Thursday, March 17, 2011

"I don't believe in panicking"

Thank you, Charlie Sheen. Although it sounds like the corniest line, when you're stuck in a hot room you have to tell yourself such things to keep your body going. When its hot, and you feel anxiety coming over you for fear of passing out, this line works. Just, fyi.

Also, fyi, it also works when your man almost kills himself. I woke up to a phone call to come pick him up and this is what I drove up to at 430am:

This is hard to continue to talk about but I'm so so so thankful he is alive! I just found the love of my life, I'm not ready to lose him. He's even asked me over the last two days, what I would do if he had lost his life yesterday. Honestly: I probably would have broken down and moved in with my mom (as we're not married, I have no financial claim to our home) because I just wouldn't be able to function for a while. But between yesterday and today, Patrick has signed up for Accidental Death Home Insurance to pay off our home for me in the case of his death.
To start, apparently what happened was Handsome was on his way to work, probably driving a little faster than the speed limit. He came around a corner where it was rather icy when a deer popped out. He swerved to miss the deer but his truck fish-tailed and he over corrected then his wheel hit the edge of the road and flipped his truck a few times before landing upside down.

He walked away completely unscathed and unharmed in any way. Walking up to the wreckage I lost it, crying up and down becuase it is just so unbelieveable that he was able to walk away with his life after that.

So, to the actual point of my blog... LOL! This whole explanation was just to tell you that... I haven't worked out since Monday and haven't done any of my pushup challenge this week. I'm also having an issue with my knees, and I'm pretty sure I know what it is but to make a long explanation short: I'm going to see an orthopedist on the 28th and won't be running much until then. Eats haven't been completely out the door, have kept up on my water & supplements and have been able to ensure some balanced eating. :)

Take care of your loved ones, friends! Hold them tight because you never know when you may lose them.


  1. Wow...thank goodness he's okay! Never take anything for granted. Every minute is precious.

  2. I am so glad he is ok. You take care.

  3. oh wow! so glad he walked away with his life!!!
    his angels were watching over him!!!!
    just take care of yourself and hope the ortho visit goes well!!!

  4. So happy that your honey is ok!!


  5. Wow, I can't imagine walking up to that accident knowing my boyfriend had been in it. I am so glad that he is alright.