Monday, March 21, 2011


Haha! I just noticed how much clothing comes off as the fat came off ;)

Hey ya'll! Today is my 1 Year Blogging Anniversary where you all have been forced to read my rantings painfully for 365 days! Just kidding. Sort of. ;)

This all started because I was large. And I felt large. My sister and I agreed that you know you're done when you get ready and are trying to look nice, and only to find that you look like a nicer-fat version of yourself.

And I was just done. Done being fat. Done letting food dictate my whole life. 
I did most of my nutritional work through Weight Watchers and I really blame my success on them. Awesome program. They really teach you how to eat correctly and healthfully. I advocate them to anyone. But eventually you come to a point where you need an exercise boost. So eventually I started doing cardio every day and then mixed in weights and mixed in some yoga to spice everything up!

One year ago today I was 140 lbs, down 35 lbs already. Today, I am 121 lbs. Down a total of 54 lbs.
PS-This weekend was very full but I finally got to some pushups! Yesterday (being hungover as I was), I pumped out 40 in my last set (meaning I had already done 88 pushups, and then 40 was failure)... And it was only 40 because I was hungover.

In the last year:
-I have lost 19 lbs of fat
-Met the love of my life, Patrick... Moved in with him and moved into a nice new home with him
-Paid off half my debt 
-Had a puppy
-Put on 8 lbs of muscle
 This next year I want to:
-Be able to run 7 miles (I'm almost at 3 right now, I said it before and I'll say it again, I'm not a runner)
-Be able to do 4 sets of 10 unassisted pullups (pyramids 3x a week, and I believe the pushups training is helping)
-Be able to do 100 straight pushups (already on my way!)
-16% body fat in off-season
-Compete once (July or October?)
-Complete a 60 day yoga challenge (my 1st 30 day is planned for May)
-Undecided: Become a yoga teacher :) ... This WILL happen, just not certain that it will be this year.
 ... And those are just my athletic goals! 

But looking back, a few of these have BEEN goals for quite a while! The body fat has been a goal, and doing a yoga challenge has been a goal... It is time to start laying it down and figuring out why I haven't achieved those!  OR! Not thinking and just doing!

The reality is no one is going to give me these accomplishments. I have to get them. It isn't free and I need to quit training like it is. :)

Happy Blogoversary everyone! I am so excited to have so many followers who are interested in my journey and what I have to say. I appreciate all of your input, encouragement, and warmth!


  1. Awesome job Lacey! I love that you're around, and reading your updates :)
    I have a meeting with a personal trainer tonight, who also does the Bikram, so I'm hoping something good will come of it. I just want to tweak myself a little!
    Congrats again on the one year!

  2. What an inspirational journey! I'm so impressed by your progress. Keep setting those goals; I have no doubt you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

  3. happy bloggerversary!!!!!
    and CONGRATS on all the succeses youve had over the past year. wow, you are a HUGE inspiration chica!!!!no doubts you will reach and exceed all of your future goals!
    so proud of you!!!!!!

    and...thank you for your encouragemnet on my posts btw!

  4. You've come a long way - you should be very proud!!! Congrats!!


  5. Wow that's awesome! Good for you!

  6. That's fantastic! Great job!