Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Self Talk

"Will this action get me closer to my goal?" This is all I have been repeating to myself lately. Anything I do, go to the gym or not go to the gym, eat that piece of cheese or not, etc etc etc. Because surprisingly, the motivation to eat well hasn't been there. I haven't gorged... But I've certainly WANTED to!
Haven't found what that missing piece to get me there is yet-
Maybe its a good dose of determination!

For a long time I lost the feeling of control, and yesterday I certainly had the feeling back... I'm trying to focus in on it and own it.
Goals are a funny thing, the process absolutely challenges your desire for it. And finds the determination when you feel like you have none.

I'm a very impatient person and perserverance is something I lack in. I suppose this is something that builds over time when striving for those goals.

Oh! Lost those 2 lbs I put on, back down to 123 lbs. I knew I would. 125 is my limit, getting past there would definitely cause some sort of reaction that would vaguely resemble freaking out in the idea of gaining more weight. Hypothetically. ;)

What kinds of self talk do you practice in order to help yourself?

Monday's workout:
10 mins stairmill for wu
Barbell Overhead: 40x8, 40x8
Front Squat: 60x4, 70x4, 70x4, 70x4, 70x4 (I can't really figure out how to lift heavy without scaring myself... possibly afraid I'll hurt myself?)
Romanian Dead Lift: 70x4, 80x4, 80x4, 80x4, 80x4
Db Snatch: 25x4, 27.5x4, 27.5x4, 27.5x4, 27.5x4
Machine Leg Curl: 60x6, 50x6
Leg Press: 3 sec descent drop sets: 250x8, 250x7, 230x8, 210x7, 170x8, 150x7, 130x8 and teardropped 110x8
Along with my pyramid: 36 wide grip pullups @ 60 lbs assisted, 72 bosu kneeling pushups, and 108 hanging leg raises
Then 30 mins steady rate treadmill
Diet: 1548 cals, 176g protein, 114g carbs, 87g fat along with 128 oz water.


  1. Lacey,

    I was thinking maybe creating a new goal that might help you achieve the same desired outcome that would spice things up. What do you think about running bloomsday with me? I have never run in that race and I need to have some goals too! Might be a fun dad and daughter event and we can motivate each other along the way! Maybe burn some calories, tone up some of the blurs, and get our weight down! Let me know what you think!

  2. I have to say that I'm exactly the same way about lifting heavy. My squats are stuck because I am afraid of hurting myself. Since I lift alone in my basement without a spotter, I don't think I am taking them to my full potential. Just stumbled across your blog, love it! Good luck to you!