Saturday, August 17, 2013


Turns out that my posts are just getting short... I have so much to say and so much in my heart, but it seems as though I can never concentrate my thoughts long enough to make a beautiful succinct piece of writing anymore. :)

Once upon a time, I used this blog as a way to motivate myself and others to continue to progress in their health and fitness. While I totally back girls who are working out to better themselves simply for aesthetic reasons, because I believe in loving your body...  This is also to support peeps who really want to better themselves, progress their physical fitness, and work on long-term health. I guess its safe to say that I semi-fell away from that, mostly because I was in preparation for my first competition.

Yes, there will be competitions for me in the future - the fire in my heart never died. I desperately want to hit the stage again... But just like anything, there is a process. And while working through an injury, the process is slow.. but any progression is good.

SO! I'm happy to report that I am progressing. My diet has been tight, which has been the only thing I've been able to control with my hip injury. I'm up to doing hot yoga 3x a week, and doing cardio 3x a week with a light lift (OMG YAY!). I basically can only do upper body at this point and core, no lower back strenuous movements, but that is WAY better than I was doing last month. I'm not walking around like a hunchback, my transitions from sitting to standing are fluid (finally!) and I'm definitely not having major muscle spasms anymore - which means, I'm completely off medication again! WOOT!

My goal throughout the healing process, was to be able to get to regular lifting by September, and I think I'm on track with that. By all intents and purposes, I am lifting regularly, so I suppose I should clarify that I mean regular lifting WITH LEGS by Sept.

{It's not about how many times you get knocked down, it's about how many times you get knocked down and continue to get up.}

So, here is my beginning of August progress pic. For myself, I am going to start posting my progress... and once I feel comfortable with it... A whole segment on my legs & backside... because this is going to be a serious project. ;)

Oy, this is hard... My legs have far to go... I do always love my shoulder roundness!
What's everyone working on now?? What body part are you working hard on or what goals are you crushing?? Because I KNOW you are!!! :)

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  1. Girl, you are awesome! One of my main sources of motivation (and excellent advice)! Progress is progress and the amount that you've made in the past few months is something you should be proud of. Admitting your struggles (aka injuries) is also something you should be proud of. This is not a play-through-the-pain sport, and it sure as heck doesn't come easily. I can't wait to follow your continued progress and cheer you on through your next competition! xoxo