Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Week 1: Day 3 & Supplements

Today's workout: (Abs & Shoulders)
1st set: Arnold Press (15 lbs-12 reps) & Incline Reverse Crunch (tried to make it to 20 on each set)
2nd set: Scaption (10 lbs-12 reps) & Bosu Side Bridge (10 each side)
3rd set: Rear Lateral Raise (12 lbs-12 reps) & Decline Twisting Ab Crunch (12 lb Medicine ball-12 reps each side)
4th set: Incline Shoulder Rotation (10 lbs-12 reps) & Hanging Leg Raise (10 reps)
5th set: Bar Upright Row (40 lbs-12 reps) & Kneeling twisting cable crunch (80 lbs-12 reps)
Repeat each 3x with 1 min running in between

Shoulders are a ROUGH day for me! My shoulders are a pretty weak body part. But I'll get there! :)

Supplements. This is always a funny subject for people. I don't recommend everything I take for everyone. But I take everything I do, on purpose.
I take 2 multi-vitamins a day, these are for active women. Also, 3 fish oils (as oils help you synthesize proteins), iron (because I tend to be on the anemic side especially as an extremely active woman), 3 glucoasmine (this is for joints... it helps your joints resynthesize cartilege... I have creaky knees and back), Vitamin C (duh), Vitamin-D & Calcium (because I'm a growing girl), and... Vitamin E.
Vitamin E, which not everyone knows, helps protect your body against free radicals. It is also important in the formation of red blood cells (which helps with muscle recovery) and helps the body use Vitamin K. The reason I take this as a supplement is because it tends to be high in foods I can't eat a lot of... Like corn, wheat and olives.
I also take a supplement before and after my workouts called Essential Electrolytes. This helps the body balance all of the vitamins and minerals it has for optimum performance. I used to get really bad side stitches before and after yoga and this has always helped... So why not take it when lifting also?!

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