Friday, February 4, 2011

Always in Contest Prep

After making the decision not to compete in the Empire Classic, I was reading Erin Stern's blog regarding what her reply is when people ask her when her prep for the Arnold Classic begins, which is "Always."

At first, I was feeling very down about my decision. I want to compete, I love having a strong goal to shoot for, and I love how my body runs off of adrenaline during prep. But now, just simply isn't the time. I feel like a flake and disappointed. This might be the greatest disappointment I've felt in myself. But I suppose there would be no use for the disappointment if I continued to train. I do have athletic goals, like increasing strength and endurance... I know my weakness is calisthenics... Training to run with the Flying Irish this year (the 3rd largest running club in the world is in my home town!), and a 30 day yoga challenge.

So, I plan to train. And I plan on running and doing some yoga. :) A competition is in my future, just not the immediate future. There are two other competitions this year that are in the area: one in July (a pro qualifier, however) in Seattle and another here in Spokane in September. Either are more feasible but I have not decided. Handsome is trying to get me to do P90x with him, but the reality is that I enjoy the gym. And I plan to keep going but only working it around my family and self priorities.

I love my family and I love that they are all concerned. No one is making me do the competition and therefore, no one is making me quit. And in all actuality, I'm not quitting. Just putting on hold for now.

I may not be techinically in contest prep, but I am prepping for a contest. :) Amongst other things...

I'm a new mommy!

Say hello to Ezekiel Hammer. :)

We finally have a friend for our other Great Dane, Molly.

Hard to believe that one day Zeke will be quite a bit larger than Molly!

So, that's whats up this Friday. :)


  1. Don't stress about this and don't put so much presure on yourself Lacey. Things happens or not for a reason and we get through them one at a time.

    Adorable dogs you got there ;-)

  2. i agree,dont put so much stress on yourself!
    i do,however,know exactly how you feel about choosing a show at a later date than expected. its not a fun feeling,but it seems like you have a good handle on things when it comes to keeping athletic goals!
    you will definantly be staying in shape and "always in prep" as erin puts it!

    just hang in there and love on those pups! TOOOOO stinkin cute!

  3. I agree with those above me :)

    Also - the doggies are SO cute!