Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Not me...

I feel like I should feel more excited about things, but I'm just not. Having a really hard time battling through this loss of motivation... The only things I look forward to during the day are.. Wait! Time for another round of......

Quick List of Reasons to Be Alive:
1-Steam room at the end of it
2-Going home to my most favorite handsomesexywonderfulsweetstrongBUILT man
3-Casein crepe w/almond butter before bed. Who doesn't LOVE going to bed full when you've been hungry ALL day?!
4-Being able to know on the inside that I had yet another perfect (eats, water, sups, & workouts) day

Okay, I'm working on my mental status. It is hard, but I'm working on it. I'm trying to create my positive outlook that will keep me going through my days. Bringing me just another day closer to my goals.

500 am: 45 mins of stairmill with 2 mins of running
330 pm: 10 mins treadmill (okay, this *might* be just a warm up... but I gotta give myself credit where credit is due and doing just that makes me feel proud of myself)
Weights: Abs, Arms & Shoulders
Standing biceps Curl: 3@ 30x10, 7@ 20x10 (Remember: I'm working on muscle endurance)
Barbell Behind Neck Press: 3@ 30x10, 7@20x10
Bench Dip: 10 sets of 10 reps
Rear Lateral Raise: 2@ 10x10, 8@ 8x10
And my lovely pyramid @ 60 lbs assisted (wide grip)
36 pullups, 72 pushups, and 108 Bench Leg Raises

2 rowing tabatas :) And finished it off with 20 mins of steam room yoga to give my muscleys some lovin! (Ps... my biceps and traps are really sore today)

Eats... Pretty dead on:
7: 1c oatmeal, 2 egg whites + 1 egg, a clementine & coffee
10: 2 c lettuce, 1 tbsp fat free balsamic vinegarette dressing, & 3 oz chicken
1: 3 oz chicken, 1/2 c brown rice & green tea
5: 2 scps whey isolate & rice cake
730: 2 casein crepes w/2 tbsp almond butter (alright, this happened because my turkey chilli didn't turn out and I was getting to that point where I was too tired to cook and was therefore no longer hungry. And paid for it with lack of calories.)
Total: 1285 Calories, 150g Protein, 79g Carb, 41g Fat along with 104 oz water.

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