Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Foot Supination

I knew something was going on. For YEARS my knees have creaked. Literally, it sounds like you're rubbing rocks together when I bend my knees.

And not only that, but since I have started trying to run again my knees get pains when I'm not running, creaking, very sore on the bottoms of my feet (noticed this a lot when I began doing plyos consistently- was called Plantar Fasciitis by the doc), shin splints, and pains in my ankles. And I can't even tell you how many times I've sprained my ankles by rolling them out caused by this.

 SO, it turns out I have foot over-supination. Luckily, I noticed it early and it isn't advanced at all.

And also luckily, it is fixable. Since I noticed my feet doing this I have tried to do everything differently... Walk on a different part of my foot, run differently but more than anything just not turn my feet out. He said Orthotics would be a last resort, but I should try to just be conscious of my feet and change a few things.

Changes will be made to the following all on doctor recommendation:
  • No more leg extensions: Apparently, the leg extension machine (for a shorty) only has a tendency to shove your knee cap up. Good riddance, I like squats better anyway.
  • Can't walk barefoot much: I usually don't anyway.. We have tile floors in our country home and I'm most often in my Uggs.
  • Hamstring Stretching: TO MY YOGIS - PROOF YOGA HEALS: Doctor said that stretching my hamstrings will eventually pull my patella back into place! Hello yoga! :)
  • New Training Shoes: YES!!
  • Only running 2-3x a week: This just means slower running progress. Oh well. :| Was also told I shouldn't do Bloomsday as I wouldn't have time to train for it (Sorry dad! We'll talk!)
  • Toe Curls: LOL! This literally made me laugh, I've gotta do weight lifting for my toes... sort of. Building up my foot muscles apparently will help with the fasciitis and help with my running endurance when I do run.

What challenges do you battle in your quest for health?


  1. Too cute, toe curls. Thanks for the info.

  2. Hey there - I live in Holland and here we have a kind of posture-therapy called Cesar. I had a similar problem and tried to correct it by putting my foot down differently, but as it turned out, the problem came from how I hold my pelvis when walking. If you still notice the pain in a couple of months, maybe see if a sports physiotherapist can do a gait analysis for you! Good luck with it all, it's quite a challenge to learn to walk again!