Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Best of both worlds...

How lovely is this?

Yesterday was my birthday and I'll take one of each, please. Please disregard the food porn. :)

Monday I got in:
Some am yoga in the steam room
20 jump squats
Wide grip pyramid (at home so I used our pullup bar with a foot on a chair as I'm not yet unassisted, but I'm totally sore today): 36 pullups, 72 pushups, and 108 situps.
15 mins of's Just Can't Get Enough Challenge (towards the end I only was doing a jump after every 2 reps)
2 miles running the dogs in the rain with my honey

Diet: 1438 Calories, 101g Protein, 173g Carb, 40g Fat with 96 oz water.

Birthday workout was:
1 mile running (My knees/ankles/shins are still hurting pretty good... Ortho/Sports Med appointment next Monday... again, issues will be explained after the appt)
21 mins of's Gaga for Poker Face (ps... I caught this at the last second before posting but I almost wrote "Porker" face. haha!)... I gave myself a 1 min break between sets. :)

Totally didn't count my calories past 1pm... But honey picked up my favorite burger & sweet potato fries (it comes with an incredible chipotle sauce which totally makes the meal)... It was big fat bacon cheeseburger with extra pickles from a pub kinda close to us. So, the dragon didn't get ahold of me that much! No cake! I did well on that! We'll see how this weekend goes though, family coming over Friday AND Saturday.

I definitely don't want to sound ungrateful for everything my wonderful honey and my family did for me on my birthday, but I was really hoping someone *ahemPatrickahem* would purchase me some yoga sessions... but since he didn't, I plan on buying myself one. Yep, just one. Its all I can afford right now. I'm trying to budget in going once a week in April and then a 30 day challenge in May. :) Wow, that just really made me realize that if I am indeed going to compete this year then I have very little time to finish my pre-contest-prep-prep :) I think the October competition is probably the better choice but something in me keeps telling me July is my month.

To the girls out there that have competed, for someone who will be competing for the first time, how long would you give someone to prep in weeks? I've heard some athletes giving themselves anywhere from 8 weeks to 20! I'm not sure where my body fat will be at that time, but I'm hoping to have taken off enough body fat to only have about 7% to shed. I'm working towards my off-season goal of 15-16% body fat at 115-116 lbs, which would give me about 7-8 lbs to shed. Anyway! Just trying to see what other girls out there do. I love a good set of advice from girls who have been there!


  1. For me, I did 12 weeks. I think 12-16 weeks is optimal and it depends on where you are when you start. You are at a good place so you wouldn't need a ton of time to get ready. 7-8lbs is easy and wouldn't take long to shed. Exciting!!

  2. I tried to do the Just can't get enough challenge yesterday and I only did 2 sets of 12(I was breaking it up like that so in my mind I'd only have to do 5 I had to stop, I was soooo dizzy, like falling down, room spinning dizzy...then TOM started this AM so I'm sure that's what it was...

    good job finishing it though!

  3. Yeah! For me, doing jumps only every two helped! My man came home when I was doing it and he gave me a look like "You know you're nuts, right?" lol! :)

  4. I tried to do the just can't get enough challenge too but I had trouble with the movement. I kept getting confused. Guess I'm not that coordinated. :D Happy late B-day!!

  5. All of my preps have been 16 weeks long...this was because I typically started prep weighing in a bit "heavy"...what can I say? I like my carbs & sweets in the off-season :)