gave up on that idea this time. Next time I think I'll try to put it first on my superset list, as I want to be able to put full energy into it.

700: 1/2 c oatmeal, 2 egg whites, coffee
1000: 2 c lettuce, 3 oz tuna, 1 tbsp olive oil
1300: 3 oz chicken, 1 c brown rice
1700: 1 scp whey isolate, rice cake
1830: 1 c steamed cabbage, 1 tbsp olive oil, 5 oz salmon
2000: Protein crepe w/1 tbsp pb
Total: 1548 calories, 154g protein, 89g carbs, 63g fat. 208 oz water.

Not brave enough to post a back pic at this point. :)

Now, this is really hard. I got my new suit in the mail last night. And I put it on. Its tiny, as to be expected. But oh God, I can really see my fat pockets and all the work I have to do in the next 12 weeks. Honestly, I don't even feel like I look like a candidate for figure at this point. But in my heart, I know the muscle is there and I know the fat will shred off. And really, we are our own worst critic.... Right?

And don't make fun! Yes, my suit is lop-sided. lol I was playing with padding, as the more I train, the more my boobs don't exist. But the suit is gorgeous! Its velvety and the embossing on it is totally sparkley! Adding rhinestones is going to be fun on this one!
Also, this makes me anxious for posing on Sunday... I obviously don't have the posing down. :)
PS- In the future I will be able to post these the day of... Right now we don't have Internet in our country home.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"I Need Handicap Rails in My Bathroom" Day

I love today. I am in love with working out and being the athlete I am. This is Day 1:

-Barbell Hack Squat: 2@ 30x15, 1@ 40x10, 1@ 50x8
Cycle Crunch: 3@ 15x15
-Side Lunge: 1@ 20x12, 1@ 25x12, 1@ 35x12, 1@ 45x12 (I was experimenting with the weight on this one... back was hurting)
Bulgarian Split Squat: 2@ 70x12, 1@ 80x8 (The last few VERY deep)
-Good morning: 3@ 50x12
Bosu Side Bridge: 3@ 15 on each side
(also practiced my push presses and hang clean/front squat as I will be doing complexes later this week)

Also, 25 mins on the bike at a steady (but fast) pace.

700: 1 c strawberries, 1 egg white, 1/2c oatmeal & coffee
1000: 1 c broccoli, 4 oz turkey, 1 c brown rice
1300: 1 c green beans & carrots, 3 oz chicken, 5 oz sweet potato baked
1700: 1 scp whey isolate & rice cake
1845: 3 oz chicken, 8 oz cauliflower, & 1/2 c brown rice
2000: protein crepe w/1 tbsp peanut butter

Total: 1496 Calories, 147g protein, 165g carbs, 27g fat, and a total of 184 oz of water (getting there! My goal is 2 gallons today)

Insulated Polar Bottle- 24 oz.

My bum is really sore. :) Those deep bulgarian split squats feel so awesome! And as Sandra says, "You know you've had an awesome leg day when you wish you had handicap rails in your bathroom." Its true. And, I do.

Oooh! Check out what our realtor bought us!

Because she knows how active we are! Thanks Nichole! :)
This thing rocks so much! Its insulated so your water stays cold for a long time, and its 24 oz, easy to keep track of how much you've had AND easy for me to make it a goal to finish before I get up from my desk at work.

Monday, January 24, 2011

12 Weeks Out and NOT Freaking Out

Okay, I really just wanted a title that rhymes. ;) I am actually VERY excited about this week. I've missed my diet being clean (I don't enjoy feeling bloated or lazy, I'm athletic by nature) and definitely miss the warm feeling in my legs. Is that weird?! I love how warm my legs get after a good leg day or hard cardio, feeling the blood pump through is the best feeling ever.

I'm looking at this contest prep as my chance to prove to myself what I'm worth. And for some motivation, I've pulled some quotes together that will probably hold me together over the next 12 weeks:
  • “A man who conquers himself is greater than one who conquers a thousand men in battle” – Buddha
  • “Champions aren’t made in gyms, Champions are made from something they have deep inside them; A desire, A dream, A vision.” – Muhammad Ali
  • “Courage is doing what you’re afraid to do. There is no courage unless you’re scared.” -Unknown
These quotes feel good as I continue even just today. I am a champion because I conquer myself. I have courage because I am scared. And I have the desire, the dream, and the vision.

