Monday, January 31, 2011

11 Weeks

One week down and 11 to go of a little something called crazy. ;) Hehe! Just kidding. I was honestly feeling very scattered last week, like I was tackling something so opposite of what I was previously doing. I feel in the groove now, not even thinking about my meals.

I was just telling my other lifting ladies about my "Pre" work. Yesterday, we had a bunch of errands to run so I cooked all my rice for the week while making breakfast, and it was cool and ready to distribute evenly for all my meals by the time we got home. Finished prepping ALL my to go meals for the whole week (it literally takes up a whole shelf in my fridge) in the afternoon... I love the whole "grab & go" concept. I know that if my lunches aren't pre-made, if I have a very tired day where I am WORN out in the evening, there is no way I'm going to have the energy to make my lunch for the next day... So I pre-cover that dilemma. And I even pre-prepare one dinner, so if for whatever reason I'm too tired to cook at night, its done & it just needs heating. And if not, its Handsome's lunch on Friday!

Anyhoo, schedule for this week:
M-Upper body/Moderate Carbs
T-Lower body/Higher Carbs
W-Yoga/Low Carb
Th-Upper body/Moderate Carbs
F-Lower body/Higher Carbs
Sat-P90x's Ab Ripper (But mostly a rest day)/Low Carb
Sun-Rest day/Low Carb

I have planned one cheat meal this week, but I'm leaving room on my Friday night for another as I will only do them on Higher Carb days. But this is a topic of a different colored post.

Goals this week:
-Perfection. Diet and workouts. Always a goal and always accomplished.
-Buy: Rhinestones for suit, bikini bite & new workout journal
-Practice posing 5x

Keeping it simple on purpose, no self-sabotage by over committing myself. Speaking of which, this was a sacrifice I was willing to make but now, no need. My posing practice buddies have all scattered, so to speak. They both have children and they can't seem to make posing practice work with their schedules all together. So, posing practice is out. BUT, on the positive side I didn't really want to sacrifice my Sunday nights with Handsome. And now I don't need to. But on the other side, I'm going to need to practice by myself a lot more and find some way to meet with my Trainer friend who can evaluate my posing.

Tanji Johnson said something in her blog today that struck me, "Your body will commit to the 'HOW' when your heart commits to the 'WHY'." I just love her because she lives in Seattle but I can really appreciate that statement.

Inspiration for today:
Heather Mae French. She may have only come in 3rd at the Figure Olympia 2010, but I am constantly amazed at the Class A pros. She has truly mastered the proportion, symmetry and muscular development for a woman our size (hehe! *Our*)

Heather Mae French


  1. i do the whole grab and go meals as well--just takes the guess work out of it...all it takes is a few extra minutes on the weekend to cookk everything in advance....then the week runs a bit smoother somehow? a little bit?

    anyways,great job on hitting your goals last week....
    11 weeks will fly by before you know it!

  2. When I'm at my best, I do the grab 'n go lunches too! It's so hard to eat healthy when you don't plan ahead :-/