Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Ultimate Workout Journal?

This week I have considered my prep week for contest prep. In this entails, prepping my workouts for the next 4 weeks, making sure I am DONE moving so I don't have to worry about it later, getting little details for my contest, and securing a new workout journal.

In this phase, I have learned one thing: I am a workout journal SNOB.

In the past, I bought myself a blank journal (I think it was $1 at a fabric store) and just kind of made it into what I wanted. I have no idea what other people do, but I'm one of those people that like everything together... All in one place so I don't get lost and forget a piece of what I need.

This is my original workout journal:

Fresh squeezed workouts lol

Recently, I bought this thing: Called the Ultimate Pocket Workout Journal by Alex A. Lluch.

It was $8.45 at Target (I ordered online, had I flipped through it in-store, I probably would not have purchased). My beef with it is:
  1. No where to log your calorie intake or protein or carbs - I don't need to use it as my food journal, but when I look back on a day, I like to be able to see what my intake was.
  2. No where to log your goals (although it says it does!).
  3. The spiral binder doesn't fold in half, you have to lay the whole thing flat to write in it.
What we like about it:
  1. Tons of space to log your workout, cardio and stretching
  2. Check boxes for water
  3. A Weekly Wrap Up Page
  4. A space for weight
  5. Check boxes for energy level
  6. It is tiny!

Although, there are plenty of things to love about this, to me those the cons are too important. Those things it is missing, I absolutely can't live without.

My current journal has all that and more:

I should get paid to review these things. Or at least get sponsored to review their journals. OR make my own! How many times do celebrities make things that they just wanted for themselves?! All the time. I may not be a celebrity, but I know what works in a workout journal. :)

So, is it the Ultimate Workout Journal? Um, only if diet isn't a factor for you. ;)

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