Wednesday, April 20, 2011

30 Day Yoga Challenge

If anyone can recall, one of my goals in 2011 was to complete a 30 day yoga challenge. And I'm doing the Bikram style yoga so it is always the same: 90 minutes of the same sequence of 26 yoga postures in a room at 105 degrees & 40% humidity. If you've never experienced a session of Bikram...

It freaking rocks.

What The???

I recommend it to anyone (which is why I'm going to be a teacher full-time [someday]). In May, I will complete 30 days straight of yoga. And actually, I'm starting a week from today, April 27th, so I end May 26th. It occurred to me that Memorial Day is coming and we'll probably head out of town; I think Handsome will appreciate that I decided to plan my fitness goals around our personal life for once, instead of the other way around. :)

Why Am I Doing This?!
  • I want to levitate. Not literally, emotionally. I'd like to balance myself and work out my insecurities before going into contest prep mid-July (see below). Yoga got me through a divorce, I'm positive it can strengthen my heart during this season of my life.
  • I plan on becoming a yoga teacher in the fall, and one must complete at least a 30 day challenge beforehand. PS-Teacher training includes 60 days of straight yoga and most days are 2 classes a day. :)
  • May is the only time I can fit it in before competing in October and beginning teacher training around the same time.
What is my plan of action regarding competing?????
  • Yes, I did make the decision to compete! :) I have decided on an October show as my first.
  • I plan to continue lifting in the mornings (M-F yoga classes will always be at 4, and Sat-Sun will always be at 930am), I plan to continue on creatine on my lifting days, and I plan on adjusting my diet slightly to intake some more protein so as to pro-actively ensure I do not lose any muscle mass during this time.
Am I afraid of anything regarding this???
  • Although I have been afraid in the past, I am making the decision to not be afraid and just do it.
  • I will, however, admit that I am afraid concerned on how this will affect my muscles. I've been working really hard for my muscle size and am concerned this may bring a stringy-lengthy look to my muscles. (If any figure competitor out there has any suggestions on what I can do to prevent this, please PLEASE tell me! :)
Where am I doing this at?
PS: I'd love friends to join me during this 30 days! If you've ever wanted to try it, please let me know so we can make plans to hot yoga it up during May!

Here's to strength, vitality, and beauty! Bring it on, yoga.


  1. I think this will be a great experience for you and could be considered your "cardio" for the day. Yoga is definately something I wish I had more time for and better at. Enjoy and keep us posted.

  2. Yoga is such a great compliment to weight training and I want to do it but I am so inflexible! I get so embarrassed in class. :) I will get over it though!!

    Are you working with a coach or someone to help you with your diet while you train for your comp? I didn't work with an expert until my very last minute for my show and I wish I had started way sooner. If you want some suggestions I can email you my coach's information. Let me know!

  3. Thanks guys!
    Donloree-My yoga teacher always says "Wherever you are today, is perfect." Don't be embarrassed! Just give it your full effort and you will reap the full benefits!

    I have been working with a trainer. Although, I'm not sure if I want to continue working with them as he's never trained a figure competitor before. I think I'll probably continue training with him through the October competition to just to see if maybe he does have it him. He does seem to understand where my skills lack: I'm a great lifter, not so much with strength & conditioning, so that has been my focus through April. :)