Wednesday, December 22, 2010

No One Gets It.

Just last night, after doing my P90X (which was Polymetrics and an awesome burn)... I was sitting in a bath and talking to Handsome. And it occurred to me...

Miss this feeling :(
Last summer, my favorite moment of the day was after yoga, walking home, drinking a LARGE coconut water

Feeling the oil seep out of my pores because yoga had completely flushed them out. Feeling my lips so dry because they've had salt on them for the last 90 minutes. Feeling sweat run down my neck because my hair was still holding tons of it.

I miss how my skin used to glow for days afterward. Even if I go to yoga now, I don't even get close to that.

I miss what yoga used to be to me... MORE than just the best workout of my whole life. My body feels tired and flat. I used to feel toned and worked. I may consider driving the 2.5 hours to the Tri-Cities or doing yoga in a steam room at the gym just to get the same effects.

Can anyone tell I'm tired and am feeling depressed from missing Bikram?! There is no remedy at this moment. Just great desire.

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