Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Foot Supination

I knew something was going on. For YEARS my knees have creaked. Literally, it sounds like you're rubbing rocks together when I bend my knees.

And not only that, but since I have started trying to run again my knees get pains when I'm not running, creaking, very sore on the bottoms of my feet (noticed this a lot when I began doing plyos consistently- was called Plantar Fasciitis by the doc), shin splints, and pains in my ankles. And I can't even tell you how many times I've sprained my ankles by rolling them out caused by this.

 SO, it turns out I have foot over-supination. Luckily, I noticed it early and it isn't advanced at all.

And also luckily, it is fixable. Since I noticed my feet doing this I have tried to do everything differently... Walk on a different part of my foot, run differently but more than anything just not turn my feet out. He said Orthotics would be a last resort, but I should try to just be conscious of my feet and change a few things.

Changes will be made to the following all on doctor recommendation:
  • No more leg extensions: Apparently, the leg extension machine (for a shorty) only has a tendency to shove your knee cap up. Good riddance, I like squats better anyway.
  • Can't walk barefoot much: I usually don't anyway.. We have tile floors in our country home and I'm most often in my Uggs.
  • Hamstring Stretching: TO MY YOGIS - PROOF YOGA HEALS: Doctor said that stretching my hamstrings will eventually pull my patella back into place! Hello yoga! :)
  • New Training Shoes: YES!!
  • Only running 2-3x a week: This just means slower running progress. Oh well. :| Was also told I shouldn't do Bloomsday as I wouldn't have time to train for it (Sorry dad! We'll talk!)
  • Toe Curls: LOL! This literally made me laugh, I've gotta do weight lifting for my toes... sort of. Building up my foot muscles apparently will help with the fasciitis and help with my running endurance when I do run.

What challenges do you battle in your quest for health?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Michelle Obama and BMI

I like Michelle Obama, I do. I didn't vote for Obama-Biden but I do like the guy and I like their family as they seem like a well-rounded healthy family. The Obama's dance together and enjoy it. Michelle is trendy and smart. Their kids seem like normal and bright little girls. And I'm sure Obama and his wife have sex when they can fit it in :) because she is seriously very pretty... he'd be crazy not to.

But this really pisses me off.

In the article "High BMI? What it means for your child, and what you can do about it" by Lyla Alphonse on Yahoo today, Michelle Obama expresses concern for her own SKINNY daughters because their BMI is supposedly creeping upwards.

When those belonging to any kind of fitness activities or in the fitness industry thought that BMI myths might slowly be breaking down, our wishful thinking was put to a harsh and grinding hault.

Here's your history lesson for the day:
Invented in 1850, a Belgian statistician named Adolphe Quetelet came up with the Quetelet Index of Obesity (or as we know it, the BMI scale). The math equation is simple:
\mathrm{BMI} = \frac{\mbox{mass} \ \mathrm{(lb)} \times 703}{\left(\mbox{height} (\mathrm{in})\right)^2}
Although very simple, it was taken as the most effective (although, not very) method of determining obesity. And at the time, it probably was the most effective! However, even though times have changed and more precise methods of determining obesity have been developed, the BMI Scale seems to win. And probably because it is simple. However, it is not anything you should live your life by. I've told overweight friends to forget two things: the Scale and the BMI Scale.

Breaking the Myths:
If you take the BMI scale seriously, Brad Pitt is overweight and George Clooney is obese.

CDC Website
Myth #1: BMI is a diagnostic tool.
False! BMI alone is not diagnostic. It can help one determine their level of health and risk for certain diseases, but honestly there are many other forms people can use to help them determine their level of health.

Myth #2: BMI determines body composition.
False! A BMI test will not tell you how much fat your body has on it. It is completely just a numerical relation between your height and weight and cannot differentiate between fat mass and muscle mass. Which is why the two men in the above cartoon have the same BMI. It cannot tell the difference between your muscle weight gained in the gym and the fat gained from McDonalds. (Ps. My sister calls it the Kate Moss Health Scale. Ha!)

There are truly more myths surrounding BMI, but honestly... they're just silly. Plain silly.