Week 12 Schedule:
M- Lower Body (High carb day)
T- Upper Body (Med Carb day)
W- Yoga (Low carb day)
Th- Lower Body (High carb day)
F-Upper Body (Med carb day)
Sat- Rest (Low carb day)
Sun- Plyometrics & 5:15 posing practice w/Rachel  (Low carb day)

This weeks goals:
1- 1570-1625 calories per day, luckily I don't even have to think about my diet. Just eat. Thanks Nikki! :) w/2 cheat meals this week (But I plan on very clean cheats, like protein pancakes with sugar free syrup, etc)
2- Practice posing 3x
3- Buy my bikini bite & spray deodorant & more rhinestones for my suit
4-Stick to my pre-planned workouts- I really want something to feel proud of!

My diet coach will be so proud of me:
I prepped all of my lunches for the week and labeled all the dates. :)

I'm off to the gym to be a champion!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Committment Check

This morning at around 4:30 A.M. I had a serious committment check.

I was driving to work, with a dead tired zombie brain with dead tired zombie logic.

I was doubting everything. My committment to this, wanting to just stay home and work on my new home, spend time with my honey, not spend every extra penny I have on my competition look.

I can't even read others' successes right now, it only discourages my own drive... for whatever reason. I really just need some sleep. And a workout. And all of my things in one home. But would still welcome any encouragement. Anyone? :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Ultimate Workout Journal?

This week I have considered my prep week for contest prep. In this entails, prepping my workouts for the next 4 weeks, making sure I am DONE moving so I don't have to worry about it later, getting little details for my contest, and securing a new workout journal.

In this phase, I have learned one thing: I am a workout journal SNOB.

In the past, I bought myself a blank journal (I think it was $1 at a fabric store) and just kind of made it into what I wanted. I have no idea what other people do, but I'm one of those people that like everything together... All in one place so I don't get lost and forget a piece of what I need.

This is my original workout journal:

Fresh squeezed workouts lol

Recently, I bought this thing: Called the Ultimate Pocket Workout Journal by Alex A. Lluch.

It was $8.45 at Target (I ordered online, had I flipped through it in-store, I probably would not have purchased). My beef with it is:
  1. No where to log your calorie intake or protein or carbs - I don't need to use it as my food journal, but when I look back on a day, I like to be able to see what my intake was.
  2. No where to log your goals (although it says it does!).
  3. The spiral binder doesn't fold in half, you have to lay the whole thing flat to write in it.
What we like about it:
  1. Tons of space to log your workout, cardio and stretching
  2. Check boxes for water
  3. A Weekly Wrap Up Page
  4. A space for weight
  5. Check boxes for energy level
  6. It is tiny!

Although, there are plenty of things to love about this, to me those the cons are too important. Those things it is missing, I absolutely can't live without.

My current journal has all that and more:

I should get paid to review these things. Or at least get sponsored to review their journals. OR make my own! How many times do celebrities make things that they just wanted for themselves?! All the time. I may not be a celebrity, but I know what works in a workout journal. :)

So, is it the Ultimate Workout Journal? Um, only if diet isn't a factor for you. ;)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

10 Things I Love About Dode.

I have the best sisters ever. I can't remember if I've ever talked about them, but I have FOUR sisters. :) But I am very close with one of them.

10 Things I Love About My Sister

She is my best friend.
She doesn't let me fail when she knows I can succeed.
She won't let me hold on to my past pain when she knows I can feel so much love.
She can be brutally honest with me and say it in such a manner that it is never condescending or hurtful.
She will gladly play hooky any day to go shopping & have margaritas with me.
She still holds on to the silly nickname I gave her as a toddler.
She's sexy and she knows it.
She can handle the stress of 20 at once but still make you feel like she'd most want to spend her day talking to you.
She humors my need for a make up language.
She is sharp as a tack and if you don't watch out, her comedy will get you!

