Monday, February 7, 2011

Thrives on Progress

Shopping with a girlfriend on Friday, we both noticed that we both would immediately migrate towards workout clothes as many of you, I'm sure, have noticed it becomes a habit when you practically live in the gym. Much needed girl time, it was incredible to spend time with another woman who understands the lifestyle and lifting. Shopping felt incredible as I haven't in quite a while, and it was all workout clothes... And one jacket. Handsome keeps reminding me of a promise he made to me months ago, that when I hit my goal then he'd buy me $100 of new clothes and after he did again during the course of this weekend, it reminded me that I tend to never buy real clothes because I can't justify buying them if I'm not at my ideal body weight/body fat.

I keep getting questions from people on whether or not I backed out of the April competition because of him or because he was pushing me to. No. If anything, he helped me see beyond myself and what stress I am capable or incapable of handling at one time.

And who doesn't love progress? I do! And I thrive on that feeling of accomplishment and it is a stress reliever. In my quest to continue finding a way to feel accomplished in my fitness, I'd love some suggestions on little challenges I can give myself! Any and all suggestions are welcome!

Definitely going to try the 155 burpee challenge. And I'm stoked to work on some calisthenic type stuff at home. I'm doing P90x this week at home because the pup needs monitoring even though we did install a heat lamp into the dog house this weekend.

Zekey is doing really good, not quite sleeping through the night yet. But he definitely loves his big sister!

"It was the best of times. It was the worst of times." -Charles Dickens, he must have had a puppy.

Having a pup really is like having a child, but probably a little easier (I wouldn't know..). But I think the most important thing is to always put yourself first. You can't take care of others until you take care of yourself. And I'm excited that I have the time and less responsibility to get myself there, first. And a competition, later on.

As I'd love to blog my little self-challenges, feel free to share a challenge you'd like to see me take on, my favorite yogis, figure girls, and fellow lift-a-holics! :)


  1. Oh my gosh how cute is your puppy!

  2. today is day 14 of my 30 day yarrow challenge. Saturday was the most I have ever sweat in class before including the old studio. I was like 'what is going on here'. so much fun. looking forward to taking class with you next. Wednesday?

  3. I just noticed that there was also another dog beside your big dog.. I had not noticed that one previously....I must be blind cause at first I tought it was snow...hahaha!!!

  4. That picture is TOO cute! I love baby animals :)

  5. Hahahahah@ the Charles Dickens line. That is too funny! Yay progress!

  6. I'm the same way...I love all clothes, but I really gravitate towards cute, fun workout clothes...

    Because no matter how my weight fluctuates or how far I've ever been from my ideal(always w/in 15 pounds so really maybe only 1-2 sizes) I can still buy workout clothes cause they're stretchy and wear them at my smallest and my it doesn't *feel* like a waste...

    Shoes fulfill this need also