If you are trying to evaluate your own body, there are plenty of more effective and reliable sources out there to help you determine your body composition: Calipers are probably the most effective tool if used correctly but Electronic Body Fat Monitors can help you monitor your loss!

This post brought to you by: Lacey, irritated with myths that set people back in their fitness goals. :)


Best of both worlds...

How lovely is this?

Yesterday was my birthday and I'll take one of each, please. Please disregard the food porn. :)

Monday I got in:
Some am yoga in the steam room
20 jump squats
Wide grip pyramid (at home so I used our pullup bar with a foot on a chair as I'm not yet unassisted, but I'm totally sore today): 36 pullups, 72 pushups, and 108 situps.
15 mins of BodyRock.tv's Just Can't Get Enough Challenge (towards the end I only was doing a jump after every 2 reps)
2 miles running the dogs in the rain with my honey

Diet: 1438 Calories, 101g Protein, 173g Carb, 40g Fat with 96 oz water.

Birthday workout was:
1 mile running (My knees/ankles/shins are still hurting pretty good... Ortho/Sports Med appointment next Monday... again, issues will be explained after the appt)
21 mins of BodyRock.tv's Gaga for Poker Face (ps... I caught this at the last second before posting but I almost wrote "Porker" face. haha!)... I gave myself a 1 min break between sets. :)

Totally didn't count my calories past 1pm... But honey picked up my favorite burger & sweet potato fries (it comes with an incredible chipotle sauce which totally makes the meal)... It was big fat bacon cheeseburger with extra pickles from a pub kinda close to us. So, the dragon didn't get ahold of me that much! No cake! I did well on that! We'll see how this weekend goes though, family coming over Friday AND Saturday.

I definitely don't want to sound ungrateful for everything my wonderful honey and my family did for me on my birthday, but I was really hoping someone *ahemPatrickahem* would purchase me some yoga sessions... but since he didn't, I plan on buying myself one. Yep, just one. Its all I can afford right now. I'm trying to budget in going once a week in April and then a 30 day challenge in May. :) Wow, that just really made me realize that if I am indeed going to compete this year then I have very little time to finish my pre-contest-prep-prep :) I think the October competition is probably the better choice but something in me keeps telling me July is my month.

To the girls out there that have competed, for someone who will be competing for the first time, how long would you give someone to prep in weeks? I've heard some athletes giving themselves anywhere from 8 weeks to 20! I'm not sure where my body fat will be at that time, but I'm hoping to have taken off enough body fat to only have about 7% to shed. I'm working towards my off-season goal of 15-16% body fat at 115-116 lbs, which would give me about 7-8 lbs to shed. Anyway! Just trying to see what other girls out there do. I love a good set of advice from girls who have been there!

Monday, March 21, 2011


Haha! I just noticed how much clothing comes off as the fat came off ;)

Hey ya'll! Today is my 1 Year Blogging Anniversary where you all have been forced to read my rantings painfully for 365 days! Just kidding. Sort of. ;)

This all started because I was large. And I felt large. My sister and I agreed that you know you're done when you get ready and are trying to look nice, and only to find that you look like a nicer-fat version of yourself.

And I was just done. Done being fat. Done letting food dictate my whole life. 
I did most of my nutritional work through Weight Watchers and I really blame my success on them. Awesome program. They really teach you how to eat correctly and healthfully. I advocate them to anyone. But eventually you come to a point where you need an exercise boost. So eventually I started doing cardio every day and then mixed in weights and mixed in some yoga to spice everything up!

One year ago today I was 140 lbs, down 35 lbs already. Today, I am 121 lbs. Down a total of 54 lbs.
PS-This weekend was very full but I finally got to some pushups! Yesterday (being hungover as I was), I pumped out 40 in my last set (meaning I had already done 88 pushups, and then 40 was failure)... And it was only 40 because I was hungover.

In the last year:
-I have lost 19 lbs of fat
-Met the love of my life, Patrick... Moved in with him and moved into a nice new home with him
-Paid off half my debt 
-Had a puppy
-Put on 8 lbs of muscle
 This next year I want to:
-Be able to run 7 miles (I'm almost at 3 right now, I said it before and I'll say it again, I'm not a runner)
-Be able to do 4 sets of 10 unassisted pullups (pyramids 3x a week, and I believe the pushups training is helping)
-Be able to do 100 straight pushups (already on my way!)
-16% body fat in off-season
-Compete once (July or October?)
-Complete a 60 day yoga challenge (my 1st 30 day is planned for May)
-Undecided: Become a yoga teacher :) ... This WILL happen, just not certain that it will be this year.
 ... And those are just my athletic goals! 