Love you, Kari.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow Bunny

The deepest forward bend of the series
Rabbit pose. Not known for being beautiful or acrobatic or anything you should wish to accomplish. BUT incredibly powerful and one of the most difficult to master. I am constantly amazed at postures that seem to be difficult for me, odd now that I think about it. I'm pretty flexible in backward bends but not so much in forward bends.

My worst postures:
  • Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee
  • Locust (more because of the back strength needed)
  • Rabbit
I have read that often the postures that are most difficult physically for you tend to be the ones you need the most, due to their benefits. After spending some time on OhMyBikram, it is no wonder I need to work on this posture.

  • Helps with depression
  • Helps with insomnia
  • Releases issues with taking on responsibility for the happiness of others
  • Helps improve conditions of the sinus, common cold and chronic tonsillitis
Holy eff... I struggle with all of those things. A few weeks ago, ended up sitting out both sets of this posture. And not because I wanted to, my lungs were acting up the second I entered the posture and I could not stop coughing, the compression I suspect, as it can be difficult to breathe in this. I struggle with depression when I feel scared about myself or life. I struggle with insomnia when I'm stressed. I've been known to take on too much of the happiness of others, in my younger years I was called a "people pleaser" more times than I can count (I was very shy and didn't know how to make friends), and I had my tonsils removed because I would get a sinus infection almost monthly.

At any rate, I really believe that continuing my yoga practice is going to help throughout my contest prep. Keep me mentally stable and flushing through my organs and glands to keep my metabolism going strong along with the water weight off. And not only that, but continuing to work on my postures will ground me. Yoga is what I love. I also love weight training. But yoga was and is my first love. I adore the meditation during yoga and the true mental fortitude it takes to battle through a difficult class and come out on the other side sweating out of your BRAIN! Kinda like the mental strength it takes to prepare for a figure comp! Word.

I seriously challenge any of my weight lifting friends to take one of these classes in your area and prepare to get your world rocked! You will DEFINITELY notice a huge workout in your back. You can count it as your back day! ;)

In other news: My diet has been hard. Believe it or not, going from eating about 1200 calories a day to 1700 is rough. I feel bloated and over-full. But its all clean! No workouts yet. Will do 20 mins of am cardio tomorrow. And that's it. I know it seems weird to prep in this way but it really does help clear your metabolism, gets it all ready and used to being high so once you begin the cut your body responds phenomenally. :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

13 Weeks Out!

I'm 13 weeks out ("ohmygod. ohmygod. ohmygod.")  and this will be my "rest" week before contest prep. And by rest, I mean not workout like normal.

On a personal level, this week we are moving into our new home in the country. We are so excited to have our dog back, who has been staying with a friend during the home buying process. Let me back track a little: when I met my boyfriend, Patrick (or as I commonly call him on here, Handsome), he was in the beginning stages of selling his home with the intention of buying his dream home. Once he sold it, he moved into my apartment in the city... Unfortunately, our sweetheart of a Great Dane could not come live in my apartment as we are on the top floor of a 1910 building that is fully floored in hardwood. 9 months later, home is now bought in the country and we are moving to our 10 acres! :) We get keys on Tuesday and will be cleaning and slowly preparing for our move on Saturday. Also, Handsome's bday is on Thursday so I plan on having friends over for some beers (but not me!) and nosh.

On a training level, I have quite a few things cooking.

First, this is my rest week. I'm only planning on 3 days a week of low intensity elliptical for 20 mins each. Also, my calories are to be at 1700 every day this week.
My goals are:
1- To eat the 1700 calories of clean foods. Just larger amounts of turkey and chicken etc, instead of having everything I won't be able to for a few months. I finally just got over my sugar cravings and I don't want to lead back into them.
2- Still give myself the two cheat meals. Might have a glass of wine to celebrate the end and beginning of wonderful stages of our life together. We have an expensive bottle of wine that has been waiting for this. Plus it will be my last for a long time.
3- Get my moving done so once week 12 hits I can go full throttle.
4-Prep my next two weeks of weight training
5-Book my hair and waxing appointments for contest.
6-Pay for my NPC membership
7-Practice posing for 20 mins 3x this week

Second, I have a few things going for contest prep:
Suit: After the pink-suit mishap, I have ordered my new suit and will begin planning for BeDazzling that shit up. lol
Shoes: Got em! And have been prancing around in them ALL THE TIME.
Tan: Have the product.
Other: Still need to book hair and waxing appointments. Also need to decide on nails (whether to have a real nail appt or get press ons), jewelry, buy bikini tape or spray, also need to do Entry for the classic... Hasn't been available yet...

