Monday, January 17, 2011

13 Weeks Out!

I'm 13 weeks out ("ohmygod. ohmygod. ohmygod.")  and this will be my "rest" week before contest prep. And by rest, I mean not workout like normal.

On a personal level, this week we are moving into our new home in the country. We are so excited to have our dog back, who has been staying with a friend during the home buying process. Let me back track a little: when I met my boyfriend, Patrick (or as I commonly call him on here, Handsome), he was in the beginning stages of selling his home with the intention of buying his dream home. Once he sold it, he moved into my apartment in the city... Unfortunately, our sweetheart of a Great Dane could not come live in my apartment as we are on the top floor of a 1910 building that is fully floored in hardwood. 9 months later, home is now bought in the country and we are moving to our 10 acres! :) We get keys on Tuesday and will be cleaning and slowly preparing for our move on Saturday. Also, Handsome's bday is on Thursday so I plan on having friends over for some beers (but not me!) and nosh.

On a training level, I have quite a few things cooking.

First, this is my rest week. I'm only planning on 3 days a week of low intensity elliptical for 20 mins each. Also, my calories are to be at 1700 every day this week.
My goals are:
1- To eat the 1700 calories of clean foods. Just larger amounts of turkey and chicken etc, instead of having everything I won't be able to for a few months. I finally just got over my sugar cravings and I don't want to lead back into them.
2- Still give myself the two cheat meals. Might have a glass of wine to celebrate the end and beginning of wonderful stages of our life together. We have an expensive bottle of wine that has been waiting for this. Plus it will be my last for a long time.
3- Get my moving done so once week 12 hits I can go full throttle.
4-Prep my next two weeks of weight training
5-Book my hair and waxing appointments for contest.
6-Pay for my NPC membership
7-Practice posing for 20 mins 3x this week

Second, I have a few things going for contest prep:
Suit: After the pink-suit mishap, I have ordered my new suit and will begin planning for BeDazzling that shit up. lol
Shoes: Got em! And have been prancing around in them ALL THE TIME.
Tan: Have the product.
Other: Still need to book hair and waxing appointments. Also need to decide on nails (whether to have a real nail appt or get press ons), jewelry, buy bikini tape or spray, also need to do Entry for the classic... Hasn't been available yet...

Am planning on doing a run-through of all of these things at 4 weeks. So we can make any changes to my get-up ahead of time. :)

Will likely post once more this week to update on my prep for contest-prep time? LOL... That just sounded funny. :)

Inspiration for the day: Nicole. What else can be said? Nothing. Her body is amazing.


  1. Nicole definitely has the right stuff. You can get it too! I like reading your blog :)

    13 weeks out isn't much time - you must be excited!

  2. I must've missed it, but what mishap?? What color is the new suit?

    I've read (but have no experience mind you) that glue on nails are better because you can put them on after your tan...if you are doing your own tan. I guess the tan would stain the nails...or you could just make the nail appt for after the tan. As I said...No experience. :D

  3. Oh I posted more on the mishap on the forum in my journal. New suit is black with silver & green paisley.

    That is a really good suggestion, though kristin! I was wavering on what I wanted to do... because I really don't like the acryllic nails.

  4. Hey nice to meet you! I'm going through prep myself, it's so fun to go through it with other people! My hubby is from Spokane and I lived there for a few years too. where in the country did you move? Exciting, congrats! what show are you doing? Good luck to you, though it doesn't seem like you need it =)

  5. Thanks so much Lisa! I get really excited when I can follow others' prep, it reinforces my own. I'm doing the Empire Classic in April and depending on how I do I am considering the Wa State Championships in July or the Night of Champions in September. :)
    We are just about to move down off the Spokane/Cheney highway and are so excited!

  6. I just started reading your blog and I am just starting prep for my first competition so it was helpful to read about all the things I need to start thinking about (tan,nails etc). Enjoy having your dog back.