Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This Week's Schedule and Monday Journal

My week this week should be interesting as I am counting down 14 weeks to competition. My schedule this week will be:

Monday- AM- 20 mins HIIT on elliptical, 25 mins steady rate cardio on treadmill
PM-Upper body with machines
Tuesday-AM-45 mins steady rate cardio on treadmill
Wednesday-AM-20 mins HIIT on elliptical, 25 mins steady rate cardio on treadmill
PM-Bikram Yoga
Thursday-AM-45 mins steady rate cardio on treadmill
PM-Upper body with dumbells
Friday-AM-45 mins steady rate cardio on treadmill
PM-Lower body
Saturday- 20 mins HIIT on elliptical, 25 mins steady rate cardio on treadmill (I want to work up to a nice HIIT on treadmill but I just literally can't keep my breath on that yet)... and I'm making this day optional.

Goals for this week:
1-Slight carb cycling diet, 2 cheats this week: 1-Saturday night dinner, 2-Sunday night stew
2-Make it to AM cardio 5x this week
3-Make the switch to tea during the week (I'm having a hard time kicking real cream in my coffee..)
4-Look for some jewelry for competition!

Monday's Journal-
AM- My darling love really helped me wake up early this morning. I made it to the gym by 5 and got in some good pre-breakfast cardio. I tried to do some HIIT cardio on the treadmill but my lungs and breath just aren't back yet, plus I forgot that I took my classical music playlist off my iPhone (I can only run to classical... helps me keep my breathing calm). Ended up with about 20 mins on the tread then finished with some good HIIT on the elliptical for another 25 mins.
PM-10 mins running on the tread for warm up. Upper body w/machines in circuit was:
Incline barbell bench- 2 @ 50 x 12 (I'm having a hard time upping my weight on this, note to self: find a spotter)
Lat Pulldown- 3 @ 80x12
Cable Row-3@ 80x
Decline twisting ab crunch- 1 @ 12x20 & 2 @ 12x10 (12 lb medicine ball)
Machine Shoulder Press- 3 @ 50x12
Chair Dip- 3 @ 20
Bench Leg Raise- 1 @ 20 & 1 @ 10
Cable Triceps Overhead Extension-2 @ 40 x12
Cable Biceps Curl- 2 @ 60x12
Total of 35 mins upper body & abs.

2 Lipo 6x Black Hers pre-cardio
0600: 1 scp whey isolate (post cardio)
0730: 1/2 c oatmeal, 2 egg whites, 1 egg, and an americano w/2tbsp cream (I know...)
w/2 womens active Multi-vitamins, 1 fish oil, & 1 glucosamine
1000: yogurt, 12 almonds, small banana, and 1 oz chicken
w/1 fish oil, 1 gluc, & iron
1300: 1 oz sweet potato, 2 oz chicken, 10 baby carrots
w/1 gluc, Vit-D, & Vit-C
1700: 1 scp whey isolate (post workout) w/1 Essential Electrolyte
1830: PB & Jelly crepe & 1/2 c pure oj.
w/1 fish oil & Vit-E

Total: 1398 calories, 145g protein, 103g carbs, 39g fat

Weight today: 120.8 lbs. Saw this today at the gym and it made me giggle. I love it because so many women do define themselves through their weight. It really made me smile. :)

Feelin good today! :) Only thought about cheating on my diet once, and did... but it was just coffee w/cream.


  1. I feel you on the switch from coffee to tea. I want to do it, but it's so hard to give up coffee! I love it too much :)

  2. I do love it too, but I do have to keep in mind that my figure competition is 15 weeks away... and as I get closer cutting out even that tiny bit of fat is going to make a big difference... Trying to make it easier on myself for then. :) Luckily, my tea is delicious! Mighty Leaf makes Green Tea Tropical and it really is like sitting on a beach in the tropics! :D

  3. Wow Chica, that's quite a bit of cardiovascular for 14 weeks out. How many more pounds are you looking to shed?

  4. I'm only doing that much because I'm taking next week off. Realistically, I need to shed 12-16 lbs. Wow. That seems like a lot saying it aloud. Okay wait...
    I have 98lbs of LBM (remember I'm only 4'11.5"), so that would mean I would be 8-10% at 106-109 lbs. Yep, that is about right. :) Its a high goal but one I plan on meeting.

  5. Wow!!! you are so going to kill this competition the way you are going with it.

    Keep it up what you do is awesome!

  6. I love the picture of the note on the scale! So many times, especially during prep, I get caught up in the number I see on the scale! Thanks for sharing it!!