Tuesday, December 28, 2010

P90x: Fail.

My biggest beef with P90x is that I do it at home. Part of why I love going to the gym is exactly that, I go to the gym. I'm not distracted with all the things in my home that I need to do.

"I'll just start that load of dishes and THEN start my dvd." -typical words out of my mouth.
"I'll just throw some laundry in the wash and THEN throw in the dvd..." -Also very ordinary words for me.

Well, it turns out that I'm not good at doing my workouts at home. And not because I can't, but because the ADD in me just can't handle the distractions. Also, it is very loud in our apartment. I mean, we're on the top floor with wooden floors... jumping around is very loud, it also shakes everything, and there isn't a lot of room. I feel that I may be able to handle this when we move into our house. The living room is HUGE and I won't have to worry about disturbing our neighbors.

The reality is that, I can't really start it right now. FRIG! I'm so very discouraged at not being able to follow through with my goals. At the beginning of 2010, my resolution was to hit 120 lbs. Which I have done, and the sense of accomplishment has since become an aphrodisiac.. Also, I got sick. Again. 

In 2011, what can my goals really be? I've been told when creating resolution that one should choose things they truly want. What do I want? Hmm.
-I'd love to get out of debt, or at least get done with my small debts and work on student loans.
-Get down to 14-16% body fat permanently.
-Complete a 30 day Bikram Challenge.
-Compete in a figure competition.

I'm one of those people who can't focus on too much at one time. Especially because three of those goals are long term.

So I am going to focus on the first two for now. So, I have a new workout... Again. lol to start on next week. Since I'm sick, again, I will just do cardio at the gym once I start feeling better.

I don't know how end this really. I mean, how many challenges have I promised myself and not followed through with?? It seems like hundreds. But I do have to keep giving myself props for doing the major one... Losing that much weight is a major feat. And has honestly changed my life. Given me strength to tackle my other weaknesses.

Inspiration of the day:
Sonia Gonzales: IFBB Bikini Pro
The reason I love her so much, she is only 5'1" and she was a Figure Pro turned Bikini Pro. Which is incredibly difficult to do. This may not be understandable for most people, but think about your own goals... Physical or artistic or career. Now, imagine if that goal would determine what you ate, drank, your schedule, your sleep schedule for months and months out of your life. She has done this... TWICE! She once changed her body to bulk up and then she had chiseled off muscle, that kind of determination is fierce. What a beautiful woman inside and out. And that is what I love about what I am choosing to do with my body.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

No One Gets It.

Just last night, after doing my P90X (which was Polymetrics and an awesome burn)... I was sitting in a bath and talking to Handsome. And it occurred to me...

Miss this feeling :(
Last summer, my favorite moment of the day was after yoga, walking home, drinking a LARGE coconut water

Feeling the oil seep out of my pores because yoga had completely flushed them out. Feeling my lips so dry because they've had salt on them for the last 90 minutes. Feeling sweat run down my neck because my hair was still holding tons of it.

I miss how my skin used to glow for days afterward. Even if I go to yoga now, I don't even get close to that.

I miss what yoga used to be to me... MORE than just the best workout of my whole life. My body feels tired and flat. I used to feel toned and worked. I may consider driving the 2.5 hours to the Tri-Cities or doing yoga in a steam room at the gym just to get the same effects.

Can anyone tell I'm tired and am feeling depressed from missing Bikram?! There is no remedy at this moment. Just great desire.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Week 1: Overall

I was feeling rather proud of myself.
Until I got my body fat taken.
I've plateaued for 6 weeks at 24.7%.

And this took a lot of concentration.

Not cool.

My only idea is to do something drastic. I know P90x is a program many don't finish, and many look at it as sort of... cookie cutter. Well, I'm willing to do anything different at this point.

And when have I ever completed a challenge? P90x... here I come.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Week 1: Day 4 & Body Fat Test

I just want to point out that there is no better feeling than a workout you finish when you were contemplating not even going to the gym.

