Thursday, January 27, 2011

My "Oh Mother" Moment

Lady Gaga rocks Hot Yoga! No wonder she has an amazing body!

I always have a moment in yoga, during the first breathing sequence, Pranayama Breathing, where I think to myself "Oh mother (Mother is my swear word lol). I don't want to be here." And then I get over it, continue my practice, and end up with a great class.

I mentioned this in a previous post, but I really feel that finding something specifically for you during contest prep is very important. Funny that Jaime Baird, IFBB Bikini Pro, recently made a blog post about her taking on yoga breathing during her contest prep and it really helping with her stress level, and that during my very first contest prep I made a conscious decision to hold onto yoga for me. For others, it may be taking a long bath every night, reading, making iTunes playlists or blogging. But for me it is Hot Yoga.

Not only is it a "kick your ass" workout (and it is!), but the heat itself brings your mind either to a place of panic or, if you choose to let it, a place of meditation and peace. I really could go on about why I go Gaga (pun intended) for Hot Yoga. But I'm going to narrow it down to a quick list on why I think its awesome during contest prep (or any weight lifting series):
  • It will stretch your sore muscles. The heat along with the humidity will literally prevent your muscles from cramping.
  • It will bring your mind to a place of rest and peace.
  • Your skin will appear so healthy & rejuvenated for stage.
  • The intense stretching and massage will help release lactic acid from your muscles, aiding in recovery and allowing you to lift more during your next weight set.
  • Increases flow of cerebrospinal fluid, helping release of metabolic waste products. (!!!! Hello!!!)
  • Natural appetite supressant. (Side note: When I first began my weight loss and started Bikram Yoga, I would literally not be hungry all night after yoga)
  • Increased organ compression allowing for waste products to flow and be passed out of the body.
  • Aids in discovering balance, awesome for the ladies who aren't used to tall heels.
  • Crazy core workout. Serious. Your spine & abs can be so so SO sore after this.
There are so many more benefits, but when I was practicing last night... These were what really came to mind.

Oh! I did a 25 min bike HIIT in the AM then Bikram Yoga in the PM.
Eats: (Low carb day, as it is considered a rest day)
600: 1/2 scp pp
700: 1/2 c tofu, 2 egg whites, 1 whole egg, coffee
900: 2 c spinach, 3 oz tuna, 1 tbsp olive oil, green tea
1200: 4 oz chicken, 1 c broccoli, green tea
1500: 1/2 scp pp (This meal and next meal was the result of not being prepared with my pre-scheduled meal, somehow it didn't make it into my lunch bag. However, I always keep a protein shake around for that reason)
1745: 1 scp pp (post-yoga)
1830: 6 oz steak, 2 c lettuce, 1 c mushrooms (I've never been so excited for steak in my LIFE!)
2000: Casein protein crepe w/1 tbsp pb
Total: 1523 calories, 205g protein, 38g carbs, 87g fat. 216 oz water.

Surprisingly, I had the "Oh Mother" moment, where I wanted to quit thinking that my tired brain & under-carb'ed body would pass out during yoga... Nope. I was just fine. I was shakey & ready for a protein shake right after, but just fine during. As competitors, our mental fortitude is what keeps us strong, and doing something that is "just for you" can only comfort.


  1. I definitely agree with all of the above regarding yoga except appetite suppressant....for me at least, after a long practice I'm a hot, sweaty, starving mess!

  2. That diet looks tough to stick to! How low in calories will you go up until your contest?

  3. The fact that Lady Gaga can hold that pose in those heels while I struggle to do it barefoot makes me want to go to yoga RIGHT NOW! :)


  4. Superwoman- That is only on my rest days. Which will be Wednesdays and Sundays. I'm working with Nikki from M&F on my diet and leaving it totally up to her. I give her lots of feed back but we're starting high for my height (1550-1625 calories a day) to accomodate for possible plateau in the future. Although I'll take it as low as I need to (Its week 1, of course I'll say that NOW lol), but I truly do want to do this healthy and hydrated my first time through so I know it can be done in the future. :)

    I know T! Part of me thinks that's another reason I love it, its so hard and I just want to do better in the postures every time. Its a Type A personality thing. ;)

  5. You are doing so great girl, keep up the good work. Wish I had the bikram Yoga neer my place. I'm sure I'd love it!!!

  6. I just went to bikram yoga for the first time. It definetly took some mental refocusing at times when I was dreaming of cold air hitting my body:) I was so hungry afterwords. It was a great workout.