Wednesday, February 23, 2011

On the Brink of Going Nowhere

I felt in a rut, in my heart. And in my muscles. I used to relish in my athleticism and clean diet... Lately? I feel depressive about this and may consider a trainer to get me past this wall.

As part of my normal routine, I weighed myself on Tuesday... 126 lbs! Huge gain!

And then...

"DUH!" ... I'm back on creatine. Suddenly the weight gain and noticeable bloating made sense.

I've made a few changes to my routine. I'm leaving my workout journal at home these days, on my bedside table. I'm being forced throughout my day to now focus on what I have going on instead of trying to write it all down. For whatever reason, having the workout journal on me all the time was stressing me out. I think it was the feeling of a constant need to write in it?  Who knows. But! Pressure off.

Also back on normal creatine levels, plan to continue for the next 4 weeks. Man! I love that strong feeling in my workouts that creatine provides!

And I'm a runnin fool this week. One of my goals was to be able to run for 3 miles by my bday... And today I ran for about 2 miles, total of 20 minutes. I know I'm not fast (yet), but I am improving! And improvement is a path towards greatness! Reminds me, time for new training shoes!

Tuesday's wo:
10 mins running at 5.5 (that's about a 10 min pace)
And apparently I really worked it out on my chest because I am SORE!
Yesterday, I started my second full week of pyramids. Although my progress is slow, it is progress.. down to 60 lbs assisted.

Literally just two minutes ago I was explaining to a friend on why trainers are awesome. Most people use the excuse that a trainer is just too expensive but in this case the excuse was that a trainer will help you get past your own personal peak. The reality is that we all need a trainer (whether this be a gym trainer or just a friend who is exceptionally motivating!) for any phase of our fitness. We need someone to call us out on our bullshit. We all need someone to push us past our own breaking point. I will admit in the last week or two I've found myself just lacking. Pure and simple... Lacking. Lacking in motivation, drive, and GUMPTION! That being said, its time to hire a trainer. I'm making this much harder than it needs to be. Trainer time. That's like Hammer Time but with a Trainer. (PS- Put that on your workout playlist... you'll end up dancing)


  1. Well, speaking as a personal trainer I agree 100%! Yes, trainers do cost money, but talk to anyone who has had a good trainer and they'll tell you they're worth every penny. Plus, when you compare it against your insurance deductible and potential health problems, Dr. visits, etc. it's not really that much! Plus you get to look and feel great! People should consider trainers part of their health care:)

    What creatine are you using? I know a lot cause some bloating, but I use Beverly International's creatine and have never had any at all. I spoke to a rep for them before, and she told me that their creatine is designed more towards competitors, where in it shuttles water into the muscles and not subcutaneously.
    I competed at Team U this past year and took in 18-20 scoops of creatine from Thurs leading into Sat morning.....I ended up being one of the leanest girls in my class. You won't bloat;)

    Hope you get your mojo back soon!

  2. Hi Amanda! I'm currently on GNC's Creatine. I will definitely look into Beverly's once I run out of the current stuff! :)