I almost skipped this. After work I got in my car and seriously contemplated just driving home. I had to keep telling myself "Just get there. Just get yourself to the gym."
Once I got to the gym, it was a mental struggle through the whole workout. Kept wanting to skip a set or skip a run but battled my mind all the way through it.

Feeling proud after that last set of running!
Day 4 workout: (Legs & Glutes)
1st Set: superset-Dumbell Reverse Lunge (55 lbs-12 reps) & Decline Leg Curl (30 lbs-12 reps)
2nd Set: superset-Goblet squat (40 lbs-12 reps) & Assisted Dumbell Lunge (60 lbs-10 reps)
3rd Set: superset-Good morning (50 lbs-12 reps) & Bulgarian Split Squat (60 lbs-12 reps)
4th Set: superset-Machine Leg Press (250 lbs-12 reps) & Calf Raise (250 lbs-12 reps)
5th Set: superset-Barbell Hack Squat (30 lbs-12 reps)
Complete each set 3x with 1 min running in between each.

Body Fat test! I have to admit... I was rather excited to see my progress:
1/26/10 - 35.2%
2/16/10 - 33.4%
3/9/10 - 32.3%
4/8/10 - 29.3%
8/11/10 - 26%
9/29/10 - 28%
10/28/10 - 24.7%
12/16/10 - 24.9% ... Seeing a plateau. I'm considering just doing something new... I've lifted for almost a full week... I think I might start P90X just to shake things up for the next couple of weeks.

And just because I'm feeling rather proud:
I wore this to a Christmas Party the other day... I'm feeling proud of my calves. They've never looked so toned and slim. Good job gals. ;)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Week 1: Day 3 & Supplements

Today's workout: (Abs & Shoulders)
1st set: Arnold Press (15 lbs-12 reps) & Incline Reverse Crunch (tried to make it to 20 on each set)
2nd set: Scaption (10 lbs-12 reps) & Bosu Side Bridge (10 each side)
3rd set: Rear Lateral Raise (12 lbs-12 reps) & Decline Twisting Ab Crunch (12 lb Medicine ball-12 reps each side)
4th set: Incline Shoulder Rotation (10 lbs-12 reps) & Hanging Leg Raise (10 reps)
5th set: Bar Upright Row (40 lbs-12 reps) & Kneeling twisting cable crunch (80 lbs-12 reps)
Repeat each 3x with 1 min running in between

Shoulders are a ROUGH day for me! My shoulders are a pretty weak body part. But I'll get there! :)

Supplements. This is always a funny subject for people. I don't recommend everything I take for everyone. But I take everything I do, on purpose.
I take 2 multi-vitamins a day, these are for active women. Also, 3 fish oils (as oils help you synthesize proteins), iron (because I tend to be on the anemic side especially as an extremely active woman), 3 glucoasmine (this is for joints... it helps your joints resynthesize cartilege... I have creaky knees and back), Vitamin C (duh), Vitamin-D & Calcium (because I'm a growing girl), and... Vitamin E.
Vitamin E, which not everyone knows, helps protect your body against free radicals. It is also important in the formation of red blood cells (which helps with muscle recovery) and helps the body use Vitamin K. The reason I take this as a supplement is because it tends to be high in foods I can't eat a lot of... Like corn, wheat and olives.
I also take a supplement before and after my workouts called Essential Electrolytes. This helps the body balance all of the vitamins and minerals it has for optimum performance. I used to get really bad side stitches before and after yoga and this has always helped... So why not take it when lifting also?!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Week 1: Day 2 & Diet

Day 2 workout: (Triceps & Chest)
1st Set: superset-Lying Triceps Extension (25lbs-12 reps) and Incline Dumbell Fly (12lbs-12 reps)
2nd Set: superset-French Press (30lbs-8 reps) and Single-Arm External Rotation (8lbs-12 reps)
3rd Set: superset-Incline Barbell Bench Press (40lbs-12 reps) and Cable Triceps Overhead Extension (40lbs-12 reps)
4th Set: superset-Cable Triceps Pushdown (40lbs-12 reps) and Cable Crossover (10lbs-12 reps)
Repeat each 3x with 1 min running in between each.