But looking back, a few of these have BEEN goals for quite a while! The body fat has been a goal, and doing a yoga challenge has been a goal... It is time to start laying it down and figuring out why I haven't achieved those!  OR! Not thinking and just doing!

The reality is no one is going to give me these accomplishments. I have to get them. It isn't free and I need to quit training like it is. :)

Happy Blogoversary everyone! I am so excited to have so many followers who are interested in my journey and what I have to say. I appreciate all of your input, encouragement, and warmth!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

"I don't believe in panicking"

Thank you, Charlie Sheen. Although it sounds like the corniest line, when you're stuck in a hot room you have to tell yourself such things to keep your body going. When its hot, and you feel anxiety coming over you for fear of passing out, this line works. Just, fyi.

Also, fyi, it also works when your man almost kills himself. I woke up to a phone call to come pick him up and this is what I drove up to at 430am:

This is hard to continue to talk about but I'm so so so thankful he is alive! I just found the love of my life, I'm not ready to lose him. He's even asked me over the last two days, what I would do if he had lost his life yesterday. Honestly: I probably would have broken down and moved in with my mom (as we're not married, I have no financial claim to our home) because I just wouldn't be able to function for a while. But between yesterday and today, Patrick has signed up for Accidental Death Home Insurance to pay off our home for me in the case of his death.
To start, apparently what happened was Handsome was on his way to work, probably driving a little faster than the speed limit. He came around a corner where it was rather icy when a deer popped out. He swerved to miss the deer but his truck fish-tailed and he over corrected then his wheel hit the edge of the road and flipped his truck a few times before landing upside down.

He walked away completely unscathed and unharmed in any way. Walking up to the wreckage I lost it, crying up and down becuase it is just so unbelieveable that he was able to walk away with his life after that.

So, to the actual point of my blog... LOL! This whole explanation was just to tell you that... I haven't worked out since Monday and haven't done any of my pushup challenge this week. I'm also having an issue with my knees, and I'm pretty sure I know what it is but to make a long explanation short: I'm going to see an orthopedist on the 28th and won't be running much until then. Eats haven't been completely out the door, have kept up on my water & supplements and have been able to ensure some balanced eating. :)

Take care of your loved ones, friends! Hold them tight because you never know when you may lose them.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

No Longer Overtraining

Wow. My overall energy has completely improved and my workouts no longer feel stale. And after doing research on Overtraining Syndrome, it is a wonder it took me so long to realize it. After all, it really is about balance so performance never plateaus.

Another awesome blogger at DreamingOfArnold just posted about her own possible over training (I am borrowing the post idea, just don't want to take credit!), and I thought it would be a good time to attest that same statement as an athlete who is feeling my body come out of it. We all mentally lose desire in our physical activities at times, and if you feel the following symptoms coming on it may be time to consider overtraining.
Common Warning Signs and Symptoms of Overtraining Syndrome (found at sportsmedicine.about.com)
  • Washed-out feeling, tired, drained, lack of energy
  • Mild leg soreness, general aches and pains
  • Pain in muscles and joints
  • Sudden drop in performance
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Decreased immunity (increased number of colds, and sore throats)
  • Decrease in training capacity / intensity
  • Moodiness and irritability
  • Depression
  • Loss of enthusiasm for the sport
  • Decreased appetite
  • Increased incidence of injuries.
  • A compulsive need to exercise
The compulsive need to exercise and depression is how I knew I was overtraining, amongst having almost every other symptom. I even admitted to Handsome just last week that I was feeling depressed and couldn't figure out why!  I've booted my fasted morning cardio for now, so I can focus all my training abilities to my afternoon. Down to only 2 days of lifting, and back to more cardio & conditioning-which I know I've already mentioned.

