Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm Daring Myself

I've recently come across a blog written by Jorge Garcia, the dude who played Hurley on LOST. Since I was interested I was poking around some of his old posts and came across this:

"If you want ANYTHING. Write it down.
It doesn't matter if it's something you want in your career, your relationships, your way of life. Write it down.
A lot of friends spend too much time trying to get it right before they write it down.
Screw that! Write it down. In pencil if you want.
Tomorrow you can throw that paper away and write something new down.
I was going threw old "career notebooks" and I found three separate statements:
-I want to be a part of a good ensemble television show.
-I want to book a job on location.
-I want a house in Hawaii.
So write it down. Don't sweat it. Sometimes the hardest part is just getting it out. Once you do that you are already on your way.
Good luck."
After reading that, I immediately scribbled this out:
Maybe I need that reminder at my desk. Amongst pictures of my family and furry babies, my overall goal. The goal was actually 17% (currently) but when I began to write 16% felt more organic, so I went with it. This crazy goal that I've strived for for over a year... So simple, so close and yet so unattainable.
Here's wanting. And here's hoping that writing it down is what it will take to find the inner courage to make it there.
That being said... I'm off to buy shoes and maybe something else that will make me feel pretty. :)

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