Friday, April 29, 2011

"As part of a balanced diet..."

How often have you heard the phrase "... As part of a balanced diet." Perhaps from a commercial?

There does happen to be a reason for this saying. Seriously!


We all talk about balancing all of our activities in our lives but do we actually talk about balance in other areas of our lives. And even more, when do we actually live them?

We have reasons for eating the way we do. If you know your diet isn't good (i.e. too much sugar or alcohol or carbs), then perhaps your reason is shame or comfort or pain or because it is easier to not eat well. If your diet is good and your diet is clean, and if you don't under stand what that means please email me :), then maybe your reason is because you are training or are attempting to better your life.

I began to feel my life come into balance tonight. As part of a wise mind and heart, I eat the way I do to bring my body to its perfect balance. I eat to keep my body in balance. To function well and gain strength. To operate in peace. For the ability to move my body the way I ask it to, rigorous or not. And why not?! Why not make a logical choice about nutrition instead of attaching emotions to food?

Such as balance goes, I need to balance my mind and body equally. I often feel that I need to continually work on my mind as I continue into competitions. Constantly think about balance and invite it into my life.

Perfect peace and perfect balance.

Now, my boss is taking us out to lunch. Let's see if I can hold my balance in the face of temptation. :)


  1. I wish there was a "like" button like there is on Facebook :-p

  2. heeheeee,love this post!
    thank you for all your enouragement btw!

  3. "Not attaching emotions to food"--lovely! Thanks for putting it so perfectly.

  4. I am such an emotional eater. I want it to stop!!

  5. :) I am sure you did well at lunch.