Am planning on doing a run-through of all of these things at 4 weeks. So we can make any changes to my get-up ahead of time. :)

Will likely post once more this week to update on my prep for contest-prep time? LOL... That just sounded funny. :)

Inspiration for the day: Nicole. What else can be said? Nothing. Her body is amazing.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Food Porn: Cheese

I'm trying to savor the things I think I'm going to have a hard time with during contest prep.

Food Porn for Saturday was: CHEESE.

Believe that, kids.

Workout: No workout. ALL packing and errands. BUT we did buy dishwashing fluid. This may not be exciting to anyone else, but I've not owned a dishwasher.

800: Eggs benedict minus the muffin, coffee w/cream (w/2 mv & 1 fo)
1100: 1 scp whey (w/1 fo & iron)
1730: Homemade pizza w/turkey pepperoni, homemade sauce & fat-free mozzarella
2100: 1 scp casein (w/1 fo & Vit-E)

Total: I decided not to keep track... since its probably my last possible day to do so.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Competition Shoes Friday!

Late night after battling a bit of insomnia, I wrote a note to myself which I will look back on as I continue towards competition. Although I will not share at this point, perhaps I will after I win. :) But the main point, is that I am THE formidable foe. And my competition doesn't even know what is coming for them.

And guess who got their competition shoes?!

Shoes By Ellie
They fit perfect and stay on perfect when I walk around in them. Like they should! They are a half size small which makes them stay on perfectly.
Friday's Wish: Just to make it through. :)

Today's workout: 30 mins stairclimber at 5am
10 mins treadmill for wu, 35 mins lower body:
Walking Dumbell Lunge 1@ 60x12, 2@ 65x12
Assisted Dumbell Lunge 3@ 60x12, 1@ 70x5
Machine Leg Press 3@ 260x12
Calf Raise 3@ 260x12
Machine Leg Extension 3@ 100x12, 1@ 110x4
Machine Leg Curl 3@ 40x12
Incline Reverse Crunch 3@ 20
& 10 mins stairclimber cardio post weights

415: 2 Lipo 6x Black Hers
600: 1 scp whey isolate post workout
700: 1/2 c oatmeal, 2 egg whies, 1 egg, green tea (w/2 mv, 1 fo, & 1 gluc)
1000: 2 oz turkey, yogurt, 12 almonds, banana (w/1 fo, 1 gluc, & Iron)
1300: 2 oz turkey, 10 baby carrots w/1/4 c hummus (w/vit-D & vit-C)
1500: 1 Lipo & 2 Essential Electrolytes
1700: 1 scp whey isolate
1830: 2 oz chicken, 10 asparagus spears (w/1 fo & Vit-E)
2000: 1 scp casein

Total: 1399 calories, 165g protein, 87g carbs, 45g fat

Friday, January 14, 2011

Insomnia Thursday

I did not sleep a WINK last night! For the love of sweet baby Jesus on Christmas morning, stress needs to take a hike! (and so do the constant thoughts of competition)

Thursday's Wish: NO emotionally tired eating. Many times if I'm over-tired, I will comfort eat in hopes that it will ease how tired I am. This is an education in self. I'm quite aware that competition prep brings out a LOT of food issues that a person has inside of them. And "tired" eating is one of mine which I am learning to fight through. My goals do not stop just because I'm tired.

This is a point to all my ladies considering competition, think about it right now before you start competition diet... Think about WHEN you eat aside from your normal meals and outside of your pre-outlined diet. I recently got over "punish" eating. When I feel like I've eaten bad, I'll "punish" myself by eating too little. Lesson learned: Do bad. Move on and do good right now. No penance needed.

