Friday, December 10, 2010

What Does A Hardbody Do?

Yes, I leave the gym while its still dark and realize that I've been there twice between work yesterday and today. YES, I eat egg whites cold. Yes, I hide chocolate from myself. Yes, I am a hard body.

So, you ask, what does a hard body do when the car is stuck in the snow and I can't get to yoga or the gym?

RUN. Run to work in the snow. And run home.

These treads rock! They're like Chains! For your shoes!
The other day, I attempted some hardbody bravery. Running in the cold is hard work! So... I ran to yoga, which is kinda far. And in the snow. Its a few miles through our downtown area... Lots of dodging cars. But luckily those treads helped me not slip when I had to stop suddenly.

As I tend to be someone who thrives on making and meeting goals, and given that I'm not able to find a sense of meditation in yoga right now I figured that this would be a good time to put myself through another focused training set for a few weeks..

I have a rockin' 4 day a week lifting schedule which leaves room for yoga 1-2x a week. I want to take this opportunity to finally get where I want to be. Even through the holidays. I want to prove that holiday diets can work if you really set your mind to it.

In 2010, I've managed to lose, to date, 53 lbs. And its not even about losing more weight. I just really want to tone up and get my body in optimal shape. And there are two things I am toying with in 2011:
-Bikram Yoga Teacher Training
-An amateur figure competition

Both of which, I really prefer to be a lot more in shape for. Not that I'm not in shape, but I'd really like to trim off some body fat and gain some muscle. I'd have to for a figure competition but I'd want to for training. Once a day yoga is already pretty difficult.

So, here's the deal. :) This weekend I plan to take pictures for my befores. I'll blog probably bi-weekly on my progress to keep me motivated!

And just for fun:
Christmas 2009
Thanksgiving 2010

This girl is about to make a hard body harder.


  1. Good for you, Lacey! Schedules are so important to me too and I love to follow them. You should see my calendar for my yoga in the next few weeks!
    You look lovely and happy:)

  2. This is awesome! You are doing so well and I love it! And, a figure competition?! That is freakin' rad! Are you starting a competition diet soon? Keep me posted because in all honesty, I'd love to get there too.

  3. Thanks Lady J!!

    Hey Ash! I'm not going to start a competition diet just yet. The trim down diet won't start until probably 6 weeks prior. However! :) I am going to post exactly what my diet consists of during this push, which will be carb cycling every other week.
    Ps-We never hang out. :(