Monday, December 20, 2010

Week 1: Overall

I was feeling rather proud of myself.
Until I got my body fat taken.
I've plateaued for 6 weeks at 24.7%.

And this took a lot of concentration.

Not cool.

My only idea is to do something drastic. I know P90x is a program many don't finish, and many look at it as sort of... cookie cutter. Well, I'm willing to do anything different at this point.

And when have I ever completed a challenge? P90x... here I come.


  1. Oh, Lacey, plateauing is the worst! It's so hard to accept but it is just a number. You can do the P90X! I've never tried it but I've heard it's tough and if you can do Bikram yoga... well there's no contest! I was just lamenting the fact that my numbers haven't changed in ages. I was going to ask you for your email and maybe get some tips from you about how I can kick up the notch a little once my competition is over.

  2. Hang in there lady. Plateauing is the absolute, most frustrating thing ever (especially when you feel like you're killing yourself with diet and exercise). Hang in there though; I know you'll get there!

    I know you're training yourself again, but have you thought about adding a trainer back in?

  3. Thanks Lady J! I know it is just a number, however, I was or am training for a figure competition and I would literally need to bring down my body fat to compete.
    Thanks Ash, I know you understand better than anyone. As far as the trainer goes, well, I can't really afford a trainer at this point. Buying a house really drains the finances at first. :|
    I've had a trainer look over my diet, and it isn't that. My diet has been en Pointe. Its the workouts. I think I'm going to struggle through P90x for now. I'm not struggling to the point of skipping workouts at this point, just need to struggle past the barrier between my mind and body. :(