Workout: I had planned on AM cardio, but since I got no sleep I stayed in bed trying for some extra Z's until 6. But I did make it to hot yoga at 4pm, which actually is an amazing feat considering how exhausted I was. But I needed to flush through my organs, and focus on welcoming rest into my body. I had a fantastic class with a lot of energy, and not only did my man have dinner waiting, but a bath drawn. I was in bed and fast asleep by 730... which gives one much energy to get up at 4 for am cardio. :)

700: 1/2 c oatmeal, 2 egg whites, 1 whole egg, coffee w/cream (w/2 mv, 1 fo, & 1 gluc)
1300: 2 oz chicken, 1 oz sweet potato, 1 c lettuce, 1 c cherry tomatoes, 1/4 c shredded cheddar, 6 black olives, and 2 tbsp light ranch (w/1 gluc, vit-D, & vit-C)
1000: 1 oz turkey, 12 almonds (just wasn't that hungry...) (w/1 fo, 1 gluc, & iron)
1500: 1 Lipo & 2 Essential Electrolytes pre-yoga
1730: 36 oz of coconut water
1830: 1 large chicken wrap with veggies and cilantro cream cheese... I also added 1 tbsp olive oil mayo (w/1 fo & vit-E)

Total: 1455calories, 138g protein, 110g carbs, 48g fat

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wednesday is Snowy and Dreamy

Today, although I had full intentions of doing some AM cardio...

Not so much. It was snowing and I was tired. So I slept till 7 (which caused me to be an hour and a half late for work...)... And I came to work to this:

Coworkers added the weeks counting down to my competition! :)

Anyway! My wish wish wish for today is: Not go over my calories even after my cheat meal.

Workout: Upper body w/dumbells & 30 mins stair climber post-weights
Upper body w/o consisting of:   SETS         REPS       WEIGHT
(Hehe! Stealing from Chouka!)
Incline Dumbell Fly                     1                12                 12
                                                  2                12                12.5
                                                  1                5                   15
Lying Triceps Extension              3                12                 30
Bent-Over Row                         3                12                  35
Shoulder Press                           3                12                17.5
                                                  1                3                    20
Lateral Raise                              3                12                  10
                                                  1                 5                   12
Lying Pullover                            3                 12                  30
Biceps Curl                                3                 12                12.5
                                                 1                  5                   15
(I did 3 sets of each exercise, then added a fourth only for the body parts in this group I'm looking to develop... In this group it was shoulders and biceps. Overall, I'm looking to develop my shoulders, biceps, lats, and bum. :) )

900: (Spoiler alert: cheat meal!) 1/2 c scrambled eggs, 1 pc sausage, 3 potato wedges, gravy and coffee. I feel like I deserved this as I haven't had a cheat in 5 days or so and having exercised a ton in the last few days... (w/2 mv, 1 fo, & 1 gluc)
1100: 1 oz chicken, yogurt, and 12 almonds (w/1 fo, 1 gluc & Iron)
1330: 2 oz chicken, 12 carrots (w/1 gluc, vit-D, vit-C)
1445: 2 Lipo
1700: 2 scps whey isolate
1830: 2 oz turkey & 1 c green beans (w/1 fo & vit-E)
2100: 1 scp casein

Total: 1398 Calories, 151g protein, 78g carbs, 53g fat.

Although I feel like I deserved my cheat meal, I feel kinda bad about it. I'm always afraid that I'm back tracking on the work I do when I have my cheat meals. I guess I won't have to worry about that in a few weeks! lol

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tuesday's Chaos Theory

Watched a movie this weekend with the yummy Ryan Reynolds in it called Chaos Theory.

While it was an amazing film, in it his character said something that struck me "What is your wish today?"

What is your wish today?

I love this. I have things that I know I need to do everyday... Like eat right, take my supplements, drink enough water, make my lunch for tomorrow, make it to cardio, do chores etc etc etc. But I never really and truly make 1 goal for my day. I have decided to start using this. And, daily.

