Sunday, March 6, 2011

100 Pushups Challenge

I started the 100 Push-Ups Training Program. Its something I've been wanting to do and could no longer find a reason to not do it. Its seriously only 3 times a week. So easy to add in to what I've already got going on athletically.

I did my exhaustion test on Sunday and to my surprise scored with 37 pushups, I guessed I'd get in 30. And honestly, when I got up, I thought to myself, "I bet I could have pumped out a few more."

So, this weekend ended up with Friday's workout:
20 mins of treadmill:
5 min @ 5.5mph
10 min HIIT @ 6-10 mph
5 min @ 5.5mph (I was kind of proud of all of this, I'm not a great runner and is something I'm working on as part of my birthday goals, which is rapidly approaching)
And my pyramid, for some reason I was just not handling so well all the weight. I did my first two at 60 and the rest of the 11 at 70 lbs assisted in reverse grip.
So: 36 reverse grip pullups, 72 pushups, and 108 bicycle situps.

Saturday was a rest day but I think cleaning all day counts for something!

Sunday I only did my first exhaustion test, which apparently you do this on every training day. Excited! :D


  1. great job chica!
    i need to get on the band wagon with the pushup challenge!!!

  2. Gak! I remember the first time I tried the challenge. I asked my husband to count for me, after all, there were going to be too many for me to count while also pushing-up. I got into the 'up' position, and carefully lowered myself. Or fell on my face, whatever. My husband waits a few seconds, then asks, "Was that one?"


  3. Melissa... you could do this no problem! I bet you'd be in the 50+ range first off!
    Anne-Marie... don't get down on yourself! Any starting point is your starting point and there is never any shame in that! I bet you could do it if you kept at it, with the rockstar that you are! :)

  4. This is awesome!
    I used to go to a "pump" class at Golds 3x/week. The teacher was a nazi. Every Friday we did 5 sets of pushups - first 50, then 40, 30, 20, 10. With leg work in between. I got so sore, but a lot better! Pushups are supposed to be the natural boob lift! :) I do one set of 20 everyday. Kindof random, I know. I'm not really pushing myself. They just FEEL GOOD! I'd love to get up to 50. But 100... in one set... that just seems so impossible!