Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April Workout Playlist

About every month or so I get really sick of almost all of my workout music and I have an iTunes binge... Here is the current damage:

1. Raining Men by Rihanna & Nicki Minaj - No explanation necessary. This song rocks.

2. Blow by Ke$ha - This song just makes you want to PUSH that much harder into the workout.

3. Time is Running Out  by Muse - Reminds you that every workout is THE time to put in your work!

4. I Just Had Sex by The Lonely Island ft. Akon - Because it will lighten up your workout and make you laugh when you're too serious.

5. Awake and Alive by Skillet - This is a Christian band but man does it ever make you feel awake and alive while pushing yourself to the limit.

6. Massive Attack by Nicki Minaj - Attack those shoulders, girrrrrl! :)

7. Inside Out by Britney Spears - because its hot. :)

8. Feeling Good by Muse - This is a cover of a Nina Simone song, which I also love, but this song really makes you thankful for one more rep or one more step and one last push. Because this is what we do! :) Starts out slow, but moves into some awesome guitar... give it a chance!

9. Can't Touch This by MC Hammer - Why not?! :) I dare you to try and NOT dance to this!

10. Uprising by Muse - Puts you in warrior mode.


  1. Awesome list! #4) I love Andy Samberg (he was hilarious in Hot Rod).

    I'm horrible with remembering song names and artists so I usually just do Pandora. My memory is getting bad in my old age, lol.

  2. That song seriously makes me laugh during my workouts... definitely kicks my butt when I find I'm getting too serious about it. :)

  3. The Lonely Island is so frickin' funny! You can't help laughing when you hear their songs!!!

    Love the list!


  4. OH my gosh they are hilarious. I jizzed in my pants- I giggle every single time. =) Great songs, thanks for a few new ones for me!!