Sunday, September 25, 2011


Not really sure how to start this because I don't really know how I feel about it. I started feeling kinda sicky around 8 days out. Yesterday at 7 days out, I wasn't going to workout. I knew I was feeling sick and didn't want to risk it. Just planned on a clean diet and rest. So, I decided to go to the gym and lay in the steam room for just a couple minutes. I got to the locker room, put on my swim suit and began to feel a tad light headed. I sat down. I felt like I was going to burp and did, and felt like it again only all the contents of my stomach came with it. I threw up all over the locker room. The front desk gal brought me a gatorade but I didn't know whether to drink it. I began to cry and helped clean up my mess...

But now, after training for 10 solid months and dieting for 17 weeks... At 7 days out, I get the flu.

After all my hard work. After all the sacrifices and lonely mornings in the gym. And my time to shine comes, and I push myself so hard that my immune system gives. Suck. I haven't been able to keep much down. And actually haven't been diligent about getting the necessary fluids down but have taken in electrolytes, thus... I am bloated.

And this has been a very emotional couple of days. I feel waves of disappointment and also peace. Sometimes I cry a lot over it and sometimes I am just fine with what I feel the outcome will be. But I am a do-er, and it is so hard to lay back and just wait during peak week. So hard.

What I am trying to remember in this, is that whatever I bring to the stage next Saturday will be my very best. No matter if it isn't what I thought it would be, no matter if it isn't what I wanted it to be. That gives me more to work for in the future. Stepping on stage is the real victory. All the trials we suffer make the victories that much sweeter.


  1. "All the trials we suffer make the victories that much sweeter." - this is so true and repeat this over & over to yourself during this next week! Peak week is difficult and being sick is not going to make it easier but you've fought this entire time and I know you can fight a few more days!

    Rest, get your fluids in, and rest some more!!



  2. Lacey, you are already a winner just look at how far you have come since starting your life changes. Competition or not you're a shinning star girly. Rest well and you'll be fine for competition. Don't worry it won't change anything even if you do.

  3. Rest well, Lacey. Look after yourself and be proud of what you've accomplished. Will be sending you many positive and get well vibes through to Saturday. Hugs!

  4. Oh no! You are a true champ lady, take care of yourself and get well. You have brought 100% and that is ALL that matters.

  5. Honey, That really sucks, but I know you will push through with all you have done already. I pray this will be a very short term illness and not even call it the flu, because I am certian it is just a 24 hour stomach bug and you will be up and litterally running by Tuesday. This is a mere bump in the road for you and one that will make the experience so much more worth the while.

  6. Oh - Lacey - you are a winner! Look how hard you've worked and how far you've come - and be proud. Rest up - I hope you're feeling better today. . . Stacy

  7. oh no!!! i do hope you feel better soon,and like crystal said,im sure its just a 24 hour bug and by tomoorow you will be able to pick right back up where you left off.
    things like happen during peak week,and im sure your body will adjust and adapt and continue to change these final few days.
    one thing i have learned is that stress only causes more bloat,lol!!!
    so please try to keep you head up,rest up,feel better,stay focused and STAY POSITIVE!!!!
    as long as you do your best this weekend,then you are already walking away a winner in my book. look at how far you have come on your journey Lacy!
    "All the trials we suffer make the victories that much sweeter."
    im sending positive vibes and get better soon wishes your way.
    you will do awesome this weekend,because you already ARE awesome!!!!!!!

  8. I blew out my knee again just 10 days out from show. I wigged! But my coach pointed out that at this stage of the game, the work is done - it's bout keeping it clean and tight. Don't stress over a missed workout (or more!) because you're not building any new muscle between now and the stage. Do however drink those fluids!! Flush that bloat out. I know it's hard. It's so very hard. You've done an amazing job to get yourself to this point. Rest, try to relax (stress = cortisol = belly bloat). You're an amazing woman who has done incredible things - and will do even more! This too shall pass.

  9. I hope you're feeling better sweetie. Now that you know what you had and can get the right meds to help. Rest and let your body do the rest. You've done what you needed to up til now and like Chelle said, you're not building anymore, so this week can be a little lax (except with the diet of course!) I am so, so excited for you and really wish I could be there Saturday.

  10. Poor thing - maybe think of it this way, if it helps. It could be that you are sick from all the effort and unknowns. Next time around, this will all be been-there, done-that, and you will sail through.

    Charting new waters was never going to be easy. But it sure is interesting. And when you pass this way again, all that sailing will be smooth.

    (See what I did there, with the sailing metaphor? I beat it into submission, buried it, and dug it up again for another beating.)