Saturday, January 15, 2011

Competition Shoes Friday!

Late night after battling a bit of insomnia, I wrote a note to myself which I will look back on as I continue towards competition. Although I will not share at this point, perhaps I will after I win. :) But the main point, is that I am THE formidable foe. And my competition doesn't even know what is coming for them.

And guess who got their competition shoes?!

Shoes By Ellie
They fit perfect and stay on perfect when I walk around in them. Like they should! They are a half size small which makes them stay on perfectly.
Friday's Wish: Just to make it through. :)

Today's workout: 30 mins stairclimber at 5am
10 mins treadmill for wu, 35 mins lower body:
Walking Dumbell Lunge 1@ 60x12, 2@ 65x12
Assisted Dumbell Lunge 3@ 60x12, 1@ 70x5
Machine Leg Press 3@ 260x12
Calf Raise 3@ 260x12
Machine Leg Extension 3@ 100x12, 1@ 110x4
Machine Leg Curl 3@ 40x12
Incline Reverse Crunch 3@ 20
& 10 mins stairclimber cardio post weights

415: 2 Lipo 6x Black Hers
600: 1 scp whey isolate post workout
700: 1/2 c oatmeal, 2 egg whies, 1 egg, green tea (w/2 mv, 1 fo, & 1 gluc)
1000: 2 oz turkey, yogurt, 12 almonds, banana (w/1 fo, 1 gluc, & Iron)
1300: 2 oz turkey, 10 baby carrots w/1/4 c hummus (w/vit-D & vit-C)
1500: 1 Lipo & 2 Essential Electrolytes
1700: 1 scp whey isolate
1830: 2 oz chicken, 10 asparagus spears (w/1 fo & Vit-E)
2000: 1 scp casein

Total: 1399 calories, 165g protein, 87g carbs, 45g fat

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