Friday, April 1, 2011

The Pinnacle

I doubt if anyone (besides my sister) can recall, when I first began my weight loss "project" I had one reward in mind and I was dying to own them.

I would look at them all day online, even add some to my online cart... And yet could never buy. You see, my calves were and are large. I gain weight first in my calves and lose it last in my calves, which are also just very naturally muscular. So I would try on pair after pair and the zippers would just never go all the way up.... That is, until today.
Thanks to my sister, who gave me a DSW gift card for my birthday, she is WANTED for aiding and abetting a known boot lover and could serve a term of up to ENDLESS HUGS.

I feel like a pirate in these... However! The flap also goes over the knee for a HOT knee high look...
And what's a little pirate without a little BOOTAY?! -Gosh, thanks plyos! ;) -

Happy weekend friends & yogis. I'm going to the casino in these tonight. ;)


  1. Happy for you that you could finally get them. They are very pretty!!!