Wednesday, March 2, 2011

... And pushing

Nope, no reason. I'm just a geek who thinks
Anatomy humor is funny.
Diet Disclaimer: (for my readers, this will be for future reference) In the past and even recent past I've been listing out my daily nutrition. Originally this was because as a noob, I could not find any information on proper nutrition for my height, weight, gender, age and goals. I wanted mine to be available to others for who felt the same as I and happened upon my own diet. However, this has become slightly redundant for me especially as I eat the same thing over and over. If anyone happens upon my blog and would like to see my diet, please email me. J

Again. Another hard day of pushing through. Honestly, I have been just trying to get to this afternoon.

Possible injury? Very large cramp/knot in my right middle trap- feels like it is so large that it reaches through my chest and goes up my neck from Monday. Seems to have gotten worse, even. Yesterday it just felt sore. Today, it is debilitating. It almost feels like something needs to pop, or something is extremely out of alignment.How does one rid oneself of this kind of pain? Already made an appointment to see my general doc to get an order for massage as my insurance covers 20 a year. Rad! And not so rad that I'm not feeling my best for a training appointment today... Haven't decided if I need to reschedule.

20 mins treadmill at steady pace
65 mins weights:
Barbell Overhead Squats: 40x8, 40x8
Front Squat: 40x8, 60x4, 70x4, 80x4, 80x4
Romanian Dead Lift: 60x4, 70x4, 80x4, 80x4, 80x4
Dumbell Snatch: 22.5x4, 25x4, 27.5x4, 27.5x4, 27.5x4
Pillar Kick Back: 60x6
Machine Leg Curl: 50x6
Hip Adductor: 80x6, 80x6
Hip Abductor: 60x6, 70x6
Along with my pyramid: 36 Close Grip Pullups, 72 bosu Pushups, and 108 Hanging Leg Raises

Just another 10 mins of steady rate running for cardio... It was getting late.

Eats ended up with 1356 Calories, 142g Protein, 129g Carb, 29g Fat along with 120oz water... This was a fluke deal. When I was making dinner, I had every intention of making a casein crepe... even made the batter... and then Molly (our 20 month old Great Dane) started limping all of a sudden... And since she is a giant breed, it is common that they get pains due to bone overgrowth. So we got all panicky and worried about our baby and 6th meal just plain didn't happen. I really don't like my calories that low and would have liked some more protein after a leg workout.


  1. Try a chiropractor for you R mid trap may be a rib that's not moving, massage is a great idea too :) Heidi

  2. Thanks Lacey! Sorry I haven't gotten back to you. I'm feeling pretty good right now - I think I was in panic mode before. I just track my food everyday, write down what I eat and find that it keeps me focused.

  3. Heidi-I've been very wary of chiropractors just due to having broken my back and I'm just way freaked to do anything that will exacerbate that in the long term but I seriously may consider it if a massage doesn't help or the pain returns! :)
    Lady J- No worries! :) Glad to hear from you!

  4. I feel the same way you do about posting my diet/daily food intake. It bores me to eat so I can only assume it would bore others to look at pictures of it! :)

    Hope everything is ok - sending you healing vibes!