Monday, December 13, 2010

Week 1: Weekly Plan & Day 1

Good morning!

And here we go! I've decided to do a 12 week transformation challenge. 12 weeks is a GOOD amount of time to pump out what I want to accomplish... but is it enough time to get me where I need to be to compete? We'll see! As time goes on I will continue to post my results, photos, decisions, diet, supplements, and increases in workout routine.

Week 1 Schedule: December 13th-December 19th
(This is likely to stay as my workout schedule throughout the 12 weeks. But will switch which exercises after 4 weeks)
Monday-PM-HIIT-Abs & Back w/20 mins elliptical for cardio
Tuesday-AM-45 mins elliptical cardio
     PM-HIIT-Triceps & Chest
Wednesday-AM-45 mins elliptical cardio
    PM-HIIT-Abs & Shoulders
Thursday-AM-45 mins elliptical cardio
    PM-HIIT-Legs & Glutes
Friday-HIIT-Abs & Biceps
Saturday & Sunday-Rest

If you don't know what an HIIT is, it means High Intensity Interval Training. Basically it is where you do a set of heavy weights and then go run for a minute to get your heart rate up... Great for fat burning and building muscle at the same time.

Day 1:
Today's workout: (back & abs... This will remain as my day 1 for each week for the next 4 weeks)
1st set: superset-barbell bent-over row (60 lbs-12 reps) & zercher squat (60 lbs- reps)
2nd set: superset- dead lift (50 lbs-12 reps) & barbell side bend (50 lbs-12 reps)
3rd set: superset-dumbell bent-over row (25 lbs-12 reps) & incline y raise (10 lbs-12 reps)
4th set: superset-Lat pulldown (70 lbs-12 reps) & cable standing close row (100 lbs-12 reps)
5th set: superset-Cable close grip pulldown (70 lbs-8 reps) & cable straight arm pull-down (50 lbs-12 reps)
6th set: superset-Swiss-ball oblique back extension (no weight, 20 reps) & bosu Russian twist (12 lbs-10 reps)
Repeat all 3x with 1 min running between each set. Damn good workout! It will be time to up some more weight on each next week!
Workout was awesome. I upped my weight and am starting to lift really heavy. Its probably time to get some lifting gloves as these heavy rows can develop some serious calluses.
Diet was perfect for today. It does get easier as you lose your sugar addiction.... Which I will post about later. I'm keeping carbs low today as my carbs were pretty high over the weekend. However, I do not condone "punish eating." EVER. If you eat bad early in the day or yesterday, NEVER skimp out on your eating later. More on this will be covered on my diet post later this week.

Bonus! I also happened to apply for a training scholarship (I know that sounds weird) with Nicole Wilkins Lee, my idol as she is just as strong as she is sexy, who was Ms. Figure Olympia 2009!!! She emailed me personally and asked if I would be interested in her online training for free! YAY!!! So, hopefully with her guidance and help my body will become what I want! :)

With Nicole's help, I feel like the Figure competition is feasible. She's my same age, and there is no reason I can't do the same! If you go to her website (click here), you can even see how she has helped people change! Her client success stories are incredible... Hopefully I can be one!


  1. You rock lady! You're going to be competing in no time!!!