Saturday, January 8, 2011

Back At 'Em

It takes self control. Self control that I have.
I spent much of Monday reflecting. Reflecting upon myself and how this whole process got started. When I first started I:
-Tracked my food through healthy eating on weight watchers
-Walked everywhere
-Did about an hour of cardio every day
-Did no weights
-Did yoga 2-3x a week.

Now I:
-Track my food on my iPhone and moderate everything: Calories, protein, carbs, and fat. Hard and awesome.
-I now own a car, so I don't walk much anymore
-Only about an hour of cardio spread throughout a week
-About an hour of weights daily
-Do yoga almost never.

As one continues through a journey, I think it is important to always go back to basics. Maybe not for my eating, which I consider pretty close to perfect, but definitely for my workouts. When I first started, 2 lbs a week or 10 lbs a month was not unheard of.
So, I am moving back into shorter weight sets, longer cardio (will try for am cardio once I get back into a steady routine... gotta be realistic about getting up at 415...), and more yoga. I really truly notice how the yoga helps flush out everything bad to make room for the good stuff.  And expecting to lose a good 8 lbs of fat in January is not a far fetched goal! One I plan to hit. I'd be happy with 5-8 lbs, which would be 5-8% body fat.

Monday was well played.
Although I was still feeling sick (well, mostly just raw lungs), I made it to the gym. I hit cardio for a full 50 minutes on the elliptical, and did about 28 minutes of an upper body circuit. Day after, my traps and lats are really sore... watching form on Lat pulldown and row really do wonders. :)
Eats were perfect with a switch to only 10% carbs (so that is literally only one serving): 1346 calories, 164g protein, 126g carbs and 25g fat.
Weighed in at 123.5 lbs. Considering the holidays just happened, my weight is perfect. I did not gain at all. :)

Tuesday was FUN!
Plyometrics. Dang. Kicked my bootay.
Eats again were perfecto! Another day without coffee and drinking green tea. I was pretty hungry throughout the day, so I may need to switch up where I put in my fruit and where I put in my carb on certain days. Tomorrow will be a yoga day, in which I will allow for a second carb for extra power, I hate the dizzy feeling during yoga. Anyway! Today was 1375 calories, 160g protein, 109g carbs, and 34g fat.

Wednesday was needed. :)
Today I admitted something so... monumental. I admitted that my life is better and brighter without my ex-husband. Today I feel like my life is starting. What an incredible feeling.
Workout today is Hot Yoga at 4pm. :) I'm excited to see my yoga buddies and flush out some toxins and excess water. I'm extremely sore from my plyo workout yesterday. All through my lower body and abs. I'm pretty sure if I'm doing plyos, I don't even need to do an ab workout. Days later my abs are still sore. And holy hell! So are my feet!
Diet ended up pretty good. I had a carb night to prep myself for a lower carb day. 1500 Calories, 115g protein, 168g carbs, and37g fat!
... And for those of you who know, Yoga teacher training possibility is back in the mix for possibilities this year. My heart keeps going back to it, so it is obvious that I need to do it. Considering fall 2011. :)

Thursday made me proud.
Today I was hungry like the wolf. I ended up throwing in a noon meal of a salad... Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and balsamic vinegarette. Curbed the appetite pretty well and I moved my 1pm meal to 130 and removed the veggie from it.. Ended up with 1332 calories, 128g protein, 123g carbs, and 53g fat.
Workout today ended up with a good upper body circuit in a total of 30 minutes. Will list next week what I've done. Along with 50 mins of cardio.
I feel proud of my eats today. It was hard and my mouth wanted to eat much more than I actually did. I have to give myself major props for that.
I am so excited! I got my food scale today and my new workout journal (which I'm not totally certain how much I like it)! AND bought some vanilla casein powder, along with a chocolate coconut whey isolate, so I can start making protein pancakes and muffins and crepes.  Momentum is rushing back!!!

I weighed today and am down to 120! With 20.6% body fat! However, I'm suddenly feeling the competition anxiety.
Met with a girlfriend virtually who is a trainer and she's going to take a look through my diet and help me with this... as I am probably not going to hire a trainer. I am weary about saying that but I don't feel I need one. I know my body and I have fantastic friends who are trainers and serious lifters which is enough for me. Those are the ladies that really keep me motivated anyway. :)
Workout was great. Ended up with 35 mins elliptical and 30 mins lower body... I used my normal schedule but added in some bulgarian split squats to really work the bum! ;) <--- My fav body part to work!
Eats were a medium carb day. Totaled: 1333 calories, 141g protein, 135g carbs, and 25g fat.

Also, I bought my competition shoes today! Just need some jewelry, bikini tape, and ma hair did! ;)

I'm taking Saturday as my rest day and having my cheat meal tonight along with some lazer tag haha... I've done well keeping up my protein so far today to give myself some room for my cheat meal tonight... Mexican. ;)

These next two weeks will be interesting. I'm at 15 weeks out to competition today. Next week will carb cycle again then I will be taking another break. I'll break it down more on Monday.


  1. Wow!!! this is such an amazing week you had. I'm jealous of your bf% going down. What do you use to calculate it?

    Anxious to see some progress pic soon!!!

    You're amazing girl keep it up. ;-)

  2. Wow - quite a long entry! I'll be interested to see how your prep comes along! I'd like to see come progress pictures too. I always find it interesting to see how people's body's change when dieting.

    "gingerysweets" from m&f hers forums

  3. Awesome progress...keep up the GREAT work! :D

  4. Chouka- I have a friend who is a trainer at my gym who will take my body fat whenever I need... I don't think she's supposed to but does. :)

    Thanks ladies! I'm kicking it into high gear and it feels awesome! ;)