Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow Day!

I had to shovel a path for the pups to get to the heated dog house through this
Yesterday I learned a hard lesson called "Being A Country Wife."

While the city got about 6-12" of snow Wednesday night, our home in the country got 14". Initially I thought my little Honda could take it and I figured I had to try so I could at least say I tried. That only got me as far as freezing my thumbs off and losing my keys in the snow. Meanwhile, puppy pooped in the house. Twice.

I definitely had to learn some things... Like chopping wood and building fires by myself. And I had to! Because if I want to be warm... Its what you have to do! :) Also got done a lot of random projects that I'd been wanting to tackle... Like our spare bedroom that was still full of boxes!

Yesterday was a home workout as I was SNOWED IN!
I've missed a couple days at the gym so this was my at-home workout yesterday (High carb day)... Not pushing to my max but at least I did it... I have a hard time workout out at home.
Ran the dogs in the snow for 15 mins
Stndng Bi Curl: 10@ 15x10
Skull Crusher: 10@ 15x10
Drag Curl: 4@ 10x10
Db row kickback: 4@ 10x10
Concentration Curl: 3@ 10x15
Bench Dip: 3@ 10x20
Db Overhead Squat: 2@ 60x8
Front Squat: 5@ 40x6
Db Dead Lift: 5@ 40x6
Db Snatch: 5@ 20x4 (have never done these before, the weight was kind of an experiment)
Also, HIIT Training, did BodyRock's Marine Corps Challenge:
(20 sec sprint, 10 sec rest)
Sandbag sqt (R shoulder)
Plank jump pushup
Sandbag sqt (L shoulder)
Plank jump pushup
10 pendulums
roll over
Walking pushup
10 Elbow plank jumps
-Reverse Back-
Sandbag Mini Sqt (R Shoulder)
Supergirl Pushups
Sandbag Mini Sqt (L Shoulder)
Supergirl Pushups
(Repeat all 1x)
Took me about 26 mins... Rock and Roll!


  1. 90% of success is showing up.

    And you keep showing up!

  2. agree with ann-marie here!
    GREAT groups of exercises there!
    i may steal some of these for my home workouts when i need them!
    hope the snow lets up some soon!

  3. That picture makes me grateful for living in AZ!!!

    Way to get that workout in despite being stuck indoors!