Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hot Topic: BOOBS

When I went was out of almost every supplement I take, I went to GNC and met the owner of all of the local GNC stores in Spokane, Paul. We talked about my supplementation and the local classic in April that I was going to be in. He told me I looked lean and I should still go for it! Me drooling over lean compliments admitted I'm still at 23% bf and working on it.

After he tried to reel me into the other area classic in October, we discussed implants. I admitted to him that I haven't been sure how far I will be able to take myself in the figure world because I'm not willing to get implants. Sometimes I want them, but most of the time I don't like the idea of surgery on myself for something other than what is medically necessary. Something I learned: in Spokane area figure competitions, breast size is NO LONGER a factor in overall win! It may be something nationally that is still being considered, but not in our area... More about muscularity and poise with beauty... But to them, beauty is not defined by breast size! HALLELUJAH! Because what was once a C cup, has become an A cup after 60 lbs of fat loss and it honestly was such a downer to think that my breast size would have anything to do with retaining my femininity with the athletic physique, especially when I have issues feeling pretty and girly on a daily basis.

What is your take on breast enhancements? Get em or not? ... This is NOT me asking if you think I should get them. :)

Workout for Tuesday was:
10 mins treadmill
10 mins pushup training for my 100 Pushup Challenge, which was a set of 5: 14, 18, 14, 14, and exhaustion: 22 (it needed to be at least 20)... Total of 82 pushups yesterday!
30 mins treadmill

Diet: 1626 Calories, 134g Protein, 63g Carb, 95g Fat along with 136 oz water. :)
Diet worked out well yesterday, today I'm transitioning into a higher carb diet and have gone off creatine to go into the conditioning and endurance phase of my training! Definitely excited!

And I promise I'll post progress pictures after my birthday! :)


  1. I personally want implants. Not for the reason of competing, though in bikini it's really common. More for my self esteem. After nursing three babies and losing a ton of weight, these girls just look sad, droopy, and just about flat. It's not pretty or appealing and makes me feel bad about myself. SO, yes, I'm all for it if it will boost someones self esteem =)

  2. I'm like you...sometimes I want them, sometimes I don't. With my lifestyle of being as natural and healthy as possible, I don't like the idea of a bag of chemicals sitting inside my body....but the vain side of me wishes I could just to look better in clothes and feel more feminine(and balance out my much larger lower half).

    don't have the $$ right now anyways, so I guess I"ll just keep waiting and see what happens in the plastic surgery world....

  3. I wanted them too. But then I wonder, what if the scar tissue made them hard is rocks and I could no longer sleep on my tummy. I miss you Lacey-bot.

  4. I am definitely a tummy sleeper too! I couldn't handle that! I miss you too Mona-face! We should do another salad date soon!

  5. I ultimately think each woman will make up her mind for what is best for her, but for me, it is a No. I like the idea of being "natural" and letting my body do and look like it was designed. Now, that is not to say the sometimes I feel a little twinge about how nice a more "natural" pair looks on a certain competitor, but I am never jealous of the ones who look like they could float the Titanic, it looks kind of strange.

  6. For the sake of competing--my vote is a definite NO. But like Lisa said, you may change your mind later in life/when/if you ever have babies. I was a perfect 34B/C and went up to a 36DD when pregnant and then down to a deflated saggy 34A. I decided to get implants and am very happy that I did and I love them. I got them for what I considered to be an unpleasant cosmetic issue but as long as your smaller breasts aren't saggy and hanging down to your waist--I personally don't see any reason to get implants.

  7. I've been waiting a long time to get a boob job. I've struggled about this for a long time. In the past what I wanted to get was only a lift. But now that I went from a large C to a small B cup, I will be getting implants as only getting a lift will leave to much scaring. I'm 41 and decided that it was time to get these. It's a must think about because they are not good for life and you will have to get them replaced at some point in 10 to 15 years along the way. I've done lots of research on the subject and I will be getting the more expensive but more natural look with the silicone one. I will also be getting it over the muscle as I've read on a forum of girls training that under the muscle the implant kinda moves out of places when doing chest. I've got my first appointment with the doc in May. I am very anxious to meet with him and get a surgery date...

  8. I realize I'm extremely vain when it comes to my own looks, so I'm going for it. But, my timeline has moved out quite a bit because I want my body to be in top condition before I go under the knife. I know a huge part of my daily struggle with self-image is because I have gone from a very strong D to a B cup, and I'm still seeing loss. So, this is something that I need for me. Also, I have no intention on having kiddos, so my thought is, why wait? But, again, it's because I feel I need them for my body to be proportionate. I give full kudos to every woman out there that loves the way they look all natural!

  9. Wow, this was really interesting to read!
    I've thought a bit about what I want to do... I mean, it's SCARY - the thought of going under the knife! AHHH! But after 3 kids... I've got saggy A's. So sad. They only look good now while I'm breastfeeding! After that's over - they'll deflate! But honestly... it's definitely nice for running! Only one sports bra, not two anymore! :) I'll see how I feel in ten years when I definitely am not having anymore kids. And I'll see how much money we have! I mean, for the price of surgery, we could take a fun tropical vacation instead! Good luck to ya and whatever you decide to do!