Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Weight of Expectation

Just how I feel today.

That is all.

Oh wait!

Quick List of Reasons to Be Alive!
  1. I get to go home and snuggle my best friend, who never judges or belittles me.
  2. I get to go home and snuggle my furry babies, who also never judges or belittles me.
  3. Protein crepes with pb... and maybe a tsp of Nutella if I train hard!
  4. I get to train and take out my all frustrations and hurts.
  5. I get to stretch out my muscles in the steam room if I train hard.
  6. I only have 2 hours left at work.
The weight of expectations can be so great that even dragging yourself through a workout (which should be is my "me" time!) can be a chore. I am one of those people that happens to be very sensitive, I work on it. Handsome tells me I need to build a thicker shell, and with all the things I've experienced you'd think I would have by now. But the reality is that I have a very soft heart; I bruise as easily as I love. The reality is also that we all hurt each other, and forgiveness is a quality I continually learn.
I'm expecting to see waterworks during my training today, but as long as I get through it... I'm alright with letting the other regulars see me as a woman. lol!


  1. OH girl! im the say way when it comes to being a softie...i put up a huge front that im invincable,but deep down,i get my feelings hurt way too easily and take things personally too often.....
    i do hope a good workout clears your mind! maybe a good cry will help too!
    hang in there!!!!!!

  2. ME TOO! I'm way sensitive and I say I don't care what people think but I really do. I wish I didn't. =(