Today my wish is: To just GO FOR IT!
I was thinking about my plyo workout from last week when I thought about this. Last week I had to stop quite a few times during my workout (since my lungs were still rather raw from being sick), and today I just went for it!
AM: 45 mins stair stepper (this was SO hard for me) and will feel it in the bootay tomorrow!
PM: 10 mins running on the tread and _ mins plyometrics:
40 bench step ups
20 box jumps
20 bunny hops
30 lateral hops over cone
4 gym lengths speed bounds
20 traveling jump squats
20 forward/backward hops over cone
20 table kicks
20 squat-thrust (burpees)
20 alpine climbers
10 lunge jumps
4 gym lengths speed bounds
I wanted to repeat all twice, but my back was hurting from my core workout from the day before, but I figured 45 mins of stair stepping in the AM was probably a good addition to my plyos... so I went home and packed as plans have changed and we are moving this Satruday.

430-2 Lipo 6x Black Hers :)
600-1 scp whey isolate
700-1/2 c oatmeal, 2 egg whites, 1 egg, tea  (w/2 mv, 1 fish oil, & 1 glucosamine)
1000-Yogurt, 12 almonds, 2 oz chicken (w/1 fo, 1 gluc, & iron)
1300-1/2 banana, 3 oz chicken, 1 oz sweet potato, 8 baby carrots (w/1 gluc, vit-D, & vit-c)
1445-2 Lipo
(Forgot my post-wo shake.. grr)
1630-6 oz turkey burritos in 2- 6" Whole Wheat low carb tortillas w/pico de gallo, 2 tbsp green taco sauce, and 12 black olives
w/1 fo & vit-E

Totals: 1380 calories, 168g protein, 99g carbs, 28g fat

Feeling very in control today. Again, I love knowing that I control my body... My body and cravings do NOT control me. And that is my ultimate wish. :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This Week's Schedule and Monday Journal

My week this week should be interesting as I am counting down 14 weeks to competition. My schedule this week will be:

Monday- AM- 20 mins HIIT on elliptical, 25 mins steady rate cardio on treadmill
PM-Upper body with machines
Tuesday-AM-45 mins steady rate cardio on treadmill
Wednesday-AM-20 mins HIIT on elliptical, 25 mins steady rate cardio on treadmill
PM-Bikram Yoga
Thursday-AM-45 mins steady rate cardio on treadmill
PM-Upper body with dumbells
Friday-AM-45 mins steady rate cardio on treadmill
PM-Lower body
Saturday- 20 mins HIIT on elliptical, 25 mins steady rate cardio on treadmill (I want to work up to a nice HIIT on treadmill but I just literally can't keep my breath on that yet)... and I'm making this day optional.

Goals for this week:
1-Slight carb cycling diet, 2 cheats this week: 1-Saturday night dinner, 2-Sunday night stew
2-Make it to AM cardio 5x this week
3-Make the switch to tea during the week (I'm having a hard time kicking real cream in my coffee..)
4-Look for some jewelry for competition!

Monday's Journal-
AM- My darling love really helped me wake up early this morning. I made it to the gym by 5 and got in some good pre-breakfast cardio. I tried to do some HIIT cardio on the treadmill but my lungs and breath just aren't back yet, plus I forgot that I took my classical music playlist off my iPhone (I can only run to classical... helps me keep my breathing calm). Ended up with about 20 mins on the tread then finished with some good HIIT on the elliptical for another 25 mins.
PM-10 mins running on the tread for warm up. Upper body w/machines in circuit was:
Incline barbell bench- 2 @ 50 x 12 (I'm having a hard time upping my weight on this, note to self: find a spotter)
Lat Pulldown- 3 @ 80x12
Cable Row-3@ 80x
Decline twisting ab crunch- 1 @ 12x20 & 2 @ 12x10 (12 lb medicine ball)
Machine Shoulder Press- 3 @ 50x12
Chair Dip- 3 @ 20
Bench Leg Raise- 1 @ 20 & 1 @ 10
Cable Triceps Overhead Extension-2 @ 40 x12
Cable Biceps Curl- 2 @ 60x12
Total of 35 mins upper body & abs.

