Thursday, March 27, 2014

Trying Not to be a Mad Blogger

Good news (sarcasm)... I had this whole nice big, long, beautiful blog written out and pregnant me, I accidentally published it without adding the photo I wanted... Edited it... and boom. Blog gone. Pfft.
33 Weeks at the day of Chloe's shower - Driving is becoming an issue
Aaaaannd, I'm not going to re-do it. Haha.. I've been wanting to blog and write more but am pretty sure every blog would basically just say "I'm really uncomfortable and REALLY ready to have a baby."
So, to spare you of pure complaining, I would just like to take a moment and compare pregnancy to contest prep. That way my complaining is at least semi-entertaining ;)

1. You're too tired for anything other than what you need to do. At any moment, you really could catch a nap in your car.
2. Basically just counting down the weeks until D-Day, and you could name off how many days you have left.
3. Constantly feeling sick and depleted.
4. My body hurts all the time.
5. I'm really focused on my water and meals.
6. I bide my time waiting to lose weight.
7. I'm hangry all the time.
8. I have trouble getting down my meals (in fact, this salad I'm eating has taken me an hour to get down 5 bites).
9. You're hungry in the middle of the night. In fact, your hunger pangs wake you.
10. You have to pee ALL the time.
11. The biggest changes to your physique happen in the last two weeks.
12. Everyone thinks they owe you the input on your body/eating habits/sleeping habits.

I'm sure there are plenty more, but these are what go through my head all the time. And, before you go thinking that I'm really obsessed with wanting to be small again or concerned with the number on the scale, the reality is that the weight throws my posture off which has become incredibly painful. I still do yoga at home but absolutely nothing relieves the pain of muscle spasms like losing weight and correcting my posture.

Although it sounds pretty miserable, and it can be, I am the happiest girl in the world. Mr. Bang has MORE than stepped up to the plate in helping me do everything around the house - I should start calling him Mr. Wonderful. There are days where I come home from work, and he has the house clean, a fire going, and dinner in the crockpot - a pregnant lady could never ask for more!

While I am certainly ready to have little Chloe, I spend my time knowing that I am the only one that can hold her right now. I feel her kicks and jabs and know that these are the last days I will ever feel those. At this point, we plan on Chloe being our only little one so I truly do savor those moments when I feel her turn over, or have the hiccups, or move when I've poked her one to many times. :) Sigh, I'm getting all teary over this!

So, with that... I'm leaving you with a few pictures. :) The nursery is mostly done; we're missing the door to her room, which we're still in search of the perfect one and the mattress to her crib.
Here's where we're at currently - I have a couple more finishing touches to add and some of this will obviously be out of here (like the carseat) pretty soon. All of her clothes have been washed and put away. :)
Andy LOOOVES Chloe's room.

The light we chose for her room - I wasn't sure about it at first but I love the pattern it creates on the ceiling. So fun for a little girl!

The glider to the right of the door - Now there is a large basket covering that heater containing blankets, burp cloths, etc.
Such a beautiful atmosphere for a nursery
34 Weeks on my 30th birthday -
Big baby in there! I do wear stripes to make her look huge though. I'll do a better update in the next couple of weeks - Because lord knows we might only have a couple of weeks left! I have my last ultrasound tomorrow! :)