Tuesday, September 13, 2011

3 Weeks Out, TOM, & Olympia Predictions

Am I excited to follow the Olympia? Yes. I am two weeks out from my own show and watching the biggest and best of the pros take the stage is SO uplifting! I can't wait to follow this as I head into my last full week of training next week!

Now, I don't know enough, or rather haven't followed up until this point, Men's Bodybuilding and Women's Bodybuilding... So I am not going to be able to speak to those. I know the bigger (no pun intended) names in the sport but haven't followed yet. I am only going to be able to make predictions on Figure & Bikini.
*Speaking of bigger names, apparently Jay Cutler rents out his house to students when he's gone. How do I know that? :) Yeah, I'll post pictures later.

I don't think that there is any argument that it will come down to Nicole Wilkins (she dropped the Lee, huh?? Did she divorce?!) and Erin Stern. I think Nicole got lucky in the past with her softer Figure physique... but I think the judges do want a better figure shape as in the past, which Erin has. Erin had a big year, taking 2nd in the Arnold but then winning an impressive 3 shows at the Jacksonville, New Zealand and Australian Pros.

Nicole, again, won the Arnold and also the St. Louis. Other top contenders are Ava Cowan, Felicia Romero, Cheryl Brown (she has one of my favorite figures, she pulls off the petite figure competitor perfectly!), Courtney West. SO!
1. Nicole Wilkins (btw, some friends were just noticing that she has put on some SERIOUS size to her shoulders! Anyone else notice that??)
2. Erin Stern
3. Ava Cowan
4. Courtney West
5. Felicia Romero

Among the top contenders as always, Sonia Gonzales as the reigning Ms. Bikini Olympia, Jaime Baird, Nicole Nagrani, Nathalia Melo, and Ali Rosen.

Bikini has seen some interesting Pro Wins this year, with Nicole Nagrani taking the Bikini International in March beating out all of the top contenders. But a lot has happened since then. Jaime Baird shed her nickname of the Perennial Bridesmaid winning the Jacksonville Pro & the Pittsburgh Pro. Alison Rosen won her first pro show at the NY Pro. Nathalia Melo won the Europa in Orlando. And the world has only seen Sonia Gonzales take the stage once since the Bikini International (which she placed 2nd at), which was at the Europa Supershow in which she placed a very surpring 3rd causing her to drop out of the Phoenix Pro show.

Seeing the changes made in physiques over this last year has been interesting. Softer bikini girls are now coming in tighter and more defined. I can't discount that Sonia is bringing her best package, but I see Jaime Baird giving her a hard run for her money... 2 pro wins in a year is nothing to take lightly. So:
1. Nicole Nagrani
2. Jaime Baird
3. Sonia Gonzales
4. Ali Rosen
5. Nathalia Melo    (I am probably so far off on all of these... lol! but its fun to try!)

I am also expecting Justine Munro to begin to move to the top of the pack... her physique is incredible and she has a cutesy way about her. And no offense to Amanda Latona, but I see her going down... her posing is just... well, irritating. Its so arrogantly presented and I think judges are put off (or will be) by that. And sadly, I don't see Jessica Paxon doing super well given the personal issues she's dealt with in the last couple months. I think she will put in her all, but stress does things... heartache can be seen on the face. But then again, you never know what kind of a will a person has inside them! :)

I love Adela Garcia, but you've won enough! I really think Tanji deserves to take a win. I would have loved to see Trish Warren take this but given her present condition, I think I can let it slide. :)

SO! I had my 3 Week Check-In!
I was kind of freaking out over the weekend. I hadn't seen my prep coach since Sat 9/3, and here I am 9 days later and looking MUCH softer than last time. I spent all weekend complaining about it, staring at my bloated belly snickering "Uh, I didn't really expect to look this way..." It mocks me by getting bigger with food over the weekend.
Yesterday, I blog and all of a sudden DING! DING! DING!
It was like all sorts of lights and bells and whistles went off in my head... OHHHHHHHH. It almost gave me a headache.

Doesn't that look so daunting?

So, I am PMS'ing. Its very clear by my emotions and by my bloated belly, but for some reason it didn't click in my brain that TOM will be visiting next week and I can expect to be MORE emotional and MORE tired and MORE ravenous.

BUT! I am also glad for it. If I wasn't expecting TOM I would be freaking the frank out right now, even though I am actually weighing at 108 lbs! That is definitely the leanest I have ever been. Probably haven't weighed 108 since Junior High.

Anyway, met with my prep coach and feel 100% better about it... It is clear that although I am very close to competition that I may not see the necessary changes until late next week pending TOM's departure. Its crazy that I will almost be done by the time I see changes and then it will just be time to stress relax and enjoy the orange glow/stink. So, that also kind of explains my dilemma with progress pics at this point. Will update you all later in the week!

Enjoy the Olympia, Friends, and hope you all have a wonderful week ahead! What are your predictions of what is to come at the Olympia Weekend??


  1. I had plans to go to the Olympia this year, but they fell through. I was so disappointed, I really wanted to go. Hopefully I'll get to the Arnold this year. And yes, totally agree about Nicole's shoulders- they looked great last weekend!

    Hang in there with TOM, yea, it's not fun at this point during prep. I just warned my hubby and told him to take nothing personal! Let me just say it's SO true that for me, most of my definition came out during peak week. So don't fret, you'll be amazed at what your body will do! I'm so excited for you!!

  2. ditto to what lisa said!
    most of the changes will happen during peak week!
    im right there in the same boat with TOM. woke up to a very very very soft and bloated everything! i hate it that always happens to me-never fails i gain 5-8lbs of water...and 5lbs on a shorty mcshort gal???
    eeesh,saw my pics and was horrified!lol!
    anyways,just hang in there,these last 2 weeks will go by fast! all your hard work will be showing through soon,promise!!!
    getting SO excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I'm so ready for Tanji to win her first title!!!!


  4. I'm keeping an open mind this weekend with Olympia. Judging is sooooo subjective!

    The next few weeks are seriously going to fly by for you. I am really excited show time is sneaking up on you! It will be here before you know it!!! eeeek!

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