Thursday, January 12, 2012

Overwhelmed With Support!

I have to admit, I really didn't expect to receive the amount of support I did in the last week! I mean, of course I know I'll get support on here but wow! You guys are sure encouraging!

No Time?
Well, I had originally had this whole thing written out about how I wasn't really feeling stressed by time... Days later, I had to delete ALL OF IT. Because the stress of time, has entered lol. And let me tell you...

Overtime at work = Overrated

Dealing with the stress of a new job, albeit, a very legal job on a diet, has been a very large challenge. I've officially been in this job for 4 weeks... For the first two, I could barely eat on time. When I would eat, a lot of it was comfort eating. Now, I have to be on my game all day long. Chocolate on the table in plain view of my desk? Too bad. Pumpkin muffins right next to the oatmeal? Too bad.

I've started to sip on earl gray all day, which helps. What does everyone else do to keep yourself sane during a hectic workday?

Not really hungry much. Yet. I mean, I'm hungry by the time its time to eat... but... not starving like I expect to be. I have learned that we cannot focus on what we can't have, focus on what you can have and need to get in during a day. You want to meet a hungry puppy though? (like he doesn't get enought food. Pshhh)

Ps. He's SO soft. All those folds of fat under his neck, I just love to roll my fingers in it. :)
Haha, Zekey is now a year old and likes to hang out in the kitchen while I make dinner at night... He pretty much takes up the WHOLE rug in front of my sink but I enjoy the company. :) And to think, just a year ago he looked like this!
 Lil Biter! Good thing he really just likes sticks now, and not my Uggs.

And sometimes he really likes to LAY on the rug... Enter GINORMITY....

Can anyone tell that I love my puppy? He's still got another 30+ lbs to put on... Good thing he's in a house of body builders and athletes.
Workouts? Pssshhhh. What workouts? I'm dominating those suckers. Been kind of feeling like a pimp, working hard, sweating my arse off and pushing beyond my limits. Still only at 45 mins of cardio a day, which if you've prepped before you know that this is actually a relatively small amount of time for cardio on prep! I'm using them all pretty much on sprinting HIITs. Which helped me realize my stupid running shoes were way too old to go through another prep.

Did someone say NEW SHOES?
Yeah, I let the guy at Runner's Soul talk me into purple Adidas. If you know me, I'm not much of a bright purple gal. The dude said almost no women want black shoes. Pshh. I think this pretty much convinced me that I need to be a two-pairs-of-running-shoes-type-of-gal.

Its progress! My resolution has been to de-clutter my house... So I have been working on one room at a time, I started with what we call the Office, which really is the second bedroom that we store crap in. Yeah, everytime I go into that thing... It really reminds me that Patrick needs a shop. I need all of his "man cave" crap out in his own space... and not in mine. He's putting in the shop in March, which will help me get clutter out of here. I'm stoked to get our house cleaned up in a major way this year.

Team Sexy!
LOL! This is what Patrick has started calling us. Hehe! Everyday he is texting me with stuff like "I smell a champion" and putting forth a full effort into doing what he can to help me with prep. I love that. :) He's also working on putting on mass while I'm doing the lean out, which has been a huge plus for me... He hasn't been doing anything with bad carbs & sugar so that has been helpful! Also, he is committing to dieting and leaning out while I'm in my last month of prep! I think that is going to be so awesome for both of us. He'll be eating the same foods as me (no more making him tacos while I eat fish!?!?!) and we'll both be seeing great results, which will be incredibly motivating! Go Team Sexy!

I'm starting to set myself up for a pretty good pace in this prep. I'm feeling more confident going into this prep, and more prepared! New clothes, new shoes, new workout clothes, new running shoes, new tupperware, new supplements and loads of food prepped. Word.

I feel like I'm being "all business" but I suppose that a lot of my energy is focused right now, on just enjoying what's going on. Enjoying being in the moment, and being prepared for the next. My weight hasn't decreased much, I'm only down to 117.5 which is only a .5 lbs loss... I can't say I'm surprised though, my body has been going on a lot of the same foods as I do during prep and quit dairy a few weeks ago, so I'm sure that the "water weight" point has passed. Although, I do feel my body switching into burn mode. Hot flashes are back, which proves that this is a SWEET indicator from my body that my metabolism is up. Its like a present! My spotting, however, is also back. Which we now know occurred until I got below 12% body fat. Kind of gives me some good motivation to push hard now, and get there soon(er?). :)

Alright, I was trying to distract you all with cute puppy pictures and not show you a progress pic, but I snapped one this morning and am feeling somewhat good about it... Although my weight hasn't changed, my body certainly has...

Ps, I had a cheat meal just last night, kind of helps me see why I'm not seeing my obliques a ton...
Week 14 is on! I can't believe 2 weeks are already down. Its starting to fly! I'm working hard, using my workouts to de-stress, and enjoying every second of being home when I am. Have a great week everyone!


  1. WOW! new shoes! yay! I love this post! When I'm busy at work it's actually easier for me to diet, but when I'm bored at work it's tough. Usually I chew a lot of gum and drink a lot of water. I watch the minutes go by and that's when it's really hard. I try to walk around the office more and take potty breaks more often. It's tough, I know, but you can do it! I'm at week 12 right now!

  2. Aw thanks lady! Maybe it's not so much the being busy part as it is the stress that comes with the type of volume of my work. :/ I guess I'm just still adjusting. But I get to practice being at the top of my game for 14 more weeks! Woot!

  3. I second the WoW! Looking great!
    I kind of want to see the new purple shoes too =D
    I've been doing more herbal teas too. I'm trying to cut back on my coffee because last week, I think I almost od'ed on it during the weekend. So, trying just to do my one in the morning then water and teas.
    I have 65 days left, Yikes!

  4. Love the hot flashes....makes you feel like your body is entering "the zone"!!! During a hectic work day, I grab my ipod and get out of the building for a quick walk & breathe of fresh air. I also look at food porn and all is right in my :)


  5. I found this blog awhile back, and I must say I love to read it and actually get excited when there's a new post! Best of luck to you on contest prep!!