Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"I Need Handicap Rails in My Bathroom" Day

I love today. I am in love with working out and being the athlete I am. This is Day 1:

-Barbell Hack Squat: 2@ 30x15, 1@ 40x10, 1@ 50x8
Cycle Crunch: 3@ 15x15
-Side Lunge: 1@ 20x12, 1@ 25x12, 1@ 35x12, 1@ 45x12 (I was experimenting with the weight on this one... back was hurting)
Bulgarian Split Squat: 2@ 70x12, 1@ 80x8 (The last few VERY deep)
-Good morning: 3@ 50x12
Bosu Side Bridge: 3@ 15 on each side
(also practiced my push presses and hang clean/front squat as I will be doing complexes later this week)

Also, 25 mins on the bike at a steady (but fast) pace.

700: 1 c strawberries, 1 egg white, 1/2c oatmeal & coffee
1000: 1 c broccoli, 4 oz turkey, 1 c brown rice
1300: 1 c green beans & carrots, 3 oz chicken, 5 oz sweet potato baked
1700: 1 scp whey isolate & rice cake
1845: 3 oz chicken, 8 oz cauliflower, & 1/2 c brown rice
2000: protein crepe w/1 tbsp peanut butter

Total: 1496 Calories, 147g protein, 165g carbs, 27g fat, and a total of 184 oz of water (getting there! My goal is 2 gallons today)

Insulated Polar Bottle- 24 oz.

My bum is really sore. :) Those deep bulgarian split squats feel so awesome! And as Sandra says, "You know you've had an awesome leg day when you wish you had handicap rails in your bathroom." Its true. And, I do.

Oooh! Check out what our realtor bought us!

Because she knows how active we are! Thanks Nichole! :)
This thing rocks so much! Its insulated so your water stays cold for a long time, and its 24 oz, easy to keep track of how much you've had AND easy for me to make it a goal to finish before I get up from my desk at work.


  1. I LOVE those days too! Great workout! I have one of those bottles, they are only $10 at our Dicks here, I wouldn't have paid that much either. They are great though, I use mine in the gym everyday. Keep up the great work!!

  2. I'm curious about why you want to drink 2 gallons of water a day?

  3. I don't WANT to, per se. Although I am in contest prep, I'm not done putting on muscle. While on creatine, I feel it important to stay completely hydrated. Plus, I feel my energy level at its best when drinking maximum water. How much do you drink on contest prep?

  4. I drink about a gallon or so a day. Sometimes more, sometimes a little less. The only time I increase water is the week of the show.