Friday, December 17, 2010

Week 1: Day 4 & Body Fat Test

I just want to point out that there is no better feeling than a workout you finish when you were contemplating not even going to the gym.

I almost skipped this. After work I got in my car and seriously contemplated just driving home. I had to keep telling myself "Just get there. Just get yourself to the gym."
Once I got to the gym, it was a mental struggle through the whole workout. Kept wanting to skip a set or skip a run but battled my mind all the way through it.

Feeling proud after that last set of running!
Day 4 workout: (Legs & Glutes)
1st Set: superset-Dumbell Reverse Lunge (55 lbs-12 reps) & Decline Leg Curl (30 lbs-12 reps)
2nd Set: superset-Goblet squat (40 lbs-12 reps) & Assisted Dumbell Lunge (60 lbs-10 reps)
3rd Set: superset-Good morning (50 lbs-12 reps) & Bulgarian Split Squat (60 lbs-12 reps)
4th Set: superset-Machine Leg Press (250 lbs-12 reps) & Calf Raise (250 lbs-12 reps)
5th Set: superset-Barbell Hack Squat (30 lbs-12 reps)
Complete each set 3x with 1 min running in between each.

Body Fat test! I have to admit... I was rather excited to see my progress:
1/26/10 - 35.2%
2/16/10 - 33.4%
3/9/10 - 32.3%
4/8/10 - 29.3%
8/11/10 - 26%
9/29/10 - 28%
10/28/10 - 24.7%
12/16/10 - 24.9% ... Seeing a plateau. I'm considering just doing something new... I've lifted for almost a full week... I think I might start P90X just to shake things up for the next couple of weeks.

And just because I'm feeling rather proud:
I wore this to a Christmas Party the other day... I'm feeling proud of my calves. They've never looked so toned and slim. Good job gals. ;)

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