Thursday, December 1, 2011

Stuff I Don't Feel Guilty About

1. I don't feel guilty about gym time.

I spend more time in the gym than I do anywhere else, aside from work and home. That is MY time. And I certainly can't take care of anyone or anything else until I take care of myself. :) It is the one place where I find myself both completely capable and yet challenged. Brings out the superwoman in me.

2. I don't feel guilty about spending money on myself.

Ever. I refuse to feel guilty about it. Once upon a time, I was in a relationship with a man that made less than I do... And I would feel guilty about spending $10 on myself. My boyfriend has no problems with how I choose to spend my money, and that freedom is one of the best feelings ever. It honestly causes me not to go overboard because of his trust.

3. That being said, I also don't feel guilty about wanting a breast augmentation.

Part of what makes your life yours, is how you feel about your own body. Its amazing that I lost so much weight and have parts that didn't quite bounce back. Nevermind, I was trying to be somewhat discrete about how I phrased all of this but it just isn't working. I have big time saggy boobs. And I do not feel bad that I want them to match the rest of my curvy body. For a long time, I waged war with myself over it... but what comes down to it is that it is something for me. And Patrick. I don't feel vain and I don't feel guilty.

4. I don't feel guilty about not liking Kanye West.

No explanation. I think he is just plain douchey. I don't like country music (even though I live in the country) but I genuinely saw him as the biggest douche bag ever when he interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the Grammy's a few years ago.

5. I really don't feel guilty about my love of pumpkin things.

Or baking. I just have to regulate how much I bake or Patrick will end up finding me in a mountain of flour snorting sifted sugar, a sink fuuuullll of dishes, and a large assortment of baked goods everywhere. I could easily have been a southern momma in another life.

6. I don't feel guilty about not feeling guilty.

I refuse to feel guilty about the above things. I genuinely think that it is time to let go of any Catholic dispositions of naturally feeling guilty. We can't make progress if we are holding ourselves back. Stop feeling guilty and own the things you love and want in life.

What don't you feel guilty about? :)


  1. Gosh, I swear, you must read my mind and know instantly how to fix it! I was just having the "guilts" again and trying to make myself not feel guilty. Reading this has lifted it!


  2. Oh how I love this! So true!!

  3. You go girl! I love the letting go of pre disposed notions that we "should" feel giulty over stuff. Thank you for a wonderful post that reminds me a little of what I need to do to clean up my own closet. :)

  4. Empowerment!!

    I refuse to feel guilty for my tattoos! I love them and they are a part of me...even if my family hates them. :)

  5. I totally have the whole Catholic guilt thing going on too. I've been working on not feeling guilty for quite awhile. It's a work in progress, but it's definitely worth it!

  6. Good for you girl! And i DO NOT feel the least bit guilty about wanting boobies. Never, nope. I want boobies. I'd say wait til you have kids though, they just get worse!! Like way worse. =) LOVE YOU!!

  7. I definitely don't want bigger boobies! But I do want perkier boobies! It's already on my to do list. Along with laser eye surgery. So I think these all go along with spending $ on myself ;) I work hard for it, I can do what I want with is is my mantra!