And no joke, changing my diet has done everything! Why did I ever really think I should eat very little carbs all the time?! Especially when eating fruit, yogurt, and double fiber english muffins were working for me months ago?! (Is my excitement being conveyed adequately???) AND! I'm no longer forcing myself into activities I hate... *ahem.cycling.ahem*   The diet really has changed everything. Almost no desire to cheat and I no longer feel bad when I only get in 3 miles of running. HELLO?! I couldn't even RUN a year ago!!

Today my workout was:
3 miles running around our property with the dogs. Little Zekey was able to keep up for the mile I ran him. Molly, however, about pulled my arm off. Especially when she saw horses for the first time! That was a shoulder workout in and of itself! That girl is better than a treadmill, she MAKES me run faster.
Along 18 mins BodyRock.tv's Only Girl In the World Challenge.

Diet: 1513 Calories, 111g Protein, 183g Carbs, 40g Fat along with 120 oz water.

Monday, March 14, 2011

All Forgetsy

Today I'm all forgetsy. I forgot all my supplements. I forgot my phone. I forgot my workout bag. I forgot my workout journal. (Unfortunate by product of TOM)

Anyway, I had a very up and down weekend, TOM was on his way and is now residing in my home... So, that whole emotional preparedness was going on. My eats were good one day, not so good the next. I get bad bad urges, I call her "Helpless Housewife" because she knows not what she does. She's the emotional eater inside of me that craves home food... Like cookies. And she made cookies this week, oh did she ever make cookies. Made both chocolate chip & peacan and white chocolate chip & macadamia nut.

The only workouts I did this weekend were:
Cleaning out the shed (this counts for something! It was A LOT of work! And we live on property so any time you're cleaning out and want to move something to another place, it requires carrying things a long way... I did a few farmers walks).
And my pushup challenge.
This pushup challenge is literally amazing. Every time you up your total pushups and up your max. On Friday, I totaled 103 pushups and maxxed at 28 pushups. Yesterday, I totaled 128 pushups and I maxxed 35 pushups with Handsome cheering me on! It was awesome having him to count them out. :)

This week is going to be a different pace for me. And I'm excited about it. I'm really missing yoga, btw. I can't wait until our financial situation mellows out a little so I can get my booty back to class!
This week, I'm doing all cardio in the morning and only doing BodyRock.tv at night. I'm getting burnt out from the gym... I'm an Aries and have a short attention span! Plus! I just love so many different things!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

This Changes Everything

Did anyone ever watch this show? I used to LOVE it!
With a trainer, you have two brains working on your goals and you're just not as alone in the quest.

My dad said something in early January that really got my brain going and it was something along the lines of "...I know you want this perfect body..." (I'm sure it was when I was sick and he was giving his "take care of yourself" advice, which is always welcome! Love you dad!). It isn't that I want the perfect body, but I want MY perfect body. I want to take my body to the peak of what it is capable of. And to be quite honest, I could not do that all by myself. It is a lonely journey and a difficult one. I had plenty of motivators but no one that really understood and could sympathize or empathize with my situation but there are definitely TONS of nay-sayers out there that are always trying to discourage my diet or training routine.

And now, I have a trainer who can do all of the above and push me beyond what I think I'm capable of.

Diet has changed. And I'm excited to eat guiltless carbs! I'm moving into this phase of my training that is all about endurance and conditioning. Even in my lifting, my sets and reps and timing are all about endurance. My body is going to be needing those carbs to burn. But there is no reason that it will stop dropping fat. I was honest when I told Trainer that ideally I'd like to lose 8% bf by May 1st. Then go back into hypertrophy for May and June... And possibly start cutting and cleanse for the July show I've been keeping my eye on in Seattle. And if not, definitely a 30 day yoga challenge. Anyway, 8% is totes do-able... And I have a lot to work on! I've never felt more excited to train, work hard, and all the goals to accomplish in 2011.

My energy was up almost all day... I even texted Trainer and said "You better be ready to bring it today! Because I'm ready to work!" I got to my appt a little early so I could catch a few minutes on the tread to warm up. I wanted to jump into my session with full force and not waste my training time with a warm up. And holy cow did she bring it! All focused on fast twitch muscle movements. Box jumps (on a higher platform than I'm used to!), cone drills, box runs, plank pot stirrers, punching bag tossing, leg lifts, rowing, pullups, medicine ball tosses, and tons and tons of ladder drills (I plan on doing this again over the weekend and will post the exact workout at that time). I slept like a baby... Was in bed asleep at 8 and didn't get out of bed until 545. That is serious business for me!

