Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wednesday is Snowy and Dreamy

Today, although I had full intentions of doing some AM cardio...

Not so much. It was snowing and I was tired. So I slept till 7 (which caused me to be an hour and a half late for work...)... And I came to work to this:

Coworkers added the weeks counting down to my competition! :)

Anyway! My wish wish wish for today is: Not go over my calories even after my cheat meal.

Workout: Upper body w/dumbells & 30 mins stair climber post-weights
Upper body w/o consisting of:   SETS         REPS       WEIGHT
(Hehe! Stealing from Chouka!)
Incline Dumbell Fly                     1                12                 12
                                                  2                12                12.5
                                                  1                5                   15
Lying Triceps Extension              3                12                 30
Bent-Over Row                         3                12                  35
Shoulder Press                           3                12                17.5
                                                  1                3                    20
Lateral Raise                              3                12                  10
                                                  1                 5                   12
Lying Pullover                            3                 12                  30
Biceps Curl                                3                 12                12.5
                                                 1                  5                   15
(I did 3 sets of each exercise, then added a fourth only for the body parts in this group I'm looking to develop... In this group it was shoulders and biceps. Overall, I'm looking to develop my shoulders, biceps, lats, and bum. :) )

900: (Spoiler alert: cheat meal!) 1/2 c scrambled eggs, 1 pc sausage, 3 potato wedges, gravy and coffee. I feel like I deserved this as I haven't had a cheat in 5 days or so and having exercised a ton in the last few days... (w/2 mv, 1 fo, & 1 gluc)
1100: 1 oz chicken, yogurt, and 12 almonds (w/1 fo, 1 gluc & Iron)
1330: 2 oz chicken, 12 carrots (w/1 gluc, vit-D, vit-C)
1445: 2 Lipo
1700: 2 scps whey isolate
1830: 2 oz turkey & 1 c green beans (w/1 fo & vit-E)
2100: 1 scp casein

Total: 1398 Calories, 151g protein, 78g carbs, 53g fat.

Although I feel like I deserved my cheat meal, I feel kinda bad about it. I'm always afraid that I'm back tracking on the work I do when I have my cheat meals. I guess I won't have to worry about that in a few weeks! lol


  1. Don't feel bad about a cheat meal! You deserve it and sometiems it's good to change up your diet a little. It's just one meal :-p

  2. You are rockin' and rollin' lady! You're workouts are crazy intense and food is spot on. Take a cheat meal every now and again and enjoy it! And, you are still under 1400 calories even on your cheat meal day!!! Nice job!

  3. Thanks babe! I'm still considering that a clean day since my cals were low, my protein was up and my carbs were still pretty low! :)

  4. Oh I'm gonna have to start charging ya girl...loll

    I'm not going to do my post w/o in that format anymore as this stupid blogs just screws it up when I preview. Wonder why...

    You are doing great. Don't beat yourself up. Cheat days keeps us sane ;-)