Monday, March 14, 2011

All Forgetsy

Today I'm all forgetsy. I forgot all my supplements. I forgot my phone. I forgot my workout bag. I forgot my workout journal. (Unfortunate by product of TOM)

Anyway, I had a very up and down weekend, TOM was on his way and is now residing in my home... So, that whole emotional preparedness was going on. My eats were good one day, not so good the next. I get bad bad urges, I call her "Helpless Housewife" because she knows not what she does. She's the emotional eater inside of me that craves home food... Like cookies. And she made cookies this week, oh did she ever make cookies. Made both chocolate chip & peacan and white chocolate chip & macadamia nut.

The only workouts I did this weekend were:
Cleaning out the shed (this counts for something! It was A LOT of work! And we live on property so any time you're cleaning out and want to move something to another place, it requires carrying things a long way... I did a few farmers walks).
And my pushup challenge.
This pushup challenge is literally amazing. Every time you up your total pushups and up your max. On Friday, I totaled 103 pushups and maxxed at 28 pushups. Yesterday, I totaled 128 pushups and I maxxed 35 pushups with Handsome cheering me on! It was awesome having him to count them out. :)

This week is going to be a different pace for me. And I'm excited about it. I'm really missing yoga, btw. I can't wait until our financial situation mellows out a little so I can get my booty back to class!
This week, I'm doing all cardio in the morning and only doing at night. I'm getting burnt out from the gym... I'm an Aries and have a short attention span! Plus! I just love so many different things!


  1. Wow - no weights? You are a brave woman! I would have a hard time with that.

    Those cookies sound delicious, especially the white chocolate macadamia nut!

    I was just thinking yesterday when I was carrying home the groceries (which were quite heavy!) that I should all them the "Grocery Farmer Walks". My apartment is quite far from the parking garage!

  2. I know, but I just need something different! I'm getting bored and just need some high intensity conditioning stuff! :) I'll be back at those weights next week. Plus, body weight exercises do feel awesome!

  3. You have to enjoy the workouts and the switch up with your body will be good- throw it for a loop =) Sounds fun too! MMMMMM, cookies. I'm ridiculously jealous and can't wait to make them again! =)

  4. Aries here too...short attention span and lots of interest. Have fun!

  5. Haha! Yessss! And you've been loving BodyRock, too! I'm sure it will satisfy. :)

  6. mouth is full of saliva...those cookies need to get in my belly!!! :)