Friday, January 28, 2011

Quick List of Reasons to Be Alive: 1/28

Having a slightly rough time today with my diet. I haven't cheated but my mind is trying to play tricks on me, So here is my list to get me through today:

My Quick List of Reasons to Be Alive: Friday, January 28th, 2011
1. I get a nice peanutbutter crepe tonight
2. I get some delicious Mighty Leaf Green Tea Tropical during the day.
3. In two hours I get to have rice (right now its just tuna & lettuce...)
4. In four hours I get to do some upper body training
5. Tomorrow is my rest day
6. I get to go home to the most wonderful Handsome man tonight
7. Sticking to my diet brings me that much closer to my goal
8. I'm building mental strength with every "no" I say to donuts
(Literally after I wrote that, I went to drink some water and my waterbottle vomited water all over my face. I'm awake now.)


  1. Good girl =) Your mind will definitely play tricks on you! Mine does all the time. Just remember, the end result definitely outweighs the little cheats. I keep telling myself that. The more I don't cheat, the easier it is not to. Make sense? To me it does. Good job though =)

  2. That is exactly why I did this list. To refocus my mind on what is good instead of what I can't have. But you're right! The longer you're on carb cycling the easier it gets. This is just my first week doing it again so I feel like I'm hallucinating donuts in my path. lol

  3. hehe I like the list...good idea for when hunger is ruling one's mind!

  4. love this post!!!
    :) hang in there during those mental games!!!
    you got this!

  5. Great post! I have been struggling with really wanting to cheat. I should remind myself of what I am thankful for and looking forward to.