In case anyone ever wants to try something like this, I figured I'd post my diet. This is something very specific to me: My height, weight, and goals. I only track calories because I used to do Weight Watchers (which I think is probably the best program to get people out of the slump of being overweight) but as time went on, I really needed to track a few more things.
For example: protein, carbs, and fat. The reason I track all of those things is NOT because I'm trying to scale back or diet them. The reason I track them... is because I need them. And actually have trouble getting them. -With proteins, I had a really hard time getting enough in during the day when I first started losing weight, because I always figured a lot of protein was bad for your body. Not so! Read my post on proteins and why you need it (click here).
-Carbs are important as they help give one energy. Always important to eat slow burning carbs, like whole wheat pastas, brown rice, and sweet potatoes. Complex carbs will help you burn calories more quickly. And even high carbs after a workout can help speed up recovery.
-Another factor that took me a while to decide on tracking was Fats. And this was due to the fact that I was taking in so much meat etc, that I forgot that all bodies need healthy fats and oils. So I began tracking it to make sure I was getting enough.

So here is what my basic diet looks like. Remember that all meats are subsitutable for other meats and same with veggies. Should I choose to do a competition, I will post my pre-competition diet.
Also, This is how I count my stats: (calories-protein-carbs-fat) Makes it easier to track during the day.

0700: 2 egg whites & 1 whole egg, & 1/2 c oatmeal (258-17-13-9)
1000: 1 oz turkey, 2 oz sweet potato, 10 baby carrots (129-15-18-2)
1300: 2 oz chicken, light yogurt, 12 almonds, and 1/2 banana (357-28-35-14)
1500: (pre-workout) 1 scp for protein shake (120-22-4-2)
1700: (post-workout) 1 scp for protein shake (120-22-4-2)
1830: 3 oz chicken, 1/2 c brown rice, and 1 c green beans (318-34-31-7)

Total: 1302 calories, 138g protein, 105g carbs, 36g fat (this is actually very low)
(If I'm feeling really full at night, I will also leave out the brown rice or my carb in the pm)

Hehe! My breakfast. Oatmeal, eggs, decaf, supplements, and water!
 The advice that I give anyone when they are trying to determine their diet, is choose things that you LOVE that are healthy and build your diet around that. For example, I don't like egg whites all that much... I really LOVE runny egg yolks. So what I do, is at work, I will buy 3 hard boiled eggs and 1 soft boiled egg. I eat the whites off the hard-boileds and the yolk from the soft-boiled, mixed together. Boom.
Or I love sweet potatoes (which are high in protein, low in carb and have a low Glycemic Index score) but my honey doesn't like them, so I boil a bunch on sundays and prepare my lunches for the rest of the week.

At any rate, if there is a will there is a way! If you even remotely want it to work, you can make it work! The body follows intention!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Week 1: Weekly Plan & Day 1

Good morning!

And here we go! I've decided to do a 12 week transformation challenge. 12 weeks is a GOOD amount of time to pump out what I want to accomplish... but is it enough time to get me where I need to be to compete? We'll see! As time goes on I will continue to post my results, photos, decisions, diet, supplements, and increases in workout routine.

Week 1 Schedule: December 13th-December 19th
(This is likely to stay as my workout schedule throughout the 12 weeks. But will switch which exercises after 4 weeks)
Monday-PM-HIIT-Abs & Back w/20 mins elliptical for cardio
Tuesday-AM-45 mins elliptical cardio
     PM-HIIT-Triceps & Chest
Wednesday-AM-45 mins elliptical cardio
    PM-HIIT-Abs & Shoulders
Thursday-AM-45 mins elliptical cardio
    PM-HIIT-Legs & Glutes
Friday-HIIT-Abs & Biceps
Saturday & Sunday-Rest

If you don't know what an HIIT is, it means High Intensity Interval Training. Basically it is where you do a set of heavy weights and then go run for a minute to get your heart rate up... Great for fat burning and building muscle at the same time.

