Tuesday, December 28, 2010

P90x: Fail.

My biggest beef with P90x is that I do it at home. Part of why I love going to the gym is exactly that, I go to the gym. I'm not distracted with all the things in my home that I need to do.

"I'll just start that load of dishes and THEN start my dvd." -typical words out of my mouth.
"I'll just throw some laundry in the wash and THEN throw in the dvd..." -Also very ordinary words for me.

Well, it turns out that I'm not good at doing my workouts at home. And not because I can't, but because the ADD in me just can't handle the distractions. Also, it is very loud in our apartment. I mean, we're on the top floor with wooden floors... jumping around is very loud, it also shakes everything, and there isn't a lot of room. I feel that I may be able to handle this when we move into our house. The living room is HUGE and I won't have to worry about disturbing our neighbors.

The reality is that, I can't really start it right now. FRIG! I'm so very discouraged at not being able to follow through with my goals. At the beginning of 2010, my resolution was to hit 120 lbs. Which I have done, and the sense of accomplishment has since become an aphrodisiac.. Also, I got sick. Again. 

In 2011, what can my goals really be? I've been told when creating resolution that one should choose things they truly want. What do I want? Hmm.
-I'd love to get out of debt, or at least get done with my small debts and work on student loans.
-Get down to 14-16% body fat permanently.
-Complete a 30 day Bikram Challenge.
-Compete in a figure competition.

I'm one of those people who can't focus on too much at one time. Especially because three of those goals are long term.

So I am going to focus on the first two for now. So, I have a new workout... Again. lol to start on next week. Since I'm sick, again, I will just do cardio at the gym once I start feeling better.

I don't know how end this really. I mean, how many challenges have I promised myself and not followed through with?? It seems like hundreds. But I do have to keep giving myself props for doing the major one... Losing that much weight is a major feat. And has honestly changed my life. Given me strength to tackle my other weaknesses.

Inspiration of the day:
Sonia Gonzales: IFBB Bikini Pro
The reason I love her so much, she is only 5'1" and she was a Figure Pro turned Bikini Pro. Which is incredibly difficult to do. This may not be understandable for most people, but think about your own goals... Physical or artistic or career. Now, imagine if that goal would determine what you ate, drank, your schedule, your sleep schedule for months and months out of your life. She has done this... TWICE! She once changed her body to bulk up and then she had chiseled off muscle, that kind of determination is fierce. What a beautiful woman inside and out. And that is what I love about what I am choosing to do with my body.


  1. Wow Lacey,

    I just posted in MFH in KDbaker's journal about BF and her not being happy with her 18%. Why on earth would you want your's to be so low permanently? Do you know what it will take from you to do that? This is a very difficult goal you are setting for yourself. Don't remember but I think you wrote already on MFH about your current BF. But the 14% is I think way to low for permanently. Mine got taken in sept and was 23.9 and I'll have it taken soon and I will be so happy if I'm at 21. I like eating healthy but not to the point that I will not be able to enjoy any of the bad food ever.

    Are you setting your goalt to high???

  2. That is a good question. However, I am very small, and for me... 1% is close to 1 lb of body fat. And when I compare to serious competitors, that is honestly what they are at during the off season... They only gain about 5% for off season. Its true that I may need to reevaluate my goals, but even at 24.7%, I feel big. More than just numbers, its the feeling. :(
    Honestly, its probably more the fact that I've plateaued. I'm just tired of my body fat not going anywhere. Okay.. haha... I think I can be happy with 15-16% but I'm just not sure how easy it is going to be for me to take off the body fat during contest season since this will be my first.

  3. I can understand how your feel. I've lost so much already but I sometimes feel unhappy with where I am. I am afraid to have my BF taken again cause maybe nothing changed. I don't know really. I would love to get it down to 19 it would be so nice. But what I wonder is how much effort it will take on my part to reach this especially food wise. I not sure I'll be able to do it. It's freaking hard and I get sometimes discouraged. But when I look in the mirror I feel like for a 41 years old I ain't so bad looking... Awwww why is it so hard being healthy and not cheating...

  4. OMG really?! I thought you were maybe 30. Maybe. You look INCREDIBLE!
    Idk... I'm just getting a righteous anger for this. ;) I think the more I let it make me mad, the more I'll be mad enough to hold onto my zeal.
    I think I'm going to change it up with a few things... New workout, trying a new protein powder flavor (or two) and going on creatine... I think making this whole thing feel new at the new year, will be a great way to do this. It is how I did it last time. :)

  5. Yeah I have an almost 17 in a couple of months...

    Doesn't creatine retain some water? That's why I don't incorporate it in my diet but I do use Casein before bed.