2 Lipo 6x Black Hers pre-cardio
0600: 1 scp whey isolate (post cardio)
0730: 1/2 c oatmeal, 2 egg whites, 1 egg, and an americano w/2tbsp cream (I know...)
w/2 womens active Multi-vitamins, 1 fish oil, & 1 glucosamine
1000: yogurt, 12 almonds, small banana, and 1 oz chicken
w/1 fish oil, 1 gluc, & iron
1300: 1 oz sweet potato, 2 oz chicken, 10 baby carrots
w/1 gluc, Vit-D, & Vit-C
1700: 1 scp whey isolate (post workout) w/1 Essential Electrolyte
1830: PB & Jelly crepe & 1/2 c pure oj.
w/1 fish oil & Vit-E

Total: 1398 calories, 145g protein, 103g carbs, 39g fat

Weight today: 120.8 lbs. Saw this today at the gym and it made me giggle. I love it because so many women do define themselves through their weight. It really made me smile. :)

Feelin good today! :) Only thought about cheating on my diet once, and did... but it was just coffee w/cream.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Back At 'Em

It takes self control. Self control that I have.
I spent much of Monday reflecting. Reflecting upon myself and how this whole process got started. When I first started I:
-Tracked my food through healthy eating on weight watchers
-Walked everywhere
-Did about an hour of cardio every day
-Did no weights
-Did yoga 2-3x a week.

Now I:
-Track my food on my iPhone and moderate everything: Calories, protein, carbs, and fat. Hard and awesome.
-I now own a car, so I don't walk much anymore
-Only about an hour of cardio spread throughout a week
-About an hour of weights daily
-Do yoga almost never.

As one continues through a journey, I think it is important to always go back to basics. Maybe not for my eating, which I consider pretty close to perfect, but definitely for my workouts. When I first started, 2 lbs a week or 10 lbs a month was not unheard of.
So, I am moving back into shorter weight sets, longer cardio (will try for am cardio once I get back into a steady routine... gotta be realistic about getting up at 415...), and more yoga. I really truly notice how the yoga helps flush out everything bad to make room for the good stuff.  And expecting to lose a good 8 lbs of fat in January is not a far fetched goal! One I plan to hit. I'd be happy with 5-8 lbs, which would be 5-8% body fat.

Monday was well played.
Although I was still feeling sick (well, mostly just raw lungs), I made it to the gym. I hit cardio for a full 50 minutes on the elliptical, and did about 28 minutes of an upper body circuit. Day after, my traps and lats are really sore... watching form on Lat pulldown and row really do wonders. :)
Eats were perfect with a switch to only 10% carbs (so that is literally only one serving): 1346 calories, 164g protein, 126g carbs and 25g fat.
Weighed in at 123.5 lbs. Considering the holidays just happened, my weight is perfect. I did not gain at all. :)

Tuesday was FUN!
Plyometrics. Dang. Kicked my bootay.
Eats again were perfecto! Another day without coffee and drinking green tea. I was pretty hungry throughout the day, so I may need to switch up where I put in my fruit and where I put in my carb on certain days. Tomorrow will be a yoga day, in which I will allow for a second carb for extra power, I hate the dizzy feeling during yoga. Anyway! Today was 1375 calories, 160g protein, 109g carbs, and 34g fat.

Wednesday was needed. :)
Today I admitted something so... monumental. I admitted that my life is better and brighter without my ex-husband. Today I feel like my life is starting. What an incredible feeling.
Workout today is Hot Yoga at 4pm. :) I'm excited to see my yoga buddies and flush out some toxins and excess water. I'm extremely sore from my plyo workout yesterday. All through my lower body and abs. I'm pretty sure if I'm doing plyos, I don't even need to do an ab workout. Days later my abs are still sore. And holy hell! So are my feet!
Diet ended up pretty good. I had a carb night to prep myself for a lower carb day. 1500 Calories, 115g protein, 168g carbs, and37g fat!
... And for those of you who know, Yoga teacher training possibility is back in the mix for possibilities this year. My heart keeps going back to it, so it is obvious that I need to do it. Considering fall 2011. :)

Thursday made me proud.
Today I was hungry like the wolf. I ended up throwing in a noon meal of a salad... Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and balsamic vinegarette. Curbed the appetite pretty well and I moved my 1pm meal to 130 and removed the veggie from it.. Ended up with 1332 calories, 128g protein, 123g carbs, and 53g fat.
Workout today ended up with a good upper body circuit in a total of 30 minutes. Will list next week what I've done. Along with 50 mins of cardio.
I feel proud of my eats today. It was hard and my mouth wanted to eat much more than I actually did. I have to give myself major props for that.
I am so excited! I got my food scale today and my new workout journal (which I'm not totally certain how much I like it)! AND bought some vanilla casein powder, along with a chocolate coconut whey isolate, so I can start making protein pancakes and muffins and crepes.  Momentum is rushing back!!!