Day 1:
Today's workout: (back & abs... This will remain as my day 1 for each week for the next 4 weeks)
1st set: superset-barbell bent-over row (60 lbs-12 reps) & zercher squat (60 lbs- reps)
2nd set: superset- dead lift (50 lbs-12 reps) & barbell side bend (50 lbs-12 reps)
3rd set: superset-dumbell bent-over row (25 lbs-12 reps) & incline y raise (10 lbs-12 reps)
4th set: superset-Lat pulldown (70 lbs-12 reps) & cable standing close row (100 lbs-12 reps)
5th set: superset-Cable close grip pulldown (70 lbs-8 reps) & cable straight arm pull-down (50 lbs-12 reps)
6th set: superset-Swiss-ball oblique back extension (no weight, 20 reps) & bosu Russian twist (12 lbs-10 reps)
Repeat all 3x with 1 min running between each set. Damn good workout! It will be time to up some more weight on each next week!
Workout was awesome. I upped my weight and am starting to lift really heavy. Its probably time to get some lifting gloves as these heavy rows can develop some serious calluses.
Diet was perfect for today. It does get easier as you lose your sugar addiction.... Which I will post about later. I'm keeping carbs low today as my carbs were pretty high over the weekend. However, I do not condone "punish eating." EVER. If you eat bad early in the day or yesterday, NEVER skimp out on your eating later. More on this will be covered on my diet post later this week.

Bonus! I also happened to apply for a training scholarship (I know that sounds weird) with Nicole Wilkins Lee, my idol as she is just as strong as she is sexy, who was Ms. Figure Olympia 2009!!! She emailed me personally and asked if I would be interested in her online training for free! YAY!!! So, hopefully with her guidance and help my body will become what I want! :)

With Nicole's help, I feel like the Figure competition is feasible. She's my same age, and there is no reason I can't do the same! If you go to her website (click here), you can even see how she has helped people change! Her client success stories are incredible... Hopefully I can be one!

Friday, December 10, 2010

What Does A Hardbody Do?

Yes, I leave the gym while its still dark and realize that I've been there twice between work yesterday and today. YES, I eat egg whites cold. Yes, I hide chocolate from myself. Yes, I am a hard body.

So, you ask, what does a hard body do when the car is stuck in the snow and I can't get to yoga or the gym?

RUN. Run to work in the snow. And run home.

These treads rock! They're like Chains! For your shoes!
The other day, I attempted some hardbody bravery. Running in the cold is hard work! So... I ran to yoga, which is kinda far. And in the snow. Its a few miles through our downtown area... Lots of dodging cars. But luckily those treads helped me not slip when I had to stop suddenly.

As I tend to be someone who thrives on making and meeting goals, and given that I'm not able to find a sense of meditation in yoga right now I figured that this would be a good time to put myself through another focused training set for a few weeks..

I have a rockin' 4 day a week lifting schedule which leaves room for yoga 1-2x a week. I want to take this opportunity to finally get where I want to be. Even through the holidays. I want to prove that holiday diets can work if you really set your mind to it.

In 2010, I've managed to lose, to date, 53 lbs. And its not even about losing more weight. I just really want to tone up and get my body in optimal shape. And there are two things I am toying with in 2011:
-Bikram Yoga Teacher Training
-An amateur figure competition

Both of which, I really prefer to be a lot more in shape for. Not that I'm not in shape, but I'd really like to trim off some body fat and gain some muscle. I'd have to for a figure competition but I'd want to for training. Once a day yoga is already pretty difficult.

So, here's the deal. :) This weekend I plan to take pictures for my befores. I'll blog probably bi-weekly on my progress to keep me motivated!

And just for fun:
Christmas 2009
Thanksgiving 2010

This girl is about to make a hard body harder.