    For your protein do you use Whey Isolate? If not you should. I can give you reason to why if you want. Just let me know.

    Don't get angry, anger and stress will keep your body for moving forward...

  6. Righteous anger. :) Just a fierce determination.
    Yes, I do take whey daily.

    Creatine does retain some water, however, it also has the ability to help gain up to 4 lbs in 4-6 weeks for women. And I just want to gain a few more in muscle. So I would only do that time period. Once you stop it, it is easy to drop the water weight.

  7. When I asked about the protein I was basically asking if it's the ISOLATE you use. Protein is all whey but Isolate is different.

    But about the creatine of course you will gain but not muscle only water filling your muscles. Retaining water is not really so good cause the water retaining also retains the toxins that your body should eleminate and you can also get some serious cramps out of nowhere.... That's why I don't like or use it.

    Do you use any fat burners?

  8. There is a lot of controversial stuff said in all these posts, creatine can work when used in conjunction with the right training and diet but does force you to retain some water as well. All protein is not whey- some is soy, some is egg, etc.-but yes whey isolate is a much better quality. I think the difference that it comes down to is what your goals are. Being just a healthy individual or a competitor. They are two very different things! Competitor's are not necessarily healthy/balanced. The things that they do to their bodies can have some serious long term side effects. I think 14-16% is reasonable-but you have to have patience. I didn't get to 16-17% maintenance overnight (which is why they 18% is high for me). It took me many years. I still enjoy "bad" food occasionally but I do try to keep it clean most of the time and that doesn't mean I don't eat well. I LOVE food and I experiment a lot and try so many different things. My friends refer to my as a foodie. Sorry about the rant. Keep at it girl you WILL hit your goals and remember they ARE YOUR GOALS. Who cares what other people think.

  9. KD,

    You are absolutely right about the protein, I was not thinking about the soy or egg whe I wrote the post.

    I am not telling Lacey not tu use creatine just saying how I feel about it and the bad side there is about it. She will not gain 4lb of muscles from it in 4-6 weeks, most of it will be water, do you agree on this?

    Don't be sorry for ranting everyones imput counts.

    What kind of diet did you have to follow to get your % so low?

  10. I'm not offended by any means, I've just done a lot of research and got many opinions. The opinions that many people give (women specifically) on creatine are generally based on taking the recommended dosage on a creatine bottle, which are based on a dosage for a man. I've read that taking the recommended dosage for a woman can severely reduce bloating. I've also read that water in the muscles can be good for recovery... which is why it helps with muscle gain. But I also plan to supplement in some yoga to help flush out toxins from my muscles. I'll just see how I feel about it when I'm on. :) 4-6 weeks is not a long period of time... Which if I seriously cannot put up with the side effects, I can always stop. :)
    Here is the article that won me over:

    As far as my whey... I just checked and I don't think it is an isolate. It doesn't say that on the packaging... Looks like I'll be finding a new protein! I'm actually excited about this... I'm tired of my protein anyway.

  11. I'll go and check out the creatine article. And you are absolutely right that you can stop.

    I recommend that you use Isolate. Here is a portion of what I had written on MFH about it in the following journal ( OT: Just wanna gab! - Gas??)

    Whey is not a filtrated protein so it is full of things that is hard for the liver to digest. and it will take longer to process so you loose a lot of the benefit of the protein as I will be redirected toward your intestine...

    The more reason tu use the Whey Isolate as it will be absorb and digested faster by your body (within 20 min) and all go toward muscle repair.

    Yeah Isolate is more expensive but it's better for your body.

    In the end if you take 30g of isolate you body will practically use it all. Just the whey same 30g you body will maybe use about 10g of it and you will fart the rest as the 20g is going to your intestine instead of your muscle.

  12. Oooh! Thanks for this! I can't wait to buy something new. :D

  13. No problem Lacey. I've read about the creatine but I'm still not sold on it. Thanks for the article it was very interesting.

  14. It depends on the person too because creatine doesn't cause me to bloat and I don't mind the little bit of water weight.

    I eat often and try to make smart choices. I hydrate very very well (maybe why I don't retain as much water) and am always looking for ways to improve my nutrition intake. I try to make sure I stay balanced with my protein, carbs and fat. I wish I could say there was something specific I do, but since I've made all these changes over a period of 10 years, I think it's just the constant progression. Plus it doesn't hurt that when it comes to nutrition in my house I'm the boss and the DH just does what I do (in larger amounts).

    I guess I'm kind of a supplement whore, if I research it and feel good about it-I'll give it a try. But my body is always the boss as to whether or not I will continue with it.

    Principle of idividual differences-what works for one person may not work for another.

  15. Thanks for your feed back KD, I really do appreciate ;-)