Diet: 1548 Calories, 91g Protein, 182g Carb, 49g Fat with a total of 104 oz water.

It is undoubted that I now have my focus and motivation back. I feel like I used to when I first started losing weight! Happy day!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hot Topic: BOOBS

When I went was out of almost every supplement I take, I went to GNC and met the owner of all of the local GNC stores in Spokane, Paul. We talked about my supplementation and the local classic in April that I was going to be in. He told me I looked lean and I should still go for it! Me drooling over lean compliments admitted I'm still at 23% bf and working on it.

After he tried to reel me into the other area classic in October, we discussed implants. I admitted to him that I haven't been sure how far I will be able to take myself in the figure world because I'm not willing to get implants. Sometimes I want them, but most of the time I don't like the idea of surgery on myself for something other than what is medically necessary. Something I learned: in Spokane area figure competitions, breast size is NO LONGER a factor in overall win! It may be something nationally that is still being considered, but not in our area... More about muscularity and poise with beauty... But to them, beauty is not defined by breast size! HALLELUJAH! Because what was once a C cup, has become an A cup after 60 lbs of fat loss and it honestly was such a downer to think that my breast size would have anything to do with retaining my femininity with the athletic physique, especially when I have issues feeling pretty and girly on a daily basis.

What is your take on breast enhancements? Get em or not? ... This is NOT me asking if you think I should get them. :)

Workout for Tuesday was:
10 mins treadmill
10 mins pushup training for my 100 Pushup Challenge, which was a set of 5: 14, 18, 14, 14, and exhaustion: 22 (it needed to be at least 20)... Total of 82 pushups yesterday!
30 mins treadmill

Diet: 1626 Calories, 134g Protein, 63g Carb, 95g Fat along with 136 oz water. :)
Diet worked out well yesterday, today I'm transitioning into a higher carb diet and have gone off creatine to go into the conditioning and endurance phase of my training! Definitely excited!

And I promise I'll post progress pictures after my birthday! :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

And JUST Because Its Bugging Me...

Courtney West.

Please someone out there tell me that she didn't BRING it at the Arnold! I'm sorry, but I think she was looking better than Erin Stern!

And her back, oh man, was (IS!) solid!

Check out her back (far left) and Erin Stern right next to her!
 PS. Ava really needs to work on her posing. But I will give her credit that she is still in her Rookie year.

That is all. She REALLY earned better than 6th place. In a major way. Robbed, I tell you, robbed!

... Phew! Glad I got that off my chest. ;)

Self Talk

"Will this action get me closer to my goal?" This is all I have been repeating to myself lately. Anything I do, go to the gym or not go to the gym, eat that piece of cheese or not, etc etc etc. Because surprisingly, the motivation to eat well hasn't been there. I haven't gorged... But I've certainly WANTED to!
Haven't found what that missing piece to get me there is yet-
Maybe its a good dose of determination!

For a long time I lost the feeling of control, and yesterday I certainly had the feeling back... I'm trying to focus in on it and own it.
Goals are a funny thing, the process absolutely challenges your desire for it. And finds the determination when you feel like you have none.

I'm a very impatient person and perserverance is something I lack in. I suppose this is something that builds over time when striving for those goals.

Oh! Lost those 2 lbs I put on, back down to 123 lbs. I knew I would. 125 is my limit, getting past there would definitely cause some sort of reaction that would vaguely resemble freaking out in the idea of gaining more weight. Hypothetically. ;)

What kinds of self talk do you practice in order to help yourself?

