Thursday, March 10, 2011

This Changes Everything

Did anyone ever watch this show? I used to LOVE it!
With a trainer, you have two brains working on your goals and you're just not as alone in the quest.

My dad said something in early January that really got my brain going and it was something along the lines of "...I know you want this perfect body..." (I'm sure it was when I was sick and he was giving his "take care of yourself" advice, which is always welcome! Love you dad!). It isn't that I want the perfect body, but I want MY perfect body. I want to take my body to the peak of what it is capable of. And to be quite honest, I could not do that all by myself. It is a lonely journey and a difficult one. I had plenty of motivators but no one that really understood and could sympathize or empathize with my situation but there are definitely TONS of nay-sayers out there that are always trying to discourage my diet or training routine.

And now, I have a trainer who can do all of the above and push me beyond what I think I'm capable of.

Diet has changed. And I'm excited to eat guiltless carbs! I'm moving into this phase of my training that is all about endurance and conditioning. Even in my lifting, my sets and reps and timing are all about endurance. My body is going to be needing those carbs to burn. But there is no reason that it will stop dropping fat. I was honest when I told Trainer that ideally I'd like to lose 8% bf by May 1st. Then go back into hypertrophy for May and June... And possibly start cutting and cleanse for the July show I've been keeping my eye on in Seattle. And if not, definitely a 30 day yoga challenge. Anyway, 8% is totes do-able... And I have a lot to work on! I've never felt more excited to train, work hard, and all the goals to accomplish in 2011.

My energy was up almost all day... I even texted Trainer and said "You better be ready to bring it today! Because I'm ready to work!" I got to my appt a little early so I could catch a few minutes on the tread to warm up. I wanted to jump into my session with full force and not waste my training time with a warm up. And holy cow did she bring it! All focused on fast twitch muscle movements. Box jumps (on a higher platform than I'm used to!), cone drills, box runs, plank pot stirrers, punching bag tossing, leg lifts, rowing, pullups, medicine ball tosses, and tons and tons of ladder drills (I plan on doing this again over the weekend and will post the exact workout at that time). I slept like a baby... Was in bed asleep at 8 and didn't get out of bed until 545. That is serious business for me!

Diet: 1548 Calories, 91g Protein, 182g Carb, 49g Fat with a total of 104 oz water.

It is undoubted that I now have my focus and motivation back. I feel like I used to when I first started losing weight! Happy day!


  1. yay! That's great, I'm happy you found your mojo again =)

  2. At the risk of looking like a stalker I'm leaving yet another comment. :) I love reading these posts! So inspiring. And very brave of you to put your goals out there for the world to read - and hold you accountable to :)