Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Warrior

Well, I took my own advice and hired a trainer. First appointment is today, which I've met with him before just to take body fat so at least our sit-down time will be minimal... I really need a "make me puke" workout. For my sanity! Okay, maybe I won't go crazy because I haven't had an exceedingly hard workout in a while... but I might go crazy because my willpower is dwindling and I need it back! Its true: I'm a workout junkie and need my fix.

Had a really laxed weekend so I fit in a few home workouts to get me by until I could find my keys and make it to the gym this morning!

On friday I did BodyRock's Survivor Workout:
Interval: 50 sec sprint, 10 sec rest
Backward Lunge Kick Up (L leg)
Backward Lunge Kick Up (R leg)
1 Arm Pres Up (alt arms)
2 kick ups & Breakdance Pushup
Pike Jump& Squat Jump
5 mins of 1 leg squat & jump tuck (alt legs)
Repeat part 1, took me a total of 16 mins.

Saturday's workout:
45 mins of P90x Plyo video & Ab Ripper

Sunday I repeated BodyRock's Marine Corps workout:
(20 sec sprint, 10 sec rest)
Sandbag sqt (R shoulder)
Plank jump pushup
Sandbag sqt (L shoulder)
Plank jump pushup
10 pendulums
roll over
Walking pushup
10 Elbow plank jumps
-Reverse Back-
Repeat 5x
Sandbag Mini Sqt (R Shoulder)
Supergirl Pushups
Sandbag Mini Sqt (L Shoulder)
Supergirl Pushups
(Repeat all 1x)

Since I am a person who thinks it is important to be truthful about where I'm at, not just for honesty sake but also because you can more accurately watch your body (yes, I need to justify it in my mind because I want it to be better...), my body fat was at 23.5% and my body weight at 125.0 lbs. I gained some fat, yes, but I also gained a 0.5 lb of muscle in the last weeks.

Starting today, I'm moving onto a 4 day split with also moving into a 5 day a week pyramid to hopefully explode my strength. Also moving into some different conditioning with working with my new trainer. The month of March is basically going to be Athletic Training to drop some body fat and refocus on my strength and endurance.

Here's to a new month and being an athlete! :)


  1. girl,you dont know how much i want to hire a PT sometimes!
    just to take the guess work out of it and have someone tell me what to do for a change instead of making myslef do the things/routines i make up....
    anyways,hope this jumpstarts your workouts and help you get your body to that next level!
    yay for the muscle .5lb btw!!!

  2. Yay!!! Nice to be able to afford a trainer. I don't know how often you will be using a week but If I'd have on here its 50/hr so it could easily ruin me...hihihi!!! I could spend 1000$ a month...outch

  3. I waited for a package deal was available. I'm only able to do one session a week but at least that's something! :)

  4. So cool, here I've never heard about packages of that kind.