Sunday, April 22, 2012

Peak Week!

This post originally started out as a timeline journal... And then it turned into a rant. And it is kind of a rant, but its really just me being carb depleted/hungry/sore/exhausted, bitchy AND sick. ;)  Also kind of a hodgepodge of what's going on and questions I have for any and all that want to answer!

I'm getting really damn clumsy about now. Carb depleted + zoning out at work = papercut on my eye, knocking over coffees, etc.
I got really sick on Tuesday. At first I thought maybe I was breaking a threshold... I threw up all over my office. In front of my boss who already loves the fact that I do this, no less (note sarcasm), and during a teleconference I started vomiting fish & asparagus. Lovely. Consequently, I bloated big time. Throwing up apparently made my body hold absolutely every molecule of water and my mind freak the hell out. A few days of consistent nutrition and water and I'm back to normal. :)
However, Friday night I was feeling kinda sinusy... So I took EXTRA care of myself... Did the nedi med, took Mucinex and Afrin (which is what my doc has said to do when I feel that way. I get a lot of sinus infections.). Early Saturday morning I woke up... sick. 

Most of the time when I think about food lately, its having to do with just wanting more... Just more rice. Or more sweet potato. More oatmeal with protein powder. By the way, oatmeal and cinnamon is sucking right now. I usually spend almost my whole workday saying one of two things (in my head, of course):
"Can I just go now?"
"Shit! I took so damn long to eat my last meal that its time to eat again."

I have only 3 days left of lifts... OMG I can't believe this is here! I have to admit that I have a little anxiety about my body. Not much, but I think this has to do with a couple of things... Firstly, I've never done a competition before. I don't know what judges are looking for at a local competition or if my physique will be anything like what they're looking for. I know I shouldn't be concerned with my placing, but you know what?! I'm someone who likes to do well at what I commit myself to, and I'm not ashamed of that. Second, I'm currently sick and a lot has to happen in the next week for the bloating to come off.

Abs seem like they take EVERYTHING I have to work them well, and since abs have been a focus during my offseason and prep, its important that I get it in until the very end! I'm so excited to do a few full body workouts next week just for something different. Cardio has been awesome. Running when I can and elliptical or bike when I can't run. However, I almost never have energy to run... I just set the treadmill at running speed and GO.

I had to have a conversation with Patrick about how life in our home will be this week... Especially since I'm sick...
Look, for the next 6 days...
-I will barely be doin laundry. I already don't separate whites from dark's and already use my washing machine as a laundry basket... But I will probably not be putting it away... Only taking what I need out of the dryer.
-I can't promise that I'll stop for every stop sign. Or do the speed limit, clearly.
-I also can't promise that I'll smell good. Or care.
-Bathroom breaks take precedence over any important conversation. Unless you want to clean up THAT mess.

I keep being told how awesome I look. And you know, for how shitty I feel right now... I had frickin better look awesome! ;)

Yeah so... we know that I'll be planning a wedding and stuff, but I'm also the kind of person that needs another goal. I don't want the blues, which I know will happen anyway, but I like goals and want one. I think I want to try to run a 10K.. And my question is, has anyone reading ever successfully gone from a contest diet to a runners diet? I'm sure my mind partially has to do with this anxiety about switching diets, but honestly the change will be semi-extreme if I was to go RIGHT into the runner's diet. So, I probably won't make the switch drastic or immediate... Because that would mean going from a very low carb, high protein diet straight into high carb. Anyway, like I said I'm sure its partially my mind playing with me... But I think we ALL know that going straight into high carb never works out well post-contest.

Special shout out to my amazing Momma! She took time out of her saturday to help me wax my back for me! Not like she's never seen all I got, but I still appreciate the kind of loyalty she gives! Love you Momma! You are the best mom for me. :)

Anyway, I'm on a mission to finish this one. I've only got 6 days. 6 workouts. And only have a 3 day work week... I can do anything for that amount of time. Its amazing that I've found the one and only time that my mind is genuinely stronger than my body. Boo! But at the same time, that is kind of encouraging. To know I am truly stronger on the inside, will give me power to make my body stronger as a whole.

Have a great week everyone! I promise to update as the week progresses! :) Peak Week is HERE!!!! HOLLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Good luck this week. It's almost show time!

  2. Woman, you sound like a hot damn mess!! LOL!! But you want to know the truth, I think we all do as we're approaching that final home stretch!!

    Hang in there!! You got this!


  3. So excited for you :) I hope you feel better!!! 3 more weeks until my peak week! hehe! Enjoy!

  4. oh i totally agree with Tenicia,LOL!!!!!!!!
    BUT hang in there with everything!
    try not to sweat the small stuff cause sometimes more stress+sickness=more bloat!

    and its totally possible to go from prep mode to 10k mode--i do it quite frequently....
    the big trick is to reverse prep diet after show,slowly adding back in the foods you have cut out in the weeks leading up to the show,gradually ease into "normal" nutrition(can take about 2-3 weeks) and,contrary to popular belief, the runners diet does not need an insanely high amount of carbs..
    (i usually go from a 40/40/20 split to a 50/30/20)
    it takes the RIGHT TYPE of carbs and the RIGHT TIMING. you can still have oats and sweet potatoes and whole grains and rice cakes and still run well,you dont need bagels,lots of pasta and the feeling that just because you ran 5 miles you can eat your weight in sweets because you burned THAT many calories....
    thats my 2cents!

    anyways,good luck this week,i am VERY excited for you!!!
    just keep holding on with everything youve got,you can and WILL make it through this week!
    feelbetter soon and keep us posted!!!!


  5. Poor you!?! That's crazy!!
    Definitely, take good care of yourself ~ You're almost there!!!!

  6. So close!!! Wooohooooo!!! Happy peak week :) so excited for you!

  7. You can do it!! Hang in there - your goal is so close!

  8. Breathe. Just one step, one breath at a time. You're there. You've done this. You're amazing! Just a short skip and a jump and you'll be on that stage. Live each moment! So excited for you!!

  9. Peak week, must be so exciting! Hope you feel better soon :)

  10. GOOD LUCK!! You deserve all the pride you can have! You have overcome a VERY difficult thing and I'm SO SO SO SO SO proud of you! Enjoy your special day on Saturday.