Monday's workout:
10 mins stairmill for wu
Barbell Overhead: 40x8, 40x8
Front Squat: 60x4, 70x4, 70x4, 70x4, 70x4 (I can't really figure out how to lift heavy without scaring myself... possibly afraid I'll hurt myself?)
Romanian Dead Lift: 70x4, 80x4, 80x4, 80x4, 80x4
Db Snatch: 25x4, 27.5x4, 27.5x4, 27.5x4, 27.5x4
Machine Leg Curl: 60x6, 50x6
Leg Press: 3 sec descent drop sets: 250x8, 250x7, 230x8, 210x7, 170x8, 150x7, 130x8 and teardropped 110x8
Along with my pyramid: 36 wide grip pullups @ 60 lbs assisted, 72 bosu kneeling pushups, and 108 hanging leg raises
Then 30 mins steady rate treadmill
Diet: 1548 cals, 176g protein, 114g carbs, 87g fat along with 128 oz water.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

100 Pushups Challenge

I started the 100 Push-Ups Training Program. Its something I've been wanting to do and could no longer find a reason to not do it. Its seriously only 3 times a week. So easy to add in to what I've already got going on athletically.

I did my exhaustion test on Sunday and to my surprise scored with 37 pushups, I guessed I'd get in 30. And honestly, when I got up, I thought to myself, "I bet I could have pumped out a few more."

So, this weekend ended up with Friday's workout:
20 mins of treadmill:
5 min @ 5.5mph
10 min HIIT @ 6-10 mph
5 min @ 5.5mph (I was kind of proud of all of this, I'm not a great runner and is something I'm working on as part of my birthday goals, which is rapidly approaching)
And my pyramid, for some reason I was just not handling so well all the weight. I did my first two at 60 and the rest of the 11 at 70 lbs assisted in reverse grip.
So: 36 reverse grip pullups, 72 pushups, and 108 bicycle situps.

Saturday was a rest day but I think cleaning all day counts for something!

Sunday I only did my first exhaustion test, which apparently you do this on every training day. Excited! :D

Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm Daring Myself

I've recently come across a blog written by Jorge Garcia, the dude who played Hurley on LOST. Since I was interested I was poking around some of his old posts and came across this:

"If you want ANYTHING. Write it down.
It doesn't matter if it's something you want in your career, your relationships, your way of life. Write it down.
A lot of friends spend too much time trying to get it right before they write it down.
Screw that! Write it down. In pencil if you want.
Tomorrow you can throw that paper away and write something new down.
I was going threw old "career notebooks" and I found three separate statements:
-I want to be a part of a good ensemble television show.
-I want to book a job on location.
-I want a house in Hawaii.
So write it down. Don't sweat it. Sometimes the hardest part is just getting it out. Once you do that you are already on your way.
Good luck."
After reading that, I immediately scribbled this out:
Maybe I need that reminder at my desk. Amongst pictures of my family and furry babies, my overall goal. The goal was actually 17% (currently) but when I began to write 16% felt more organic, so I went with it. This crazy goal that I've strived for for over a year... So simple, so close and yet so unattainable.
Here's wanting. And here's hoping that writing it down is what it will take to find the inner courage to make it there.
That being said... I'm off to buy shoes and maybe something else that will make me feel pretty. :)

Wait for it... *BIG* Sigh! :)

Except my money tree would grow Benjamins! lol
Friday! And Payday Friday! AND Tax Return Friday! :) This girl just got paid, ya'll!

Maybe my large knot was a Money Stress Knot? Because it does feel better today. :) Last night I fell asleep during the fights on tv (Thursday night is fight night on our TV... Its the one night a week I don't think about what to watch) and Handsome put me to bed around 9 and we snessled it up (that is our word that is a mesh of "nestle" and "snuggle"... hehe!).

So, since I've spent two days off... Well, one really... for whatever reason I feel like I can't count my AM cardio... I plan to hit it hard today and get in a couple of conditioning sessions at home this weekend.

I've been struggling with feeling pretty. Does anyone else do this? I don't know if its because I have little cash money lately and am not spending anything on hair or makeup or if its that ALL my clothes are too big, but I just don't feel very pretty. What do all you girls do to feel pretty? :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

... And pushing

Nope, no reason. I'm just a geek who thinks
Anatomy humor is funny.
Diet Disclaimer: (for my readers, this will be for future reference) In the past and even recent past I've been listing out my daily nutrition. Originally this was because as a noob, I could not find any information on proper nutrition for my height, weight, gender, age and goals. I wanted mine to be available to others for who felt the same as I and happened upon my own diet. However, this has become slightly redundant for me especially as I eat the same thing over and over. If anyone happens upon my blog and would like to see my diet, please email me. J

Again. Another hard day of pushing through. Honestly, I have been just trying to get to this afternoon.