I weighed today and am down to 120! With 20.6% body fat! However, I'm suddenly feeling the competition anxiety.
Met with a girlfriend virtually who is a trainer and she's going to take a look through my diet and help me with this... as I am probably not going to hire a trainer. I am weary about saying that but I don't feel I need one. I know my body and I have fantastic friends who are trainers and serious lifters which is enough for me. Those are the ladies that really keep me motivated anyway. :)
Workout was great. Ended up with 35 mins elliptical and 30 mins lower body... I used my normal schedule but added in some bulgarian split squats to really work the bum! ;) <--- My fav body part to work!
Eats were a medium carb day. Totaled: 1333 calories, 141g protein, 135g carbs, and 25g fat.

Also, I bought my competition shoes today! Just need some jewelry, bikini tape, and ma hair did! ;)

I'm taking Saturday as my rest day and having my cheat meal tonight along with some lazer tag haha... I've done well keeping up my protein so far today to give myself some room for my cheat meal tonight... Mexican. ;)

These next two weeks will be interesting. I'm at 15 weeks out to competition today. Next week will carb cycle again then I will be taking another break. I'll break it down more on Monday.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Deadly Sins: Vanity and Anger

I have deadly sins. Deadly to fat. lol
I read something tonight that was rather inspirational to me. My girlfriend who also has been going the distance in her weight loss goals said, "...identifying what's great about me is something completely new." And I think we are much the same. I began to think about what about me is good... And I just remember back when I was a kid, I would pride myself in being athletic or fit or pretty. My mother, the cockiness hunter, would quickly reprimand me, "Quit looking at yourself in the mirror!"

But part of me has found that being vain, isn't that bad... Especially when it is only half vanity. Yes I look and fix, no I don't think I'm perfect. And especially when you see the fault, and work to fix it. Nothing can be wrong about that.

As I lay here thinking about it, the more I get angry about trying to get passed this wall. Usually, if this happens, I begin to lose my motivation. Lose my determination.

But this time, as laying around here goes, you wind up watching reality tv. Somehow, I've gotten into Dog: The Bounty Hunter. I'm sure everyone has seen this guy, but he is very eccentric. And he can be aggressive, fierce, determined, and serious about catching these wanted fugitives. The more I watch this guy, the madder I get about wanting what I want. Lord, I want that feeling of accomplishment in reaching my goals. And not two minutes ago, as I lay here getting mad, Dog was sitting in a stake-out and said something very pertinent to my cause: "The sitting around bothers me. Even though you're sitting, your adrenaline is at this edge of peaking. (vibrating noise) You know because you're just trying to guess every possibility of what could happen."
Woah. Could he really have said into words exactly what I was feeling? How timely.

However. The longer I sit here, the more I get a righteous anger. Angry enough to find a fierce determination. Mad enough to try new things. Pissed enough to let it sink in. And I feel like the longer I can let this anger sit in, the more in control I can be and the longer this motivation will last once I go.

I finished out the week feeling better. I never went over my calories this week, and by Wednesday my calories and protein were back to normal. I ended up getting in 2 workouts.. P90x and 2 sets of cardio. I ordered a food scale for meticulous meal tracking, a pre-filled workout journal, and a blank journal to use as my workout journal in case I don't like the pre-filled ones. I am going to try some new protein powder flavors just to mix things up for me and treat this new round of working out like this whole deal is brand new.

If this is something I really want, this has to be my mindset all the time. I'm finding all sorts of motivation for it. My friend who is a trainer, said today, "Sometimes I get cocky and say 'I'm too strong for my puny weights.'" This is exactly how I need to be thinking. All the time. I think it is feasible to use my deadly sins to crush my goals. And I think it is acceptable to embrace this side of me to get what I want, when I want.

So I think I'll embrace my vanity and anger.