Possible injury? Very large cramp/knot in my right middle trap- feels like it is so large that it reaches through my chest and goes up my neck from Monday. Seems to have gotten worse, even. Yesterday it just felt sore. Today, it is debilitating. It almost feels like something needs to pop, or something is extremely out of alignment.How does one rid oneself of this kind of pain? Already made an appointment to see my general doc to get an order for massage as my insurance covers 20 a year. Rad! And not so rad that I'm not feeling my best for a training appointment today... Haven't decided if I need to reschedule.

20 mins treadmill at steady pace
65 mins weights:
Barbell Overhead Squats: 40x8, 40x8
Front Squat: 40x8, 60x4, 70x4, 80x4, 80x4
Romanian Dead Lift: 60x4, 70x4, 80x4, 80x4, 80x4
Dumbell Snatch: 22.5x4, 25x4, 27.5x4, 27.5x4, 27.5x4
Pillar Kick Back: 60x6
Machine Leg Curl: 50x6
Hip Adductor: 80x6, 80x6
Hip Abductor: 60x6, 70x6
Along with my pyramid: 36 Close Grip Pullups, 72 bosu Pushups, and 108 Hanging Leg Raises

Just another 10 mins of steady rate running for cardio... It was getting late.

Eats ended up with 1356 Calories, 142g Protein, 129g Carb, 29g Fat along with 120oz water... This was a fluke deal. When I was making dinner, I had every intention of making a casein crepe... even made the batter... and then Molly (our 20 month old Great Dane) started limping all of a sudden... And since she is a giant breed, it is common that they get pains due to bone overgrowth. So we got all panicky and worried about our baby and 6th meal just plain didn't happen. I really don't like my calories that low and would have liked some more protein after a leg workout.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Not me...

I feel like I should feel more excited about things, but I'm just not. Having a really hard time battling through this loss of motivation... The only things I look forward to during the day are.. Wait! Time for another round of......

Quick List of Reasons to Be Alive:
1-Steam room at the end of it
2-Going home to my most favorite handsomesexywonderfulsweetstrongBUILT man
3-Casein crepe w/almond butter before bed. Who doesn't LOVE going to bed full when you've been hungry ALL day?!
4-Being able to know on the inside that I had yet another perfect (eats, water, sups, & workouts) day

Okay, I'm working on my mental status. It is hard, but I'm working on it. I'm trying to create my positive outlook that will keep me going through my days. Bringing me just another day closer to my goals.

500 am: 45 mins of stairmill with 2 mins of running
330 pm: 10 mins treadmill (okay, this *might* be just a warm up... but I gotta give myself credit where credit is due and doing just that makes me feel proud of myself)
Weights: Abs, Arms & Shoulders
Standing biceps Curl: 3@ 30x10, 7@ 20x10 (Remember: I'm working on muscle endurance)
Barbell Behind Neck Press: 3@ 30x10, 7@20x10
Bench Dip: 10 sets of 10 reps
Rear Lateral Raise: 2@ 10x10, 8@ 8x10
And my lovely pyramid @ 60 lbs assisted (wide grip)
36 pullups, 72 pushups, and 108 Bench Leg Raises

2 rowing tabatas :) And finished it off with 20 mins of steam room yoga to give my muscleys some lovin! (Ps... my biceps and traps are really sore today)

Eats... Pretty dead on:
7: 1c oatmeal, 2 egg whites + 1 egg, a clementine & coffee
10: 2 c lettuce, 1 tbsp fat free balsamic vinegarette dressing, & 3 oz chicken
1: 3 oz chicken, 1/2 c brown rice & green tea
5: 2 scps whey isolate & rice cake
730: 2 casein crepes w/2 tbsp almond butter (alright, this happened because my turkey chilli didn't turn out and I was getting to that point where I was too tired to cook and was therefore no longer hungry. And paid for it with lack of calories.)
Total: 1285 Calories, 150g Protein, 79g Carb, 41g Fat along with 104 oz water.